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  1. MLB/High School Rule

    JV game in Texas. Dropped third strike, catcher keeps ball in front of him, steps to the inside part of diamond, and starts to make the throw to first baseman....batter runner is clearly running inside the 45 foot lane. Instead of trying to make a play, he just points at the BR, who reaches first base. Two man crew talk it over...and declare the BR out. I thought a play had to be made before calling interference. Correct call? Different call for different levels?
  2. Set Position

    Balk Move...in the context of the original question....any umpire should have known what I was referring too. As to "slide step and going to first"...that was just sarcasm.
  3. Set Position

    Yes, breaking the knee or raising the heel is what I meant by a RHP Balk Move.. In the context of the question, I never thought any one would think otherwise. Have seen LHP called for the 45 degree move, but can't ever remember seeing a RHP being called for it making a move to 3rd, although I am sure it has happened.
  4. Set Position

    Thanks Max. You covered both the knee and heel (heel..got it, that one got past me), and I appreciate the advice, but trying to slow down the water bugs is part of pitching.
  5. Set Position

    Please read the original post. I ask a question about coming Set, nothing more, addressed to Umpires, from whom I thought I could get a educated answer. The Thread spun out of control, followed by a back handed statement to me about never seeing it, so I tried to put the question in context, which in hindsight was my mistake. Didn't ask for advice, just an answer to a rules question.
  6. Set Position

    Sorry for the fragmented post, as I forgot with whom I was conversing. What terms gotcha? "Balk Move", "Slide Step", "going to 1B"? I guess I thought, from my original question, it was understood where I was going with same, and didn't need to spell it out in prose. I did appreciate your response concerning the position being legal, and point about the heal "going down".
  7. Set Position

    Since you said "never seen either the question or the interp, much less the position, I really have no idea", your take is literally understandable.
  8. Set Position

    Kinda imitating the "balk move" before going to the plate with a slide step, or going to 1B. Have worked on it, but didn't know if it would be legal, much less have any advantage.
  9. Set Position

    For the Record...my original question had nothing to do with the front foot dangling above the ground, which was inserted by another poster. Based on the above Minor League Baseball Umpire Manual..."his front foot on the ground" ...would having his foot down but his heal raised be legal? Anything about the lead knee being bent as a problem?
  10. Set Position

    The Set rule really doesn't address the feet and the ground, so that is why I wasn't sure if it would be legal. So, a legal Set, if the pitcher doesn't raise his heal, or bend his knee, any further, he would be free to go to first, as long as he steps towards the bag?
  11. Set Position

    Can a RHP come Set with his left heal off the ground, and left knee slightly bent? If so, from that Set, can he go to either 1B or the plate?