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  1. ArchAngel72

    Umpire like a Girl

    Yea sure keep telling yourself that. camouflage paint aka concealer.... hmmm
  2. ArchAngel72

    Umpire like a Girl

    Ok so there it is Bra and or sports bra is the $ wise equivalent to our jock/cup. You would be surprised to find out that some guys wear make up.. they may not call it that but it is. As for the cycle aren't those supposed to be hit for... j/k Nope can't fathom that, do not want to even think about dealing with that, with regards to the field that is. I deal with it monthly with my wife and that's bad enough. She actually told me back in the biblical times they had a "red tent" that, when it was a woman's time she would go to the "red tent" during that, something along the lines of sparing the husband. She does joke with me sometimes when well, she's struggling with her emotions, she will stop and laugh after and say "Yep if only we had a red tent" Sigh.. "yep if only" is what I think. I would not dare say that to her.. LOL I'd be worm food out in the back 30.
  3. ArchAngel72

    Umpire like a Girl

    OK this is complete sarcastic joking... DO not take it without a slice of lime a splash of salt and a shot of your favorite Te kill yah. So after all that do they get paid less too?
  4. ArchAngel72

    Umpire like a Girl

    OH for hecks sake I'm gonna edit that Out..
  5. ArchAngel72

    Umpire like a Girl

    Dang I missed that. must be the second catcher.. I always check the 1st 2 HT and AT but I have a bad tendency to forget to check their replacements grrr..
  6. ArchAngel72

    'REAL' job

    Pm responded..
  7. ArchAngel72

    Umpire like a Girl

    AA I think there is an equipment issue with that batter, That helmet is way to loose on his head.
  8. ArchAngel72

    'REAL' job

    Just a lowly IT support/ Voip Phone support person for a Truck Dealer with 10 locations in the New England area
  9. ArchAngel72

    Umpire like a Girl

    I must be honest I never ask except the catcher whom is at the plate and any time they change. I agree that asking the coach if all his guys are "equipped and ready to play" should be the basis of it, but the ole double check with the catchers I HAVE in only 7 games had 4 kids go back to the bench 3 "fixed it" 1 could not and they had to change the catcher out. Was I miffed with the coach YEAH.. but to me I let it go like a broken strap on a helmet or shin guard. "lets fix it and get going" I now think maybe I should be more firm with the coachs after reading your post the kids I am dealing with now are mostly 8-10 I do deal with 9-12 infrequently but that group oddly enough was the 1st offender of oops run back to the bench. sigh Just glad as hell I had a new fancy carbon fiber thing I got now..
  10. ArchAngel72

    Umpire like a Girl

    Yea I know its a foul ball and not a foul tip. tip would have been caught cleanly by the catcher. Its a bad habit I had from when I was a player to call anything lightly deflected backwards a "tip" ie. the bat just tipped it. I admit to having early trouble with it in my 1st two games but since I have been better at paying good attn to that on the field. I suppose I ought to reflect that when I type about it too. The thing thats cracking me up though when I typed it I was thinking no that's a foul ball.. but I was also letting my horrible writing style just flow and said F-it.. they will know what I mean.
  11. ArchAngel72

    Hit By Pitch

    If the pitch is not an actual K zone strike and they did not make an effort to actually get hit by the pitch I would say they have made an attempt to get out of the way depending on the skill and age level. An 8 to 12 yr old my get buckled by a kid throwing a curve ball that doesn't curve and or "freeze", to that fact the 8 to 10 yr old may poop himself right there thinking "Oh no I'm gonna get hit" IMHO players like Don Baylor pushed the boundaries of this way too far and made it more difficult on PU's
  12. ArchAngel72

    Forum Idea

    Thank you LRZ
  13. ArchAngel72

    Unsportsmanlike Conduct Ejection

    I fully understand that quote and am a member of that generation. We had our HS football coach and Baseball coach both use expletives to us about bad situations. Our football coach was a "God" to us at that age and when he went near nutty one Homecoming game that we were getting our rears spanked hard it was an eye opening event that was not lost on us. Now we played much harder because of it in the second half, but we did not do any better as it was still a wound licking defeat. But the rest of the year we all felt a little different about Coach after that. The Baseball coach was a local legend and was known as a bit of an ass so we all took his comments with a grain of salt and just understood it was his "salty" way. However with that said. These are 8 to 12 year olds. Personally I do not think a verbally abusive dressing down in the dugout or in the field is anything that, that age group should have done. There are far more constructive ways to try and pump the kid up and get him past that error or blown play that will typically work better than being negative about it. Sorry for dragging up a year old post. I'm new and well still exploring and learning this forum. Its ok to hit my knuckles when I cross the line. I can be open mouth insert foot some times.
  14. ArchAngel72

    Umpire like a Girl

    oddly enough LL does not to my recent knowledge require those for female catchers So I assumed umpires would be also exempt Odd Story Doc told us at the clinic was a PU in a local regional had a female catcher come out and he asked her if she had a cup, she said no shes a girl. He told the coach that no cup no play. She returned to the dugout and came out wearing it attached to her shoulder. from what I recall I do not recall Doc explaining what happened after that. But his point was Don't try to make females wear a cup.
  15. ArchAngel72

    Umpire like a Girl

    Well they get it easy. They wont have to purchase 2 pieces of equipment we have to. 7 games this year behind the plate. 1st game had a foul the catcher missed and it "skimmed" the lowest point of my cup. I was a bit jumpy the rest of the game ( my 1st ever behind the plate) last game was a 3 game day 1st two went pretty uneventful got hit in the left shin guard about 3 times no big deal took one off the right wrist yeah that smarted but it was not awful. 3rd game 3rd pitch foul tip that the catcher missed completely hit me square on the front of the cup. I yelled fowl and took two steps towards the home team dugout. I was thinking wait for it wait for it, pains coming.. I'm standing there stunned and was thinking about it. I felt the impact I felt the cup absorb the impact and the push of "Shock absorption" that it did around the "protected member" and I was thinking to myself "Damn these newer style cups work awesome, had that been my LL cup I would have been on the ground like a sack of spuds" So yeah They luck out on equipment ..