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  1. MT73

    NFHS Rules question

    In OBR if the bat hits the ball a second time it is an out and the ball is dead. in Fed it has to be intentional for an out to be called.
  2. MT73

    Error on Out Call

    What happens if an umpire wrongly calls a player out? Example: Two outs with runners in 1rst and 3rd. Batter strikes out but catcher drops the pitch. Batter starts running to first but P/U ( thinking it was one out) shouts “Batter out! Batter out”” which causes the batter to stop before touching first and heads toward the dugout. Looking for any case book in Fed and OBR.
  3. MT73

    BR misses 1st base

    Are you also looking for the O.B.R interpretation on this? It was recently changed in that the umpire no longer makes a safe call and waits for the appeal. Now the proper mechanic is to make no call.
  4. MT73

    Assisting Runner on Dead Ball

    Since I do not do Federation May I assume that for OBR he can be declared out if assisted back to a missed base when ball is dead?
  5. MT73

    Assisting Runner on Dead Ball

    Thanks. That is pretty much how I was leaning. At least the NCAA interpretation. Nice to see it in black and white.
  6. OBR: Batter hits home run out of park. He misses 3rd base during his trot and the 3B coach pulls him back to touch the base. Can he be called out even if the ball is dead?
  7. MT73

    bunted ball hit by the bat

    That is true in OBR but not Fed.
  8. MT73

    Bat Hits Ball Second Time

    As long as the batter has at one foot in the box I call it foul.
  9. Certified umpire with 2 years experience at CDP seeks team. temkinmatthew@yahoo.com
  10. MT73

    Guidelines for Intentional Drop

    Does the ball have to be in the pocket of the glove for an intentional drop to be called or is guiding the ball down with say the back of the glove enough to call it? Suppose the fielder allows the ball to touch his arm or body rather than the glove? Could that also qualify?
  11. MT73

    Who is out?

    Had this one in a 14 U game played under O.B.R and was wondering if I called out the proper runner for passing. R2 and R1. No outs Batter hits a gapper to right center and runners take off while ball rolls to the fence. R2 touches 3rd and then, for some reason, decides to run back to second and, in doing so, causes her to run past R1 who is heading to 3B. I call R1 out for passing which causes R 2 to reverse course and run back to 3B and actually stand on the base. R1 now pushes R 2 off the base shouting, “Move, you moron”! R 2 runs home but is ( finally) thrown out at the plate. I have since learned that I should have called R2 out when he was assisted by a retired runner but was curious if it was R2 who should have been called out for passing since it was a force situation.
  12. MT73

    Opposing coach picks substitute

  13. MT73

    Opposing coach picks substitute

    There is a rule somewhere that if a player is injured and no legal subs are available then the opposing coach gets to choose the substitute. Does anyone know which rule book this comes from? L.L.? Fed?
  14. MT73

    Appeal Mechanic

  15. MT73

    Appeal Mechanic

    Thanks gents.