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  1. noumpere

    Ball gets away

    He doesn't need to come back and touch first (given that in a later post you indicated that he touched it the first time he overran first). Lots to learn in this situation, even though you ended up with the right outcome (BR at second).
  2. noumpere

    Secret 'I Have Information' Signal

    Coach's learn the "Secret Signal" pretty quickly. Just make eye contact and convey "I have information" through your body language
  3. noumpere

    Bad Night For Me

    In FED, we do. And, I'll disagree with Hunter and say that we should do so in all (or almost all) amatuer levels.
  4. noumpere

    Should the game have continued

    The issue isn't that anything would happen at / during the game, but rather that the person would become known to the kids and use that information at a later time (hey -- remember me? good game last week. let me give you a ride home.)
  5. noumpere

    Rule 7.05 base awards

    Both coaches had the books out for 20 minutes? If it takes more than 20 seconds then I'm giving both coaches the opportunity to spend the rest of the game in the parking lot comparing notes.
  6. noumpere

    Out or not?

    I agree. Interference is an act which hinders the defense from making a play . No play -- no interference.
  7. noumpere

    Catch and Tag

    CCA is the college mechanics. FED is the "standard" HS mechanics, but they are often modified in various states / localities. The Red Book is the pro mechanics. All have slight differences. Any work as long as both (all) umpires are working from the same book. What you don't want is one umpire working CCA and one working FED and have no umpire at third base, for example.
  8. noumpere

    DK3, JV play-off game...

    The manager is right that the batter was not out. But, his time at bat was ended when he became a runner. 8-1-1b, 2-7-3
  9. noumpere

    10 Players On Field During T/O

    3.3.1DD seems to be the closest play. The case refers to "throws flyballs to a substitute outfielder." I'd use the same ruling ("illegal") to disallow what happened. Also note that 3-3-1j prohibits the "catcher" in your play from being outside the dugout /bullpen. The situation is specifically prohibited in NCAA. I would allow F8 to throw to another player in the game, however. :TD:
  10. noumpere

    A couple of balk questions

    1) It's a jab step. Legal. 2) If the hands were apart when F1 contacted the rubber, he can go immediately to the set postion. 3) Wind-up to set without stepping off? Balk all day long.
  11. noumpere

    Loss of Right to Appeal

    A play during continuous action does not result in the loss of the right to appeal under any code. Once action is relaxed, then any play results in the loss under OBR. If the play is initiated by the defense, then the right is lost under NCAA and FED; if the play is initiated by the offense, then the defense does not lose the right.
  12. noumpere

    Is it a balk?

    That statement applies to all codes. If the leg is lifted at all toward the balance point, RH F1 can't throw to first. If the foot just comes off the ground (as it must) as part of the opeing the hips and turning to throw, RH F1 can throw to first.
  13. noumpere

    Bunted ball hits batter

    See 8.4.1B -- if either foot is entirely out of the batter's box, then the batter is out if hit by a fair batted ball.
  14. noumpere

    Is it a balk?

    No, you're not the only one. It's one of the biggest myths. And, the purpose of the balk rule is not what you stated. It's really to balance offense and defense, but I give credit for "is to not ILLEGALLY decieve (sic) runners." That extra word makes all the difference.
  15. noumpere

    Actual play NF rules

    As an umpire, I don't care whether Woods is out, or Driver is out, or "someone else" is out. That's a scoring / record keeping issue. I just know that "the 5th spot" is out and that the "6th spot" is coming to bat. Ah -- but we DO have an illegal player, so the rest of your arguement is invalid.
  16. noumpere

    What's the right call?

    Then WTF are you arguing about the "going to the mouth" balk call in the other thread?
  17. noumpere

    [B]Breaking up a DP?[/B]

    The runner can legally make contact in front of or on top of the base and then continue the slide past the base. It's only when the runner slides past the base and THEN makes contact that this type of slide is illegal.
  18. noumpere

    Equipment THEORY

    I think that part of the reason for the hard shell on the outside of the helmet is so that the helmet slides across surfaces it hits obliquely. A soft outside would tend to grab those surfaces. That's not an issue with chest protectors. I agree that some sort of standardized testing would be nice.
  19. noumpere

    another FED obstruction

    I agree with that. I'm talking about in the context of the OP (R1 rounding first). The OP made two statements that sometime are contradictory, and which I see by newer umpire. Those two statements are "runner is obstructed" and "makes no attepmt to go to 2nd". (To be fair, and accurate, the OP also included "after the obstruction" before the second statement.) IF the OP was properly reporting the facts (BR was trying for second, was obstructed and THEN abandoned his attempt), I agree -- it's obstruction and BR should be awarded second. But, too often, the BR has already abandoned his attempt for second, is just slowing down to return to first, etc., and then there's contact or F3 gets in the way. This is sometimes described as obstruction or called obstruction. It shouldn't be, even if the contact is substantially similar to the contact in the previous paragraph. That was my point. Sorry for the confusion.
  20. noumpere

    Ball or Balk

    6.2.1B has "prior to touching the ball", so it's pretty obvious that F1 has not come set.
  21. noumpere

    potential run positioning

    Agreed. And / or move up the third base line as the OP did and then move toward first when he sees the throw is going to first. He can get a couple of steps and avoid being blocked out.
  22. noumpere

    Actual play NF rules

    The out is applied to the 5th spot in the order (the spot originally occupied by Woods). So, the next batter is Murray. Clifford and Dillan stay on base. Note that Woods has been substituted for (albeit illegally). So, Woods can only re-enter if he was a starter and had not yet been out of the game.
  23. noumpere

    another FED obstruction

    If he was making an attempt for second at the time of the obstruction, then he gets second. Most of the time, he's not making an attempt at second, so even if there's contact or F3 is in the way, it's not obstruction.
  24. noumpere

    Ball or Balk

    Right. That's the penalty for going to the mouth when not on the rubber. The play we're discussing is going to the mouth while on the rubber. That's a balk (with runners) in FED.
  25. noumpere

    Actual play NF rules

    I have Driver out as an illegal sub -- reentering it the wrong spot in the order. Clifford batted out of order, but that was all corrected by the time Yong batted. The nxt better should be Clifford, but he's on base. So, the correct next batter is Woods. When Driver appeared for Woods, he was an illegal sub.