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  1. redroofwoodworker

    New Diamond CP

    An ad for this came through my Facebook feed around 10:30 last night. My first thought was, awesome! I love Diamond products, I own diamond products. I didn't check out the specs until this morning though. One inch thick padding plus the plates makes this thicker than my current Diamond softshell CP. The padding looks frumpy and un-breathable. It appears to be similar to the Wilson's line but I would think that they would want to separate themselves by having a more updated look. The pads may not be any worse than the Schutt or the All Star but it looks thick and hot to me. And it doesn't say that you separate the plates for cleaning either. Do those bicep pads look horrendous to anyone else? They could lower the price if they just left them off. They look like a complete afterthought. As does the harness. For a CP at this price range, that harness won't do at all. I'm passing on that alone. Even if the pads were equal to the Schutt, it is still 10 dollars more than the Schutt with a weak harness. And that's with the $20 introductory discount. The "one size fits all" line is not a good selling point. People want a more custom fit now-a-days. Even if it is just advertising jargon. I always wondered why Diamond didn't have a hard shell model. Maybe this is why.
  2. redroofwoodworker

    A Plea to Modernize Uniforms at the Amatuer Level

    My mom and grandparents would probably know the name. There is no one in town by that name anymore. At least not that I know of.
  3. redroofwoodworker

    A Plea to Modernize Uniforms at the Amatuer Level

    That's a good point. It can get very expensive if we have coordinate all the colors with a different shirt. Where I'm at in Missouri, we don't have a high school association. I never had to worry about different color bags. I just had black. Everyone wore navy for baseball, so I just had blue hats. Some people had black hats with their navy shirt. I would love it if there was an association that everyone followed so that all of us umpires looked the same and used the same mechanics. It was tough for me to learn the right way. I have tried to relay some of this stuff to the guys I have been working HS with for years. They are very reluctant to change. I'm fine with change. I like the black. I agree, navy looks outdated. The red stripe looks odd. Were they going for a flag color scheme? Who all owns a pink shirt and all the extras to go with it?
  4. redroofwoodworker

    A Plea to Modernize Uniforms at the Amatuer Level

    Oh, ok. So you know where the big city of Koshkonong is. That's my home town.
  5. redroofwoodworker

    A Plea to Modernize Uniforms at the Amatuer Level

    You're right. This is the first change since I have started umpiring in 2001. I live just south of West Plains Mo.
  6. redroofwoodworker

    Custom Chest Protectors

    OH SH*#!! I didn't look at the year. I saw August 18th lololol. I guess his business didn't take off. Hey Sam this is Lee by the way, from the MAU clinic.
  7. redroofwoodworker

    Custom Chest Protectors

    Good luck Nate. I’m somewhat new to this site. I have been reading about guys doing mods to their gear. I have never thought about customizing my gear before. Sounds weird and interesting at the same time. Would love to see the prototypes.
  8. redroofwoodworker

    A Plea to Modernize Uniforms at the Amatuer Level

    I work and live in Missouri. This up coming season we are changing from navy blue to black as the official jersey. For the last few years guys have been wearing black. It wasn't until the last couple of years, when I decided to take umpiring more seriously and advance in my career, that I started hearing the disdain towards the color of navy blue. I have always had a "whatever" attitude towards the subject. I think black does look better, but I think the blue looks good also. I'm 38, so I'm not an old timer but I have been around for a while. For the longest time I was the youngest guy in my area. There are 4 younger ones now. So what is it? Is it just an out with the old, in with the new frame of mind? Do we want to look like the pros? I could care less either way. I'm just curious. If they changed the red and white stripe on the navy jersey to a different color, would that matter? @Thatsnotyou I have never heard the comment that navy doesn't go with black belt or black shoes or the mask. I thought black went with everything. I never had the navy bags. Those always looked dumb in my opinion. I bought a new navy jersey two years ago and that thing still looks good. The collar is sharp and it holds up and the shirt seems to withstand wrinkles better than the black. Of course, you can't see the wrinkles in a black shirt. The collars on the black shirts are flimsy. I didn't always hang my shirts, but now I have to or my collar will come out looking a mess.
  9. redroofwoodworker

