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  1. Lou B

    Pitched Ball in the Dirt

    It can be a Strike if the Batter swings at it! But, as previously noted, it can't be a "called" strike.
  2. Lou B

    NFHS - Hit by Pitch or ???

    Always thought that was an "unfair" consequence of the rules. Batter trying to avoid a HBP but the ball hits the bat and rolls fair and batter is an easy out at first. Luck of the Irish! (today being St. Party's Day)
  3. Lou B

    Ejecting Fans

    In Little League if a person in the stands is out of control you stop the game, send both teams to their dugouts and call for the Board Member on Duty. The Board Member deals with the fan(s). Generally they are asked to leave. If they refuse, I have seen cases where the police were called!
  4. Lou B

    February Leagues or tournaments

    Plenty of them going on in Florida. Do an internet search and you'll have a bunch to choose from. Several in Cocoa and Orlando.
  5. Lou B

    In field fly

    Beerguy55 - the original post said the umpire called it a foul ball. That's the correct call. It's the manager/coach that needs to learn the rules (which is true in most (but not all) cases)!
  6. Lou B

    In field fly

    Infield Fly IF FAIR - it was Foul so it is Not an Infield Fly. Why is that hard to understand? As others have stated, it's just a foul ball. Play on.
  7. Lou B

    Jim Evans School

    In the past I've always gone with the foul (fair) pole ruling. If any part of the ball hits the pole it's a fair ball. So, previously, if any part of the ball was over the foul (fair) line, it was fair.
  8. Lou B

    Bunt to Chop Swing

    Ever seen a kid break his ankle sliding into a base, I have. Why aren't breakaway bases mandatory in all youth leagues? Ever seen a kid take a pitch to the face and break his nose, I have. Why aren't facemasks mandatory in all youth leagues? Ever seen a kid standing in the on-deck circle get hit by a foul ball, I have. Why aren't on-deck circles prohibited in all youth leagues?I etc,etc,etc...
  9. Lou B

    Bunt to Chop Swing

    OK, time to get in trouble! How many times have you actually seen someone injured by this scenario? I've been involved with youth baseball for about 50 years (LL, PONY, Dixie, AAU, Legion and Travel Ball) and have yet to see an injury from this type of play. When I managed I told the corners not to charge just because a batter squares to bunt. Don't charge until the pitcher releases the ball - not enough time for the batter to pull the bag back and take a full swing.
  10. Lou B

    Thousand Oaks Umpire

    Saw that too. Thoughts and prayers go out to all the families and friends of those killed/injured.
  11. Lou B


    What organization/rule set/age group? They all seem to have different rules! For example: in Continuous Batting in Little League, as long as you still have 9 players to continue the game you simply skip-over the ejected player's spot in the batting order with no penalty/no out. In a normal play 9 bat 9 game if a player is ejected and you have no subs (down to 8 players), game over. If the rules allow you to drop to 8 and continue playing then most likely an out would be called when the ejected player was due to bat.
  12. Lou B

    batter interference

    Runner on first stealing and Batter Interference - Batter is Out and Runner returns to first base, you got it right.
  13. Lou B

    Force out rule

    The runner is out on the force at home. Subsequent tag/dropping the ball is nothing -play on.
  14. Lou B


    I would hope Nothing! So, what did the Ump rule?
  15. Lou B

    Runner intentional interference

    The only way to get a double play is if the umpire judged the intent of the interference was to prevent a double play. With R2 and no outs for a double play the fielder would need to field the ball, tag the runner and then throw to first in time to get the runner - not likely since it sounds like the runner passed the fielder during the play. Stutter stepping while going by the fielder may or may not be interference but if the ump judged that it was then the ball is dead, the runner is out and the batter is awarded first. To me, since F6 fielded the ball and threw out the batter/runner it doesn't sound like there was runner interference but if the ump judged there was then there was!