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  1. Biscuit

    Better Mechanics for solo umpiring

    Had a game where I called a balk (I think it was not coming set? Don't remember) and the batter hit the pitch to right field. I'm pretty sure me and my partner were the only two people there who knew it was a live ball. After 15 seconds of nobody doing anything, partner called time and told the coach he had a choice (and then later when I tried to explain that coach doesn't get a choice on live ball balk he straight told me I was wrong ) to take the balk or play, which he took the ball for some reason (???). I was just waiting for the right fielder to run in, grab the ball, and throw to first. But he dient. Gotta love it when no one knows the rules!
  2. Biscuit

    Smitty Body Flex Shirts

    To clarify, the majestics are on sale right now usually they're slightly more expensive. Turns out there were no M Smitty's either, so it's a moot point
  3. Wait... Richvee and Rich Ives... Not the same name... Not the same account... Not the same person
  4. Around here, you give it to the home team, and then collect it after the game (make sure it's signed and all that). I don't mind collecting... Unless it's a contentious game. Then I do mind.
  5. Hey, didn't say it makes any sense, just that tournament directors do
  6. Biscuit

    Smitty Body Flex Shirts

    With UA having the V1's on clearance, I'm probably gonna pick up a blue V1, but they don't have any blacks in M, so I think I'm gonna snag either a V2 or Majestic, but at the same price as the majestic, should I just go for the majestic? Are there any major differences?
  7. Biscuit

    Speeding Up the Game

    Wish I could say I've only done this twice... It'll happen again, don't worry. And eventually, you'll have one where you're indicator is wrong, and you don't know you're wrong till they check the book. That one is a little worse.
  8. That's how it works at tournaments here. Umpires bring the baseballs tithe field, and then take them away. Some tournament directors get real crabby if you don't bring all of them back.
  9. Biscuit

    Infield Fly Rule

    There are actually plenty of cases where we are required to judge intent. I have three off the top of my head: there are types of interference that require intent, calling a strike on a batter attempting to be hit by a pitch (NCAA only), and intentionally throwing at a batter. That's just three, but there are plenty more. There was a play a few years back in the majors where two men were on second, the trailing runner, thinking he was out, gets up and starts trotting back to the first base dugout. Once he realizes that he's is not out, he steps on first and stays there. This shows that yes, you can go back bases, it just almost always means the runner doesn't know what's happening.
  10. How do you decide when it's appropriate, and when it's not?
  11. Biscuit

    Infield Fly Rule

    One out, bad base running, and bad defence.
  12. Biscuit

    Ejected them self ?

    NEVER let coaches talk about a play to each other. Should've been "John (or whatever HTC name is), that's enough". If he says anything else to Paul, dump him.
  13. Biscuit

    Balk or not

    Thanks @noumpere and @Senor Azul! I had a pitcher doing this quite a bit in a game the other day, and I thought it would be a balk, but I wasn't sure, and the other team wasn't complaining, so... Didn't pick up that stick.
  14. Biscuit

    Balk or not

    My question was really, is this a proper disengagement? If he's disengaged, then yeah, it's fine, but does stepping on, not behind, the rubber count?
  15. I was gonna link this videofor that part, and also for the part where he talks about having rabbit ears. NEVER block out coaches, for exactly the reason you had in your game. That's doesn't mean react to everything (or even most) the bench says, but you can't ignore something that led to a ban. And yeah, should've dumped him for the 8 year old comment. And really? This in 8u? Oof. Real proud of those coaches for setting a good example...