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  1. Rock Bottom

    New Balance 460V3 Fit?

    Thanks very much Jim! I have to go try them on again to double check the length, but I suspect I'll be ordering from you shortly!
  2. Rock Bottom

    New Balance 460V3 Fit?

    I just got a pair of New Balance 460V3 low cut, and they feel a little tight in the width department - is that normal? I got a great deal at Dick's with a 20% off coupon, but they only offer it in the medium width (I normally wear NB 10.5 in regular cross-trainers, but went up to an 11 in these). Do these stretch on the sides, or if they are tight now should I expect them to stay tight? Thank as always! (I know I can order from ump-attire and try out different sizes/widths, but I'd like to not have to order 4-5 shoes to try on!)
  3. Rock Bottom

    Why Follow The Pitch Into the Mitt?

    Great info - thanks everyone! Keep the comments coming if you want - I have a ton to learn! Caught through HS (MANY years ago), and coached for 15 years, but umping is a different game. Perspective changes a lot of things, and no matter how much I thought I knew the rules, when you come to this site I quickly learned how much I didn't know.
  4. Rock Bottom

    Why Follow The Pitch Into the Mitt?

    Since the strikezone has everything to do with the ball crossing the plate, and not where it ends up in the mitt, why are umpires taught to follow the ball into the catcher's mitt? It seems like that would lead to more bad calls than good ones. What am I missing here?
  5. Hi all! I've been on reading this site for a year or two now, and last year did a small number of little league games just to help out when they were short their kid umps. I've been coaching 15 years now, and this spring I won't be coaching for the first time since my oldest started t-ball. I'm looking to start umping games to help pay for 3 kids in college, and I'm lining up working in a local "house" HS-age league, but I'm also considering doing other games. This site is great and the only thing I don't like about it is that it makes you realize how much you don't know -- and how difficult umpiring, especially when you add in all the different rule sets, etc. Does anyone know of a good umpire association in the Western Chgo burbs that has a bunch of games in/around Naperville? I'm trying to limit driving since I have a lease car and long trips will eat up the game fee pretty quickly. I'm familiar with Fox Valley Blues, but haven't been able to really find any other group in my Google searches, so any info provided would be much appreciated - thanks!!! I got my chest protector for Xmas, a Schutt/Adams HD-XV, and I'm looking at getting New Balance 460V3 plate shoes, and the Force 3 shin guards. At least for this first year I think I'll use my son's All-Star MVP2500 HSM, and I have a Nutty Buddy. I have to figure out the uniform - seems like I see umps with 20 different colors of shirts, and I'll need a jacket for the March/April/(May) games when it's 40* at first pitch, and of course the pants. I think that's it - except my name is Mike, even though my user name is Rock Bottom - have a great year everyone!
  6. Rock Bottom

    Bunt to Chop Swing

    I'm not saying it's good or bad, I'm just reporting what the largest LL org in Illinois does, because some acted like this prohibition was unusual.
  7. Rock Bottom

    Bunt to Chop Swing

    Naperville Little League, which is the largest LL organization in the state of Illinois, also bans fake bunting and then swinging away, which they've defined as a "slash bunt" for local play. However they do clarify that "in District Tournament play and above the 'slash bunt' is legal."
  8. Rock Bottom

    Question re: Plate Shoes and Schutt HSM

    Thank you all so much for the detailed replies! @JSam21 and @MadMax , one of the main reasons I'm looking at the HSM is that I'm just more familiar with it, as I used a Shock fx HSM to catch my son when he was younger (the pads are falling off now and I can't find replacements) and also since he's now in college and not using it, I was thinking about maybe getting replacement pads for his MVP2500 and just use that. Then I came across the Schutt HSMs when I was researching the CPs, so thought I'd ask about them since they were a little cheaper. I'm doing this as a side job to help pay for the 3 kids I have in college, and I'm sure like all of you can't afford to get injured so I thought HSM might provide a little higher level of safety. (Most of the fields I'll be on have open backstops, but a couple do have closer fences were ricochet shots off the top of the cage can catch you.) I caught through HS as well, but that was a LONG time ago, so we were still using the FM/skullcap combo, but I definitely was concerned too about top-of-the-head protection. Mike (Rock Bottom)
  9. Hi, long time reader, but I just joined this page. I'm just starting umpiring at the HS level this coming spring (previously I've just done little league as an adult volunteer) and I'm investing in equipment. I got the Schutt/Adams XV-HDX chest protector for Christmas, and I'm pretty set on the F3 shin guards, but for the plate shoes do you all recommend mid or low cut? For basketball shoes I like low cut, but I don't know if the mid cut provide better protection (other than just being a higher shoe). And how much does the cut affect which size to get on the F3s? Re: the masks, I'm torn between the HSM and traditional, but I'm leaning towards HSM. My son played high level HS ball, and loved the All-Star, so I'm considering getting the MVP2500 (games I'm umping will have pitchers throwing upwards 80-90, with the rare kid above that), but I'm wondering if anyone has any familiarity with the Schutt HSM, either the Air Maxx 2966 or 2966 OS (which has a very "interesting" cage on it). https://www.schuttsports.com/baseball/officials-gear/protective-gear.html Thanks for your help!!