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  1. NFHS Rules: Catcher's Helmet

    Once again I never said prevent. Reduce severity has been shown. Also, NOCSAE is not the end all be all in their opinions. Many people have written opposite of their idea behind the hockey mask vs traditional.
  2. NFHS Rules: Catcher's Helmet

    Oh cmon. There is a ton of studies out there, use google, to show mouth-guard use and decline of concussion severity in many sports. Many people are begging this to be mandatory in soccer which often has the highest undetected concussion rate of all sports. Numerous minor league hockey teams have now mandated their use and has been pushed but the team's Athletic Trainers on staff. Great stuff.
  3. NFHS Rules: Catcher's Helmet

    For all my years working in professional hockey what I learned from the Certified Athletic Trainers and team Doctors is that baseball is missing a key ingredient to helping concussions that all college football and hockey players must wear and most pros do. A mouth guard. Wearing one of those helps reduce concussions. Hockey players don't wear them to save their teeth it is more for reducing concussions. I would rather see that required than a one piece catcher's mask.
  4. Look at the eye contact. U1 looks for help from PU to make the call. Great crew communication there.
  5. Would You Toss?

    Is it taunting? Is this worse then a kid who hits a bombs and pumps his fist around the bases the whole time? Is this worse than the kid who takes forever walking around the bases? Is this worse than standing at home plate to admire it? Bat flips are celebrating more than taunting. The kid did it to celebrate not show up the other team. I am going to say something to the kid to deter it but quietly and not make a scene. If pitchers then hits the next kid or that batter next time up I issue warning to both teams.
  6. NFHS Rules: Catcher's Helmet

    Still waiting to see definitive proof of hockey mask being safer. Until that debate is settled the NFHS cathers mask rule remains dumb in my mind.
  7. Ballparks of America in Branson, MO

    Anybody that still pays a difference for plate/bases is somewhere I wouldn't work.
  8. NCAA Exam Thread

    Got lucky to have two of the guys in the crew at our meeting. They stayed with out as the fielder maintained control throughout.
  9. Under Armour Clothing

    Anyone seen leaks of pictures of what Under Armour is doing for the 2018 umpire clothing?
  10. Where to start on learning NCAA ruleset

    It actually is pretty easy when you take so much of the written confusion from it. The basic thing to remember is you have two lineups. You have an offensive and defensive lineup and they are independent of each other. Two 9 man lineups that are tracked basically.
  11. WS crew..

    I hate that MLB does that. Same six guys should be the whole series and let the backup crew be in NY War Room.
  12. MLB Pants

    Anyone noticed some guys with shinier than normal pants recently doing MLB games? Could they be moving to the new SMitty Polyspandex ones in The Show?
  13. Game management Q

    Ignore and move on. With your back to him there is nothing good that could come from it. He said it, Didn't continue. Next play.
  14. New way to get games

    Technically, most states the coaches/schools can do this already. Most states don't actually require an assigner. Most are solicited and do sign with an assigner for ease. Some states do require an assigner assigned by the state. Will be interesting for the states with not controlling parts if something like this takes off.
  15. Observations from D1 game

    I know many of us with 3-2 and 2 outs with only R1 or R1 & R3 situation we will NOT rotate in 2-man either. No reason to when with pitch the guy is off and play at home more likely than before 3-2 count on a clean hit.
  16. Between Innings

    I am interested, does your state list something different than FED for this rule?
  17. Between Innings

    I should have stated what I meant better. (Need to stop doing this on the phone) One minute from the moment the third out occurs is unrealistic. The NCAA rule is a far better idea.
  18. Between Innings

    Buy the new magnetic card holder Ump Attire has. Perfect size. If you fold lineup card right, no matter which they use, really simple to get access to the card for lineup changes on the fly. Made my life great this season.
  19. Between Innings

    The issue I find if the NFHS rule is poor. We aren't timing anything until the warmup is thrown. The bigger time lag is the hustle in/hustle out. The one minute to throw five pitches seems less of an issue on MO.
  20. Between Innings

    I am confused why it would be arrogant to enforce rules. Stopwatches/clocks are used at all levels above HS. Why should HS not be subject to timing rules that are in the rule book?
  21. Meaningless "Senior Night" game

    Some states are better than other. I will say New Mexico and Dana Pappas are by far the best at backing their officials in NMOA. Kudos to them. Miss working there.
  22. Foul Tip

    More than optics. What if the runner is stealing on a straight steal. He hears it then hit the bat. He sees you signal foul tip this meaning he can stay there. Maybe if you don't signal he thinks it is a foul ball and heads back to first. Then you have a crap storm with a live ball on your hands. Why do you signal fair but not say anything? I mean why not only signal fouls balls and be audible and if you don't signal then we know it is fair. When you have a third strike and ring a kid up OR a swinging third strike and the ball is caught by the catcher, do you ever signal or say OUT? A pick-off happens, kid is way safe. 1B puts a tag on him, do you show safe casually since a tag occurred? We don't need to on can of corn nobody out. We don't do it on a clean hit to RC. It is about optics, being in the game, letting people know we got this when things happen.
  23. Should I, or could I have fixed this?

    Poor game management. You give him a free base and need him to score to end at mercy rule and you don't find a way to get him home. Clearly a learning moment as I see it.
  24. Balk - No step - No Distance and Direction

    Time calls and balk calls are echo central!