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  1. Phu Bai

    Coach knows squat

  2. Phu Bai

    2 outs infield fly

    If I am the coach/manager..this is a perfect teaching momemnt.. Infield Fly rule " FAIR ball, LESS than two outs ...."
  3. Charley Finley once suggested they change the color of the baseball to a "day glo" orange.. Some one asked Catfish Hunter what he thought of a an orange ball.."paint it white" Charley Finley also gave Jim Hunter the nickname Catfish to add some color
  4. Phu Bai

    Pitching Change Requirements

    Call the game ..don't influence the game...this is looking for trouble..
  5. Phu Bai

    Chirper vs Bench Jockey

    I always read a bench jockey as just tiptoeing around..he is usually a bit of a comedian
  6. Phu Bai

    Chirper vs Bench Jockey

    Does anyone make a distinction between a chirper "Missed that one Mr. Ump" "Stay consistent Blue" "You Suck" (you're gone) "Hot one out here todasy ain't it Mr. Umpire?", "Soma nice shade would go a long way blue", "looks like ya used to wrong deodorant today sir" etc etc.. Warn?
  7. Phu Bai

    Catcher using Fielder's Glove

    As an aside, I seem to remember Paul Richards creating a very large catchers mitt for a catcher catching Hoyt Wilhelm's knuckle balls. Anyone recall??
  8. Phu Bai

    Losing Count

    Stpry that I have ben told..Steve Palermo never used a clicker at the Major League level...but there one has a lot of safety nets if you lose the count!
  9. Phu Bai

    Dealing with coaches

    I played "ball" many years high school, service ball and "under whatever" and I thought I knew the game until I took up umpireing J.V. ball (did attend a local Umpiring School(Mason/Dixon). 2 years was all I could handle..took up coaching sandlot ball and had a much greater respect for the job that "blue" does. I think all coaches should have to do some umpiring (scrimmages etc) so they can see what is entailed...made me a better coach!!!
  10. Phu Bai

    Almost blinded thanks to sunglasses

    Not an answer, but there was a situation one time at the old Memorial Stadium in Baltimore,in the early spring at a night game where a rather heavy fog had rolled in....nothing occured but after the game Orioles left fielder John Lowenstein said he had a baseball stuck in his back pocket...just in case the umpire couldn't see very well!!
  11. Phu Bai

    Triple Play Appeal LSU

  12. Phu Bai

    Ejecting Fans

    Is there a difference from an abusive, loud obnoxius fan and the well spoken., funny "bench jockey",,,and one must also admiit the skin of some umpires can be thin...
  13. Phu Bai

    Balk or No Balk

    That's fairly vague!
  14. Phu Bai

    Balk or No Balk

    Isn't it somewhat a judgement call ..a balk as I have always interpreted it is a deliberate move by the pitcher to fool or disorient a hitter... If the pitcher uses the same motion on each pitch..I can't understand a balk being called...especially using a wind-up. Now how about those Eephus pitches?
  15. Phu Bai

    Triple Play Appeal LSU

    Bases are loaded no outs..... Batter run hits a line drive to short...ball appears to short hop...no call from umpires. Runner from third goes home and is called out on force Catcher throws to third..runner from second is called tagged out. Play ends... Umpires conference...decide that line drive was caught before hitting the ground... Batter runner called out. 1st out in inning Runner from third is safe ,(no force out as batter runner is out) Runner from second had been called out at third on a tag play 2nd out in the inning On starting play once more, defensive team appeals to third that the runner did not tag up .. Umpire calls appeal correct 3rd Out in the inning .Triple Play!!! True Story!! But I have a what if on the same scenario!! but...on the play the runner from first,rounded second and falls down...the third baseman after tagging the runner from second..throws to second and the second baseman tags that runner as he is on the ground 10 feet off of second base....so Batter runner is declared out 1st out in inning Runner from second is tagged out on ...2nd out in the inning Runner from first is tagged out after passing second and falling down....3rd out in the inning.. Now does the "run" scored by the runner from third count? If the defensive team appeals at third as to the runner not tagging up..is that the "fourth out" of the inning? or if the defensive team leaves the field does the run score?? WHEW!