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  1. Would the runner return to the last touched base at time of throw and the batter would be out?
  2. Ya I got that, we started talking about separate things. Thanks
  3. Thanks BT_Blue Yes, if it was just a normal throw down to third base, he is entitled to that place.
  4. He did not make contact with the ball or the defense though.
  5. He did hinder the defense, but I was torn because he did not move at all, and I know if the throw was just to third, the batter would have been in legal position, but since the play was a continuation of another play, does he lose the right to his position in the batters box?
  6. I was working a Pony Mustang game, and there was a runner on second base. A passed ball occurred and the runner went to third base. The catcher tried to throw down and the ball went into left field. The left fielder then overthrew the third baseman and the runner decided to run home. The ball was at the backstop where the catcher decided to get it, and throw to the pitcher now covering home plate. Here’s the catch: the batter had not moved from the batters box at all, he was a statue. The catcher and pitcher covering home obviously had to move in order to not hit the batter, but the batter made no contact with his runner, the ball, nor the defensive team. Is this interference? I called the runner safe and the play stood.
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