    Schutt Scorpion leg guards

    Homie don't play by no rules... I go by the beat of my own drum!!! lololol
  10. redroofwoodworker

    Schutt Scorpion leg guards

    The force 3 seems to be everyone's favorite. It's funny, I have always heard that Wilson is the end all and be all in umpire gear. People responses sound like they avoid it like the plague though.
  11. redroofwoodworker

    Schutt Scorpion leg guards

    I took some shots off of the knees and shins. They held up pretty good.
  12. redroofwoodworker

    Schutt Scorpion leg guards

    Thanks for the info MadMax and Umpstu. Hibbets has the Scorpion listed as Umpire leg guards. They look pretty much identical to the Schutt or Adams Air U5 leg guards so I just assumed that they were the same thing with a different brand logo attached. I do like the U5's, but it is only listed in a 17 inch. I'm not the tallest guy so I thought a 16 inch guard would fit better. The Scorpion is listed on Hibbets as a 16 inch umpire leg guard. I got excited because I actually found the Schutt CP and the leg guards on the same site. Which, by the way, I have a 20 dollar coupon for and they offer free shipping. Did I mention that I am frugal, lol. I haven't been able to find them on the same sites. I think that is a bit odd. It could mean that the Air U5 leg guards are junk. They look solid and appear to have great padding, especially when you look at the price point. It looks like Schutt was much more generous with their padding when you compare to other guards in the same price range. I just wonder how the padding will hold up over time. I do have plate shoes. I do take the job seriously. As I said, I'm moving into the college level. I want to be one of the guys calling games on ESPN some day. That doesn't mean though, that I enjoy throwing money at name brand gear that isn't any better than lesser known brands. I do understand that in most cases you get what you pay for. That's why I wear name brand shoes instead of Wal-Mart shoes. But I don't buy expensive jeans just for the name on the butt. It's the Thanksgiving sale, JC Penney jeans for me. But there is always that brand or model in the middle that competes with the big boys. That's what I look for. I mentioned the Samurai catcher shin guards ONLY because I found an extremely good price on them. I understand that they will not have the shin protection that an umpire requires. I have gotten away with my 20 dollar, second hand, catchers shin guards doing high school ball for a few years, but you're right, it's probably not a good idea to risk that at the college level. I cut the tow flap off by the way I have looked at the Wilson Guardians, the Champro's, the Diamond's, and the Champions. All except the Champion's looked very inferior to the Schutt's. The Champion's looked very heavy and bulky. I might as well buy some Wilson's if I go with those. I think I'm gonna go with the Schutt's for now. The Air U5's, not the scorpions. Whenever those big time college game checks start rolling in I may upgrade if I need too. Then I can donate the cheaper gear to a new umpire in need. If anyone has used the Schutt or Adams leg guards I would still love to hear from ya'.
  13. redroofwoodworker

    Schutt Scorpion leg guards

    So I opened a topic earlier about a new CP. I decided to go with the Schutt/Adams. My next question is about the Schutt Scorpion leg guards. They look good, but I can't find any sites that have reviews. I also can't seem to find any pics that show the pads on the inside. Has anyone used these? I am brand new to the college level. Just attended MAU clinic. Just got assigned my first college game, fall ball. So I need college level equipment. I have read good stuff about the champion leg guards, but they look extremely big and bulky. What does everyone think about wearing good quality catchers shin guards? I have done that the last few years at the high school level and have been fine. I"m talking about college now though. I found a good deal on some Mizuno Samurai shin guards that look adequate. I'm not into spending an arm and a leg on my equipment. I like to stay under a hundred. I might drop over that on a mask, but I'm pretty frugal otherwise.
  14. redroofwoodworker

    Champion Sports Armor Style Chest Protector

    Thanks a lot guys. Your information has been very helpful. I'm going with the Schutt.
  15. Does anyone have experience with this CP? I was doing some research for a new CP yesterday and came across a new web site, allamericansportsshop.net. Is this brand the same as Champion? I assume it is but with a new logo. I have never seen this model before. I may have just overlooked it. This looks like a much better CP than they have made in the past. Looks very solid. I would like to see what the harness looks also. I was about just about set on going with the Schutt XV HDX until I saw this. They are the same price, but this looks a like it would fit the body a little better. Any suggestions?