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  1. Chartwig03

    All Star 4000 UMP vs 4000 MAG

    I've noticed the MAG seems to looks wider and rounder from what I've seen. While the UMP looks like it is smaller and would fit better on someone with a smaller head? Can anyone confirm?
  2. Chartwig03

    Mask Porn?

    What mask is this? wilson titanium? Or did Wilson ever make a look alike??
  3. Chartwig03

    New plate coats by OutWest Officials

    I put my SSN number on mine
  4. Chartwig03

    Pink Mask?

    ump attire now has em
  5. Chartwig03

    Final clearout for a while!

    Are team wendys available?
  6. ive found some reebok zigs in size 8 if u can move up a size. check ebay and maaaybe amazon.
  7. Chartwig03

    Mask Porn?

    Where did you get those pads/ how did you make them?
  8. Chartwig03

    Everything You Need For Sale

    Black PWMX with black and tan pads
  9. Chartwig03

    Everything You Need For Sale

    Also Have Majestic Short Sleeve Navy pullover quarter zip Medium Brand New $20 And Majestic Convertible Black pullover quarter zip Medium with grey side panels New $20
  10. For Sale: MLB Replica shirts: Light Blue with black panels. (Medium) Short and Long Sleeve. $20 short $25 Long. Long is brand new. Short sleeve worn once. Black with Grey Panels. (Medium) Short and Long Sleeve. $20 short $25 Long. Long worn once. Short sleeve worn three times. Smitty Poly wool base pants 32 waist worn for a month. $20 Smitty Poly wool plate pants 34 waist used for a few seasons. $20 Brand New Pink MLB Replica shirt with black side panels Medium $25 Rawlings Mask Used two seasons $20 Pro Nine Chest Protector which I used for half a year. $20 Medium Grey ball bags 2 for $12 used once. Will bundle.
  11. Chartwig03

    Brand New NEW BALANCE 460 V3 LO CUT Plate Shoes

    available still?