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  1. None. No runs can score when the batter makes the third out before legally reaching first. Here's an AR, right from the OBR rules book: APPROVED RULING: Two out, bases full, batter hits home run over fence. Batter, on appeal, is declared out for missing first base. Three outs. No run counts.
  2. noumpere

    NFHS changes 2019

    Would the committee be open to "the standard NFHS mechanic is xxx, but if the crew agrees, it can be yyy"? I do recognize that it can be dangerous to agree to change something because muscle memory can interfere or people can be on different pages, but certainly there are a couple of changes that should be easy to implement by crew adoption.
  3. noumpere

    Penalty or play?

    All you can do is fix it the best you can. As a general statement, the rule book is written assuming the umpires never mess up, so there's limited guidance on what to do.
  4. noumpere

    Angle vs Distance

    It depends a bit on the code, but it's "attempt to hit the ball" not "how far did the bat move" -- although if it moves far enough, that's also sufficient.
  5. noumpere

    Balk Rule - runner at first

    If he spun clockwise all the way around and threw to first, that's a balk.
  6. noumpere

    Error or not?

    Depends on whether you ask the batter's mom or the pitcher's mom. (but it's a hit) A couple of excerpts from OBR: Rule 9.12(a )(1) Comment: Slow handling of the ball that does not involve mechanical misplay shall not be construed as an error. For example, the official scorer shall not charge a fielder with an error if such fielder fields a ground ball cleanly but does not throw to first base in time to retire the batter. The official scorer shall not charge an error if the pitcher fails to cover first base on a play, thereby allowing a batter-runner to reach first base safely.
  7. noumpere

    Good No Call or INT Missed?

    It's one of those "don't be a plumber" plays.
  8. noumpere

    Runner Hit by the ball

    Right -- it doesn't say it in OBR, so it doesn't apply. (I seem to recall that it might, in fact, be in NCAA.) Rich is talking about the FED "string theory" -- if the infield is "in" and the runner is hit: In FED, the ball has passed (meaning "farther away") the fielders and the runner is NOT out; in OBR, the ball has not *passed through or immediately by* the fielders and the runner is out.
  9. noumpere


    HTBT, but probably nothing -- if the player on the ground moved and that movement caused F2 not to make a play, then it could be interference.
  10. noumpere

    Interference on Batter?

    110% of the time when the ball gets (reasonably far) away, the batter makes "some other movement."
  11. noumpere

    Interference on Batter?

    Neither of those is required. The batter is guilty of "willful indifference" -- INT.
  12. noumpere


    MLB's interpretation of the (repeated) movements of individual pitchers is different from what you or I would call in our games.
  13. noumpere

    Did I get it right?

    Sounds like you need to sell the call more. And, it's a double play.
  14. noumpere

    No fence

    Depends on the rules code (this is old, and OBR especially might have changed since this was made): DBT lines are in play; can make catch while touching LBT with any part of body DBT lines are in play; must make catch before touching DBT with any part of body DBT lines are out of play; must make catch before touching DBT with any part of body (except dugout)
  15. noumpere

    foul ball called by mistake

    You can't. The rule book doesn't cover this (or most any other circumstance where an umpire errs). But, the descriptions above are correct.
  16. noumpere

    Ball bounces over 3rd base into foul territory

    It's not where the ball "lands next" that matters -- it's just where the ball is when it passes the base. If it's fair (including, obviously, "over the bag" since the bag is in fair territory), then then ball is fair; if the ball is over foul territory when it passes the bag, the ball is foul.
  17. noumpere

    Fair or Foul Ball?

    Three possible different answers you might have heard: 1) Fair. 2) Of course it's fair. 3) WTF difference would it make whether the ball hit the face of the bag or the top of it? It's fair.
  18. noumpere

    check swing appeal on dropped third strike

    Signal "strike" and then "no catch". Verbalize both. Followed almost imediately by an out. ;) And, if in the interim F2 has tagged the BR, you can just skip to an out.
  19. noumpere

    Base running

    Sorry, but that's just another myth. The correct rule is
  20. noumpere

    Assistant Coach

    Yes, the runner can retreat -- it's not an "automatic out" nor is it "running the bases in reverse to confuse the defense or make a tragedy of the game." Of course, if both BR and R1 are on first, then R1 will be out when tagged. Or, if second base is tagged, R1 will be out. If R1 is on first and first is touched before BR arrives, then BR is out, and R1 can legally occupy first.
  21. noumpere

    Does run count

    So, R2 was forced out? Then, of course, no run scores. If this play had just been "bases loaded, grounder to F5 who steps on third to force out R2" then you would not have a question. The ball hitting third base is nothing (except that it makes the ball fair).
  22. noumpere

    Northwest League balk off

    video of you hearing that the Emeralds won? I doubt if anyone has that. ;)
  23. Agreed. And, the more experienced the players and the more relaxed the game, the more likely I am to use the "Wendelstadt Interp" posted above (and, sometimes, you need to know the teams as well). It's an example (assuming the OP is something like 12U) where using a pro-mechanic / game management technique is NOT appropriate for younger players.
  24. The umpire should not call time while a "play is in progress." Whether a play is in progress, of course, is judgment. 95% of the time in the situation you describe, and 99.95% of the time when the players throw and catch at least as well as they run, the play will stop when all runners have advanced the one base. You describe play that's in the 5% category.
  25. noumpere

    Catch or No Catch - Frazier Pulls a Fast One

    I wonder if MLB will fine / suspend / admonish for the admission of cheating. (Less likely now that if he admitted picking up the wrong ball.)