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  1. The ones I wore actually had a warning on them to not get them close to a pacemaker!
  2. These magnets are outstanding. I have forgotten and washed my shirts with the magnet still on and they never came off or moved. I recommend using 2 magnts.
  3. UMP45

    giving count

    I give the count after something funky happens, when the scoreboard is wrong, or when I'm asked.
  4. UMP45

    Angle vs Distance

    What is the main component of the half swing rule?
  5. UMP45

    Angle vs Distance

    Angle has nothing to do with a checked swing.
  6. He was so bad last night he graded out at 98%!
  7. UMP45

    Runner Hit by the ball

    And IFF.
  8. No he doesn't. He has a BIASED view!
  9. It's not whether you win or lose but where you lay the blame!
  10. UMP45


    There doesn't have to be contact. Judgement call. Did the batter interfere, in any way with the catcher.
  11. UMP45

    throwing glove

    Yes. Touching is a different story.
  12. UMP45

    Batter Time Out, Pitcher Set

    No the ball is NOT in play when the hand comes down. The umpires has to put the ball in play.
  13. UMP45

    Mask for season. Need a vote!

    Loose the 4" throat guard. Use a 6".
  14. UMP45

    Strange Ground Rule Double

    The only thing I can think of is the ball hit below the yellow line.
  15. UMP45

    What is the Correct Call

    Anyone want to throw the imaginary between 1st and 3rd into the picture?