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    Youth baseball up to high school. Adult Softball.
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  1. Lou B

    Force play or not?

    The out at first removed the force at home. The runner must be tagged.
  2. Lou B

    Interesting Touch of Home Plate

    Sounds like he may be "disciplined" for his little stunt!
  3. Lou B

    The Devil

    Field of Dreams: T y Cobb wanted to play here but we couldn't stand him while we were alive so we told him to stick it!
  4. Lou B

    Let the Children Play

    Always played outside as a kid. We had the proverbial sandlot diagonally across the street from my house, always full of kids playing something. When I mis-behaved my punishment was my mother sat me on a chair in front of our living room window and I would have to watch all the other kids playing outside. Not being allowed to play outside with my friends was worse than any spanking (yes, there were spankings back then!).
  5. Lou B

    Is the player out

    Maybe someone "assumed" it was softball since the original post said "she"?
  6. Lou B

    Is the player out

    All those "Damn Yankees" are the same to me (a Red Sox Fan). Actually that's not true, I thought Jeter was a very good ball player and was classy, not so for A-Roid. "Hit" the glove just reminded me of that play!
  7. Lou B

    Is the player out

    "the runner hit her glove"? Was this a Dereck Jeter "swat" of the fielders glove or did the runner just "hit the glove" with the body as part of the tag? In the first case the runner is out and the call is dead, in the second case play on.
  8. Lou B

    YOU make the call.

    Being picky but why did the Ump yell "Infield Fly It Fair"? It was a pop-up at the mound, not anywhere near the foul line, why the "if fair"?
  9. It was not a bunt attempt. The batter was pulling the bat back and trying to get out of the way of the pitch. Foul Ball was the correct call in my opinion.