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  1. Chirping Assistant

    Personally, I don't like to address expected behavior at my plate meetings. Especially at the HS level, I assume (I realize that's not always good to do) that coaches know how to conduct themselves properly even if they always don't. I don't like to get into what they should do if they have a question about a call, blah blah blah.
  2. Chirping Assistant

    Yeah, Maven, I could've handled it differently & I would have had it been a regular season game. Thanks for your feedback.
  3. Chirping Assistant

    I guess he got the message because I didn't hear from him again. And plus, his team run ruled the other team.
  4. Chirping Assistant

    Summer League HS game. Third game of the day (didn't start until 9:15 pm). Before the game starts, the pitching coach for the home team hands me baseballs and says something to the effect of, "If you widen your strike zone tonight, you won't get any arguments from anybody. We all want to get out of here." Top 1st, his pitcher can't find the plate. The pitching coach (who's sitting right outside the dugout) starts rumbling (where's that???, looks like a good pitch to me, etc.) During a brief stoppage in play, he starts yelling for everyone to hear, "Blue, we're gonna be here all night if you don't call those strikes!" I turn and look at him, take my mask off, and before I say a word, he says "I'm not arguing balls and strikes, I'm just saying it's 9:30. Gotta widen your zone." I respond, "I'm not the one who scheduled the game. Let me do my job, and you do yours." If this was a regular season HS game, I would've handled it differently (first of all, I wouldn't have allowed him to be outside the dugout). Thoughts/advice??