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  1. SeanColorado

    Pitcher Covering Home on Wild Pitch

    To touch the plate, no, I would say he did not have to alter his approach. To avoid contact, yes, he would need to.
  2. SeanColorado

    Pitcher Covering Home on Wild Pitch

    In my scenario, the pitcher was there before the runner about 1-2 seconds before ball arrival. In my opinion the runner did attempt to avoid contact with the pitcher (head and should duck away from the pitcher's arms. The legs collided, which was pretty unavoidable given the set up of the pitcher. The runner did not slow down and was able to get a foot on the plate before the collision...call it a fearless runner. In this case I felt it wasn't runner interference. Agreed the slide makes this whole situation easy. IMO, this is the central issue here, but replace pitcher with catcher. The pitcher knows they have the size advantage, and set up over the plate. The rule comment is: A catcher shall not be deemed to have violated Rule 6.01(i)(2) unless he has both blocked the plate without possession the ball, and also hindered or impeded the progress of the runner attempting to score. Straddling the plate making a collision without a slide unavoidable...is that hindering or impeding?
  3. SeanColorado

    Pitcher Covering Home on Wild Pitch

    The runner did actively try to avoid contact. They were by far the smaller of the players and lost the collision as far as impact goes. The way the plate was straddled there is no chance of avoiding contact without either sliding or coming to a halt before the plate and tapping the plate with a foot. Would that change your opinion? No rule modifications in this case. I appreciate the feedback...first time caller here.
  4. SeanColorado

    Pitcher Covering Home on Wild Pitch

    12U, OBR rules. Runner on third, wild pitch. Runner heads home, catcher retrieves ball from a short backstop. Pitcher covers home and sets up straddling the home plate (centered over it) about a second before the ball arrives. No must slide rule, but the runner would have a hard time running through the plate without a collision. Collision occurs when they don't slide, runner is safe... But, if runner doesn't slide and is out, is this obstruction? It's certainly asking for an injury.
  5. SeanColorado

    Hello from CO

    Hi, Just starting out into competitive umpiring after some time covering rec leagues. First game was today with a 15-14 walk off win for a 10 year old tournament. Appreciate the wealth of knowledge from everyone. Cheers!