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  1. Interference

    There doesn't have to be contact. Judgement call. Did the batter interfere, in any way with the catcher.
  2. throwing glove

    Yes. Touching is a different story.
  3. Batter Time Out, Pitcher Set

    No the ball is NOT in play when the hand comes down. The umpires has to put the ball in play.
  4. Mask for season. Need a vote!

    Loose the 4" throat guard. Use a 6".
  5. Strange Ground Rule Double

    The only thing I can think of is the ball hit below the yellow line.
  6. What is the Correct Call

    Anyone want to throw the imaginary between 1st and 3rd into the picture?
  7. Obstruction Q

    Under FED he would be awarded 2nd base on obstruction.
  8. Okay. We've had our first MLB player kneel for the Anthem. How long do you think it will take for it to get to our level or will we even see it?
  9. Rundown between 1st and 2nd

    Think wedge.
  10. The time has gone from 20 seconds to 12. And Timelydew if you're that good why aren't we seeing you on television? When you get enough dirt on your shoes you might, and I said MIGHT, be able to talk crap about MLB umpires!
  11. When is it time to hang it up?

    Then some should of quit along time ago. Some learned that one time and feel they don't need to learn anything new!
  12. Hit or Fielders Choice?

    Who the hell are you to tell me how to respond? I could give 2 rat farts what you think. Just stick to coaching your coach pitch team and everything will be okay!
  13. Hit or Fielders Choice?

    Who cares? Not one of the rules we have to know.