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  1. noumpere

    difference between gold and plat. west vest

    Plays from the infield, especially from the left side, should almost always be taken 1BLX (or at the point of the plate). Especially on force plays, you want the same angle as you would have at first base.
  2. noumpere

    There's always another balk scenario...

    If he takes the rubber with his hands together, you should stop action right there and ask / tell him to take the rubber with hands apart. It's a "don't do that" (under OBR).
  3. noumpere

    Foul Ball or Hit By Pitch

    Allegedly, this question was asked at one of the umpire schools many years ago. The answer: It hit the hand first.
  4. noumpere

    Catchers Interference ?

    Yes, that's enough. It's one of the toughest calls because it doesn't happen that often, and it happens very fast. Now that you've possibly missed it a couple of times, you'll be ready for it. You can always make a "late" call of it if you replay it in your mind and recognize that it should be interference. Do this BEFORE the offensive coach complains, though.
  5. noumpere

    Charged visits to the mound...

    Can he? Yes. But, 99% of the time the "chat" doesn't delay the pitchers warm-ups and no visit should be charged.
  6. noumpere

    There's always another balk scenario...

    Yes, you kicked it. A "stretch" isn't needed, but the sequence must be "hands apart" "hands together" "pause" "pitch"
  7. noumpere

    Changing Foul Ball to Fair

    And then it was changed the very next year to apply only on an uncaught ball. If the ball is caught, then the catch stands.
  8. noumpere

    Wilson Charcoal Shin Guards

    Leave the top one undone (hang the strap down the inside of your leg, under the straps from the next two down), cross the next two and buckle the lowest straight across. If you like that, just remove the top strap.
  9. noumpere

    pitching position

    It's still nothing (in OBR). The rule is designed so R1 (assuming RH F1) can tell whether F1 is set or not. It's meant to stop F1 from standing (relatievley) upright, with both hands in front of his torso (but not joined) and then joining them with a slight move that can't be seen by R1. So, R1 can't take his "secondary" lead. In your play, it's obvious that F1 hasn't come set, no matter whether the hand is dangling, or holding the ball against the knee. It's nothing.
  10. noumpere

    New Mechanic w/ Runner on 2b?

    Base hits to left with R2 and there's a banger at third and PU is in a better position than BU? I must be missing something. On the OP: The "pro" mechanic has gone back and forth over the years on whether BU has the second play in the infield. First, one way is "standard" and the other is "advanced." Then, the other is "standard" and the first is "advanced." So, do whatever is standard in your area so you have one (and not two or zero) umpires making the call. The CCA mechanic gives this call to BU. PU rotates to third only on: R1only and a hit to the outfied; R1and R3 and a hit to the outfield; R1 and R2 and a caught fly not on / near the RF line.
  11. noumpere

    Collision at the plate

    I can't help for softball or little league. For FED baseball, if it's malicious contact, then the runner is ejected. He's out if the contact happened before he scored. If it's not malicious contact (and you can have a "crash" that isn't), then it's just a train wreck.
  12. noumpere

    Collision at the plate

    Yes. Yes. Depends on the level / rules set being used.