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  1. Lou B

    injured coach

    In some codes, due to the Americans with Disabilities Act, casts, crutches, walkers, etc are allowed. That said, they need to be wrapped in protective rubber/foam.
  2. Lou B

    Batting around

    I'll go with "B"
  3. Lou B

    What's the call?

    Sorry coach, the batter-runner entered the dugout, he is out for "abandonment".
  4. If the Umpire judged the runner stumbled/fell head-first into first he's not out for a headfirst slide. Pure judgement call by the umpire. Of course, he could judge it as a headfirst slide.
  5. Lou B

    Obstruction Awarding of bases

    How far he is protected is up to the umpire. So, F6 bumps into runner while he is on his way to third. Runner rounds third and tries to score and (a) is out on a bang-hang play at the plate or (b) is out by 15-20 feet. In (a) it's likely the Runner would have scored if not obstructed - safe. In (b) it's likely the Runner would have been out if not obstructed - out. In no case can the runner put out at the plate be sent back to third, he is either Safe or Out.
  6. Lou B

    Balk or no balk?

    Once the pitcher disengages from the pitching plate he is now a fielder not a pitcher. As such he cannot balk.
  7. https://www.mlb.com/cut4/trine-softball-team-pulls-hidden-ball-trick
  8. Lou B

    Rulebook in your face?

    If/when there is a Protest the umpires gather and discuss the call and make the final determination. If, at that point, the manager still disagrees, record the Protest in the scorebook and Play Ball. From there it's up to the Protest Committee to decide what to do. I have never pulled out a rulebook while umpiring a game nor have I seen it done by another umpire. At least not that I recall!
  9. Lou B

    Ejected them self ?

    Dropping an F Bomb in LL Minors and he's gone. That's a mandatory one game suspension. You "got lucky" his league suspended him. The first "wise-ass" comment would have gotten a Warning from me!
  10. Lou B

    Can a # outs cause a protest

    This could have been easily resolved. The Manager requests and is given time. He tells the ump that he believes there were only two outs. The umpires get together and check the official scorebook. At that point it should be obvious if there were two or three outs. Again, waiting till the game is over is too late, so in this case, No Protest.
  11. Once the player enters his dugout he is out for "abandonment". What was his manager and coaches doing that they didn't get him to turn around and go to first? This is minors, you are supposed to be teaching players what to do!
  12. Lou B

    Can a # outs cause a protest

    In the case you described the manager needed to Protest at the time of the play/call. Once the next pitch/play happened it was too late. Obviously he can't protest this when the game is over, way too late for that.
  13. Lou B

    Infield Fly Rule

    The fielder dropped the ball the runner from first does not need to tag up, nor does the runner from second. Throwing to first means nothing. Batter out on infield fly runners advance on the drop. One out, runners on second and third.
  14. Same comment, this was 8U! Profanity at an 8U game always warrants an ejection.
  15. Lou B

    hit by a pitch

    Pick up a bat. Drop it. Did your hands drop with the bat? Hands are not part of the bat, hands are part of your body.