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  1. Minnz

    2019 Changes

    This one worries me. Seems hard when a ball it so out of the zone, even when a kid doesn't move to award a strike. I will miss the ability to award a ball instead of the base. Good seeing you this weekend btw.
  2. Minnz

    NFHS changes 2019

    NFHS could make life so much easier by just saying the CCA manual applies to us as well. They pretend that a) rotation signals in 3/4 man don't exist b) most good umpires already have a signal (removeal of hat) when they have helpful information on a play for their partner. Maybe next round they will also give us a super secret drop third strike catch/no catch signal we can all use. Oh wait...
  3. Minnz

    Women in the profession

    One issue I will point out is D1 is not looked at as a breeding ground for MiLB umpires. In fact, it is the opposite. MiLB is becoming a breeding ground for D1 umpires. Also, one issues that continues to be brought up is height preference. There are males that are not getting contracts out of pro school and being told height is a preference in today's world. Of course nobody official will go on record but do know people who is were told out of pro school a certain body type is being preferred right now up the ranks.
  4. Minnz

    Good Example of HP wedge play

    Can't see where foot and plate are on frozen video above. Tag certainly is applied though.
  5. UAA which is D3 has it mandated for conference games. Coaches don't have a choice.
  6. Add to the list anyone who ever says "dead ball." Of course when that is said we must take our hats off and pay our respects for a moment.
  7. Minnz

    2-man PU Rotation Sitch

    IMO because you say it was booted by F6, I would not treat hit as clean to the outfield and this as PU I am staying home. Play was on the infield and BU has the call.
  8. Minnz

    NFHS Rules: Catcher's Helmet

    That was the whole idea about these masks. You shouldn't have to take them off. They are meant to be worn all the time even when making plays. Umpires shouldn't "have" to remove either to make a call but we all know leaving the mask on to make a call wouldn't ever fly.
  9. Minnz

    Would You Toss?

    Are we talking about safety or taunting? They are two different issues. If a kid throws his hands at an outside pitch to save a hit and run, loses the bat and it hits the pitcher square do you eject him for malicious contact with the bat? The result was a bat striking a player. The act was a normal swing to protect a runner. To me he did not taunt. The act was celebration.
  10. Minnz

    NFHS Rules: Catcher's Helmet

    Once again I never said prevent. Reduce severity has been shown. Also, NOCSAE is not the end all be all in their opinions. Many people have written opposite of their idea behind the hockey mask vs traditional.
  11. Minnz

    NFHS Rules: Catcher's Helmet

    Oh cmon. There is a ton of studies out there, use google, to show mouth-guard use and decline of concussion severity in many sports. Many people are begging this to be mandatory in soccer which often has the highest undetected concussion rate of all sports. Numerous minor league hockey teams have now mandated their use and has been pushed but the team's Athletic Trainers on staff. Great stuff.
  12. Minnz

    NFHS Rules: Catcher's Helmet

    For all my years working in professional hockey what I learned from the Certified Athletic Trainers and team Doctors is that baseball is missing a key ingredient to helping concussions that all college football and hockey players must wear and most pros do. A mouth guard. Wearing one of those helps reduce concussions. Hockey players don't wear them to save their teeth it is more for reducing concussions. I would rather see that required than a one piece catcher's mask.
  13. Look at the eye contact. U1 looks for help from PU to make the call. Great crew communication there.
  14. Minnz

    Would You Toss?

    Is it taunting? Is this worse then a kid who hits a bombs and pumps his fist around the bases the whole time? Is this worse than the kid who takes forever walking around the bases? Is this worse than standing at home plate to admire it? Bat flips are celebrating more than taunting. The kid did it to celebrate not show up the other team. I am going to say something to the kid to deter it but quietly and not make a scene. If pitchers then hits the next kid or that batter next time up I issue warning to both teams.
  15. Minnz

    NFHS Rules: Catcher's Helmet

    Still waiting to see definitive proof of hockey mask being safer. Until that debate is settled the NFHS cathers mask rule remains dumb in my mind.