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  1. From J/R (bolded to highlight items relevant to this thread): However, it is not catcher's interference if the batter (1) steps outside the batter's box and he or his bat strikes the catcher. (2) throws his bat at, and strikes, the catcher. (3) uses his bat to intentionally strike the catcher on foul territory (tries to hit the catcher versus the pitch). (4) swings, but does not strike the catcher, who is on foul territory. (5) completely gives up his opportunity to swing or bunt at a pitch. (6) accidentally strikes the catcher with his bat during a practice swing while the pitcher prepares to pitch.
  2. noumpere

    Batting around

    It is not a defined term, so it can mean anything you want it to mean.
  3. noumpere

    2 Man - U1 with R3 or R2/R3

    Several different philosophies on this: 1) B when a steal of second is possible; otherwise C 2) C when a steal of third is possible; otherwise B 3) C whenever there's an R2 or an R3 1 is best (imo) if the umpires can move -- so it's the CCA mechanic 2 is best if you cna't trust the umpires to move, so you see it in some FED and lower level mechanics 3 is best at lower levels because it's easier to teach and because there are so many more pickoffs at second or third and the R1-R3 "steal" is almost a given with no play *or* a subsequent play on R3. Some do switch from 1 to 2 with two outs -- it's a similar philosophy to the 3-man positioning changing with two outs
  4. noumpere

    Obstruction Awarding of bases

    The umpire should call OBS when it happens. I don't really follow the rest of your logic (probably my fault).
  5. noumpere


    Some leagues have a strict ruling on this; maybe the umpire usually works that league. But, it's all subjective; while I don't have the same stance as the umpire in this play, at least the umpire took the time to explain it so you weren't surprised b the first ejection.
  6. noumpere

    Out of bounds, base awards

    Not true. You advance the lead runner first, and subsequent runners must "hold up" if needed. The subsequent runner cannot "force" a runner to be awarded more basese than allowed by rule. Note that if OBS was the issue, a leading runner can be forced (in some circumstances).
  7. noumpere

    Better Mechanics for solo umpiring

    You can't steal what is a gift.
  8. Unless your league requires otherwise, you should follow this same standard when working 2-man or solo.
  9. noumpere

    Infield Fly Rule

    Your initial labeling was correct. R1 starts at first; R3 starts at third.
  10. noumpere

    Out of bounds, base awards

    Two bases TOP, so 2nd and 3rd -- just as if the ball had gone Out Of Play If ti wasnt' the momentum, but F9 stepped OOP, then two bases from the step.
  11. noumpere

    Girls Softball

    I'd give the same answers for baseball.
  12. noumpere

    Better Mechanics for solo umpiring

    Disagree. If the coaches ask "are you by yourself today?" I just respond, "Not the worst partner I've ever had."
  13. noumpere

    Infield Fly Rule

    A good laugh (hopefully with both coaches), and a reminder of why youth sports *can be* so much fun. Small recompense for lots of the crap we put up with.
  14. noumpere

    Balk or not

    Having the foot on top of the rubber is a legal pitching position (assuming the other requirements are met). So, a pitcher touching the top must be engaged; therefore. moving the pivot foot from "in front and touching" to "on top" is not a legal disengagement. How well it's seen / enforced is a slightly different matter.
  15. noumpere

    Can a # outs cause a protest

    How does it even get this far? The scorer is responsible for the number of outs, and it should be easy to check this in the official book.