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  1. ogie oglethorpe


    With a two man crew how far should the plate umpire get down the 3rd base line on a for sure extra base hit? Thanks for your time
  2. ogie oglethorpe

    Test Question

    Gentlemen I would like to apologize to everyone. I had been up very late studying for the umpire test. I kept going over that question and couldn’t find a definitive answer. That’s no excuse for my reply. I was 100% out of line
  3. ogie oglethorpe

    Test Question

    Thank you for the answer. You’re just like every other umpire I have ever met. An arrogant ass
  4. ogie oglethorpe

    Test Question

    Batter is touched by a batted ball. One foot is in the box and one is out at the time of contact. What’s the proper call?