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  1. MT73

    Guidelines for Intentional Drop

    Does the ball have to be in the pocket of the glove for an intentional drop to be called or is guiding the ball down with say the back of the glove enough to call it? Suppose the fielder allows the ball to touch his arm or body rather than the glove? Could that also qualify?
  2. MT73

    Who is out?

    Had this one in a 14 U game played under O.B.R and was wondering if I called out the proper runner for passing. R2 and R1. No outs Batter hits a gapper to right center and runners take off while ball rolls to the fence. R2 touches 3rd and then, for some reason, decides to run back to second and, in doing so, causes her to run past R1 who is heading to 3B. I call R1 out for passing which causes R 2 to reverse course and run back to 3B and actually stand on the base. R1 now pushes R 2 off the base shouting, “Move, you moron”! R 2 runs home but is ( finally) thrown out at the plate. I have since learned that I should have called R2 out when he was assisted by a retired runner but was curious if it was R2 who should have been called out for passing since it was a force situation.
  3. MT73

    Opposing coach picks substitute

    There is a rule somewhere that if a player is injured and no legal subs are available then the opposing coach gets to choose the substitute. Does anyone know which rule book this comes from? L.L.? Fed?
  4. MT73

    Appeal Mechanic

    Thanks gents.
  5. MT73

    Appeal Mechanic

    Base umpire.
  6. MT73

    Appeal Mechanic

    B/R beats the throw to first but misses the base. We used to call him safe and wait for an appeal but I think that I read somewhere that the mechanic was changed to where the BU should now make no call— as is done when a runner misses home plate. Which one is now correct?
  7. MT73


    Gotcha. I was thinking about a situation when R1 rushes home to celebrate the win and makes no attempt to advance. Hopefully the umpires would not call him out for abdonment. But your answer pretty much covers that situation.
  8. MT73


    Maybe I am overthinking this but does this remain true if R1 is tagged before R3 and B/R touch their respective bases?
  9. MT73

    Corrected mound

    Thank you. Not to mention a safety issue.
  10. MT73

    Corrected mound

    Bottom first. Coach discovers that the mound is 46 feet as opposed to 51. (12U) I inform the coach to fix the mound ASAP. He says we should wait until after the inning. I tell him it by rule it should be fixed right now. He refuses because it would not be “fair.” I let it go because I am not sure. In USA softball the rule is very clear— fix the mound as soon as the error is discovered. Is the same true in baseball?
  11. MT73


    20 points!!! For some reason my spellcheck stinks. Thanks for the information.
  12. MT73

    softball pitching

    As is slapping the glove against her thigh.
  13. MT73

    Infield fly rule

    This is a pretty standard test question: Bases loaded--no outs. Batter hits a pop up that umpires call an infield fly. Ball drops to ground, uncaught and all runner take off. Defense throws home, to third and then to 2B and and the bases are all stepped on before the runners arrived. ( Yes, I know, This team has extremely slow runners.) How many outs do we have?? The answer is one. Once the IFF rule is called the batter is out and the force is removed. If the ball is uncaught any and all runners must be tagged for an out.