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  1. Rock Bottom

    You Get An EJ! And You Get An EJ!...

    I didn't say it wasn't their fault - just said it's not bad to say. No ump I've ever met knows all the rules, and no coach does either.
  2. Rock Bottom

    You Get An EJ! And You Get An EJ!...

    I think it's good to say for lower level (non-HS) ball. I have to say in all my years of coaching little league through 15U travel and then HS age local summer ball, I never heard that from an ump until I was an assistant for a 17U team. (Now most of those years I was a head coach, so it didn't matter for me, but I didn't know as an assistant.) 99% of non-HS coaches are NOT reading the NFHS rule book (and not all leagues follow it - many follow OBR, but many don't read those either, but I do think moreso than Fed, if not just because you can get it on-line for free) so if you're going to run an assistant for even coming out of the dugout calmly it might be good for them to know it. My guess is that many travel coaches at the younger levels assume HS follows OBR. And let's be honest, professional baseball players and announcers don't even know more basic rules, so not knowing who can come out an argue is probably common.
  3. Rock Bottom

    Trouble Picking Up Fly Balls, Especially Fouls

    Thanks everyone! I THOUGHT I was tracking well, but apparently not -- I'll work on this.
  4. Rock Bottom

    Where should I put my water bottles?

    While I primarily do games in nice areas, even there the parking lots are known to be places for break-ins, and as you said, in many cases they aren't even close to being in visual range of anyone at the field. Bringing a small cooler is easy - and I know I won't leave it at the game (like too many umps -- none on this board or my associates I'm sure -- who leave half empty/empty water bottles stuck in the fence).
  5. Rock Bottom

    Where should I put my water bottles?

    LOL! I didn't mean to imply that you'd need hand warmers and an ice pack at the same time! Just that it has pockets to put stuff you'll need. And I do put my pen in my pocket, but I also carry a spare.
  6. Rock Bottom

    Where should I put my water bottles?

    I don't "need" to access it on the field, but it's safer in the cooler pocket than it is in the car.
  7. Rock Bottom

    Where should I put my water bottles?

    I bring a small cooler (see link below for this year's version, mine is a couple of years old), and hang it with carabiner clips. Put my wallet in there, car keys, pen, hand warmers for cold games, ice pack. It's perfect. https://www.costco.com/California-Innovations-Titan-16-can-Zipperless-Cooler.product.100488860.html
  8. Does anyone else have trouble picking up where a fly ball was hit, especially foul balls? Any advice on how to improve on seeing them? (Funny when I played - although decades ago - I didn't have this problem.)
  9. Rock Bottom

    Bat flip extreme

    The penalty at 3-3-1(l) deliberating throwing a bat, helmet, etc., doesn't actually specify that - it's silent on whether it is immediate or at the end of playing action.
  10. Rock Bottom

    Tony @Mask It

    I've searched FB and couldn't find him, do you know what name he's under there?
  11. Rock Bottom

    Hoodie under plate coat

    Sure, but expenses are still that. The deduction just takes a little of the sting away.
  12. Rock Bottom

    Hoodie under plate coat

    Or..., maybe it's just too much. A lot of people do this to pay for extra bills - this is my first year umping, and all expenses told I'm at about $900 so far for CP, shoes, shins, masks, pants, tailoring, shirts, hats, state fees, assignor fees, training classes, manuals, etc. It's ridiculous how much it costs to get going, and I know I drew the line at a long sleeve polo. I do agree though, I just wear a jacket instead, although I find the Smitty 1/2 zip are almost too warm for the plate when it's around 55 and sunny - they don't breathe well - so that could be a good day for the lighter long under-armour type shirt.
  13. Rock Bottom

    Dropped third strike

    One base award from time of pitch.
  14. Rock Bottom

    Mask Opinions Requested

    Doesn't having it that loose put too much pressure on your hat brim and feel uncomfortable? That's the issue I have when using it with my mask (an FM4000 steel). (Above I see my comments might have made it sound like I had a F3, but I was just saying it in general about wearing it loose vs. tight.)
  15. Rock Bottom

    Mask Opinions Requested

    Interesting. Maybe I just have to get used to it, but I don't see how people wear their mask loose - it puts a lot of pressure on the brim of the hat and pushes that down on me. I could only imagine with the F3 that would be much worse (or do you intentionally wear the F3 tight because that's better to get the springs working?