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  1. Or maybe I actually am right ...
  2. Oh, son of a ... it WAS dead ball time! Screw you guys, I’m going home.
  3. Now that I have had a few days to calm down ... Day two was pushed back to a mid-afternoon start and lowered time limits. I actually had to cancel a couple of guys who were scheduled in the morning only and for the last few late games only. Two guys had to cancel due to flooded basements, but the reduced game schedule left me with no major problems. Day three ... oh, day three ... one guy canceled due to knee issues from working the full day before (understandable). One guy no-showed for the 8am game. Said he misread the schedule, would be there at 9. No show at 9. Said the dog got loose and he had to go find it. I replaced him and went on with the day. He is notorious for that. Beyond that, people were getting tired and notably cranky, but it all turned out decent in the long run.
  4. So you are saying the fielder hindered himself by thinking the runner was going to hinder him?
  5. Sounds like it’s dead ball time to me ...
  6. I think flyingron was envisioning it as the fielder was already in contact with the bag when the fielder received the ball and then tagged R2 who was standing there ... thus the bag was tagged (force on R1) before the tag on R2.
  7. Gone is the day when spanking would have been the proper mechanic ... Re: mandatory play — that is a good point. Back when I ran our local league I had a coach who pushed every year for us to put in a provision that would allow an exception for the benching of players who didn’t make it to practice, caused problems, etc. Problem is, I knew he was right, but he was just pushing for it so he could bench certain players. He always pulled some shenanigans to get kids off his teams. As a league, we discussed it but felt it was too cumbersome. We would have to rely on coaches to report who was at practice, keep track of that, answer parents’ complaints if the information was wrong. Maybe not a good excuse, but we did not have the capability (volunteer manpower) to do it.
  8. And risk losing the travel ball player on his rec team!?
  9. There was an MLB game earlier this year where the pitcher was called for a balk for throwing to the first baseman who was playing in position (not holding the runner). I believe the throw went to the fielder, not the bag, though I could be wrong. Probably no help here.
  10. It is near impossible to say without seeing it. But that bolded part above indicates a strong possibility of interference ...
  11. The Man in Blue

    Time out

    I agree ... and I usually will say “wait until she reaches first” or hold out my hand in a “wait” motion because I don’t look towards the coach (watching the runner) but I want to acknowledge the request. I honestly don’t recall which I did that night (or maybe I goofed and missed my habit) but he blew through it and was already on his way.
  12. The Man in Blue

    Time out

    The catcher cannot call timeout. He can request it. Did the umpire grant time? If yes, the ball is not live. If no, the ball is live. I had an interesting one last week in a 10u softball game ... Runners on 2nd and 3rd, pitcher walks the batter (not intentional). Defensive coach immediately comes out of the dugout, hollers “Time!” and starts to walk out to the circle. The defense all starts to congregate around the circle. The runner has not reached first yet. The astute third base coach sends his runner to the “unprotected” home plate. Defensive coach comes unglued. “I called time!” “Sorry coach, you don’t get to call time. You can request it. And I can’t grant it until the runner reaches first base. Until then, live ball.” He was not a happy camper.
  13. Intent, action, and result are different in every case. A one-size-fits all approach does not work, yet there should be a scale with mandatory minimum punishments. For example: Throw equipment = 2 game minimum Throw it in the direction of another person = 3 game minimum Throw it recklessly = 4 game minimum Throw it and make contact = 5 game minimum Factors to add to that minimum: behavior at the time, behavior in the past, etc.
  14. That happened with one of these guys. I called the UIC from where I was originally scheduled to work this weekend and he brought up the guy’s name. The UIC said the guy was on his schedule but backed out, too. It is good to have a network. Do people really think the world is not that small? Well, day one was rained out, so I am scrambling to rewrite tomorrow’s schedule for the third time today. I had another guy contact me from ... somewhere? He never said where he was from or how he got my number. He was interested for about three text messages, but then didn’t reply to a phone call or any subsequent texts. Good grief people, what happened to common courtesy? Back to it ...
  15. See my other thread for ranting and raving ... Day 1 ... rained out. As of now, Day 2 start has been pushed from 09:00 to 12:00.
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