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  1. noumpere

    Practice Ball Thrown

    You went the wrong way. Set the limit at zero (or lower).
  2. noumpere

    Balk Question

    Yes he is. That's a perfect video of what is allowed (assuming that in a game situation he actually throws the ball).
  3. noumpere

    Missed first base mechanics

    I think I saw this on another umpire site, but I'll type it here: PBUC 2009 Updates: 8. New Item 11 for Section 3.4 - Appeal Plays - Approved Rulings - Batter runner missing first base- "BR hits a ground ball and beats the play at first base but misses the bag. Ruling: The proper mechanic if to call the BR "Safe," indicating he beat the play. If the defense appeals by tagging the runner (or base) and appealing that the runner missed first base before the runner returns to first base, the BR would be declared out. Note also OBR 7.08(k) Casebook Comment and Section 3.3."
  4. With R3, F2 threw a potato into left field and then tagged the runner coming home with the ball. No, I wasn't there.
  5. noumpere

    Dropped Third Strike

    You were right -- BR can try for first with two outs on a D3K .
  6. noumpere

    Second Toss Ever

    Right, but for the purposes of multiple appeals, an appeal is not a play.
  7. noumpere

    Batter, Batter's Box, and Pitcher

    7.3.2A: "A batter is considered to be in the batter's box when NO PART OF EITHER FOOT is touching the ground outside the boundary lines. See also 7.3.2B and 7.3.2C. What others have been telling you in this thread is correct -- the batter must be ENTIRELY in the box to start; he can then move partially outside the box during the ptich and still be legal; if he contacts the ball ENTIRELY outside the box, it's an out.
  8. noumpere

    Balk Question

    If the "lift" was just to "clear the cleats" and the step and turn was immediate, then the move is legal. If the "lift" was "toward the balance point", then the move was illegal.
  9. noumpere

    Big Game preparations

    Remember: It's just baseball.
  10. noumpere

    Let it go or call it?

    It reads to me as if this is all part of "getting comfortable on the rubber" -- that's really when the pitching restrictions start, and I'd allow the move (as I'm envisioning it).
  11. noumpere

    Missed first base mechanics

    It *is* over-simplifying it. The rule assumes the "normal" case of "the throw beating the runner" -- what we see 99.99% of the time. It's not meant to be used when the runner beats the throw. The rules book contains 234 (or some such number) of errors, inconsistencies, contradictions, etc. This is one of them.
  12. noumpere

    Awarding Bases.....Need a Primer AGAIN

    Your partner is right about this. And, some of the other points you made (ball slowly trickles out of play, runner is fooled, etc.) are of no concern in this play. You're making it way too complicated.
  13. noumpere

    Runner Touched By Batted Ball

    Where else are you going to put him? He became a runner, so his time at bat is over. He wasn't put out. He's not out because of something someone else did. The ball is dead. The only place he can go is first.
  14. noumpere

    Missed first base mechanics

    I agree with all of your post and would clarify that the umpire should make the exact same call / signal he would had the runner touched the base. It's usually close enough that a casual "safe" is needed, but if F3 doesn't catch the throw and the ball is on the ground and BR is now 3 steps past the bag, a "no-call" is probably appropriate.
  15. noumpere

    Illegal Bat

    Yes, it's legal. In fact, in NCAA games, the spot 18" from the handle must be marked -- and tape is one way to do it.
  16. noumpere

    FPSR Sitch

    On any FPSR violation, the interfering runner is out, the BR is out and all other runners return to TOP.
  17. noumpere

    Getting Help

    If this was just a normal "throw-catch-slide-tag" play, then there's no way that BU should ask for help or that PU should give help. BU owes PU at least half of his or her game check, if BU isn't going to make the calls. In fact, I can't think of an example where the "safe" call would ever be reveresed. If BU called "out" and PU saw the ball on the ground, then that out call could be reversed.
  18. noumpere

    Missed first base mechanics

    The runner is safe, pending appeal. The umpire should make the same call / mechanics a he or seh would had the runner touched the base (either nothing if it was obvious, or a casual safe signal if it was slightly closer, ...)
  19. noumpere

    Situation of a runner coming home

    What rules codes were you using? How far away from F2 was the ball? This could be obstruction, with either a delayed or an immediate dead ball, or a "train-wreck."
  20. noumpere

    Reaction to Umpire comment

    When he's being asked by the coach to come by a practice / scrimmage and teach the rules / talk to the team.
  21. noumpere

    Wheel Chair, Crutches, etc.

    See the cases in 3.2.1 You overstepped your authority by requiring a player to be there.
  22. noumpere

    Charged visits to the mound...

    Then (a) you're letting the other coach call the game for you, and ( you're wrong.
  23. noumpere

    Changing Foul Ball to Fair

    Not quite true, Frank. An UNCAUGHT ball that's ruled foul becomes foul (and dead). If the ball is caught, the catch counts and the ball remains live.
  24. noumpere

    Catcher Problem

  25. noumpere

    HRs Today

    Humid air is less dense than dry air. The ball will go farther in the humid air.