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  1. 1) So R2, no out. Pop fly to F6, R2 runs into him. R2 is out - does the batter get first even if F6 catches the ball despite the interference? 2) R1 and R2, no out. Pop fly to F6, IFR, but R2 run and interferes with F6. B-R is out - is R2 out for the interference as well? Thanks!!!
  2. I find I rarely actually use the bag because my equipment is soaked after games so I carry it back and forth into the house and just lay it down in my trunk. Not saying don't get a bag, just that I'm not actually using it as much as I thought I would.
  3. You should give them a try. They've saved me significant pain many times this season.
  4. Does this keep you from being able to wash the padding?
  5. Generally I have it snug, but I do think it was a little looser yesterday. I appreciate all the comments. I took a really hard foul off the shoulder in a HS-age game today and didn't feel anything other than the pads moving. The funny thing was that it was LOUD. Everyone wanted me to take time to be sure was okay but it was nothing. I do work the slot, but it's always a good reminder, especially to angle the body slightly. I feel much safer now after feeling nothing today, of course it was a different place, not dead center. Thanks again everyone!
  6. I got an email (as I'm guessing most did) from ump-attire about the new Ump Life mask harness. The question I have is that I thought many don't like the All-Star delta-flex for an umpire because of how it grips the hat compared to a traditional harness, but wouldn't the new UL one (being neoprene) have the same issue? https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Replacement-Mask-Pads-Straps/ULF-HARN_UMPLIFE-Flex-Umpire-Mask-Harness Just wondering - it looks really good; I have one FM4000 that has the DF harness and have been looking to buy a new one, and when I read the above post was thinking about maybe getting the UL, but I wonder how the UL and DF compare. Thanks all!
  7. I took my first real shot to my Schutt/Adams XV-HDX, and it surprisingly lightly stung me for a second. Nothing serious, but this was an 11U game (was supposed to have a 14U and got switched at the last second, and after 6 rainouts this week already I was happy to get anything), and the pitcher wasn't throwing that hard (can't even guess the speed, but decent for an 11 year old from what I've seen). Foul ball was straight to the middle of my chest. Is this anything to worry about? I have HS level games tomorrow, and I was thinking if a 50-60 mph foul stung what's a 80-90+ one going to feel like, but I know some of you use this CP for college and minor-league level ball. Thoughts?
  8. I use the UnCap in a regular umpire hat. Works great in my opinion. https://unequal.com/uncap-baseball/
  9. I searched this but couldn't find it, although I'm guessing it's been asked and answered before so my apologies. NFHS rules. Right-handed batter bunts or takes a full swing, but the net result is the same, a ball a short distance away from home plate. The catcher quickly moves out from behind the plate to field the ball, bat at the same time the B-R takes off for first and runs into the catcher. Is this a no-call - play on? Or is it interference on the batter? (Of the 3 choices I'm 99.99% sure it is NOT obstruction on the catcher.) Thanks!
  10. So, the black mag paint chips? For some reason I was thinking that was the die molded color. Is it still worth getting the black, or is another mag color better at not chipping? (Or at least not showing the chips.)
  11. I've seen some sales sites say it means Lightweight Ultra-Cool, but I have no idea if that's accurate. Haven't found that on the All-Star official website.
  12. Thanks @MadMax! That answers it for my purposes.
  13. So, if you had to choose just one mask between the FM4000 steel and the ZRO-G which would you pick?
  14. Wore my plate shoes with these laces for two games today and they worked great. Made the whole shoe fit better as was able to quickly adjust it as needed. @catsbackr let me know how they work out for you. I do too, which is one reason taking them off and re-tying between innings takes too long. I'm tying the laces tight trying to get the best fit.
  15. Maybe they just find the FM4000Mag better period. You'd think there would be some independent testing you could have to compare mask to mask.
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