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  1. Strike Call

    Your call might be good, but at 3-months after the fact, your timing is t-o-o s-l-o-w.
  2. NFHS Ruling

    I'm a little confused by this. What does "forced" have to do with it? It's BR who is out, and BR is never forced. Nope. Different plays, different rulings. One is a rules violation by the offense; one is a play be the defense. On an award, the runner can't be put out, but he can be declared out by the umpire for a baserunning violation. The plays might *look* the same (to an unschooled observer), but they aren't the same. It's kind of like "interfering with the ball" and "interfering with the fielder" plays that appear here frequently -- different plays, different rules, different rulings.
  3. touching home plate while heel is on the chalk

    Depends on the rules code. You are correct in OBR. The umpire was correct in FED and NCAA. Others will have to specify if any youth league rules are different from OBR.
  4. The Batter

    I would call it "typical youth baseball."
  5. 2018 NFHS Exam

    IL has it's own test, developed by the rules interpreters / lead clinicians (I think). I am surprised that IL 0a) has this exact question as the FED, and (b) apparently has the answer as "C" (according to hkepuck). The "game" right answer is "C." The "test" right answer is "A" (at least when I last officiated a FED game).
  6. Rule 7.05 (j) Babe Ruth League

    Yes, still one base.
  7. Rule 7.05 (j) Babe Ruth League

    Yes. You might usually see it when the pitch is just out of reach of the catcher and the runner threatens to go. The catcher might unthinkingly use his mask to quickly pull the ball toward him.
  8. NFHS Ruling

    Now if we could just get you (them) to fix some of the other errors in the book.
  9. dead ball

    unless ....
  10. Thirsty Pitcher

    Just good sportsmanship.
  11. 2018 NFHS Exam

    Agreed -- again, it's why we get paid the $65. You need to decided if the coach positioned himself to cause contact so Rx would return to third, or if the runner took a poor turn / slipped / etc and made contact. The question tells you what happened, but it's not as easy to determine on the field.
  12. Defensive Shift and NFHS Question

    That's why we get paid the $65. And, I agree that it's based on the general idea that BR can be thrown out -- but, especially in LL, it's not such a rare play to have F9 throw out the BR -- and we wouldn't consider F9 an infielder.
  13. Defensive Shift and NFHS Question

    I agree that it's based on the position of the fielder -- but that's still judgment as to whether he's deep enough to be an outfielder or shallow enough to be an infielder.
  14. Finger stiffeners

    Just mix some crushed viagra in with the neats foot oil when breaking in the glove.
  15. Interference

    Under which rules code? AS shown above, FED: Yes; OBR: No.