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  1. Well, I know in the league I'm working it doesn't matter. I'm thinking about the next step in my umpiring career (probably HS, once, you know, I graduate HS ) when my assignors actually care.
  2. I got them half way through the spring season, and I haven’t noticed any discoloration yet... I should wash my ball bags each time I wash the pants though.
  3. I’m ambivalent about the Sox, but the dodgers have two of my least favorite players in Puig and Machado (not helped by his... questionable plays on the bases this post season), so go Sox I guess. I was really hoping that the brewers, AKA the Royals of last year, would make it. I agree that it’s a super boring matchup.
  4. To be clear, these are smutty on smutty. Exact same fabric. Next time I buy bags though, I’ll be sure to pick up some black and blue (unless we can get rid of navy...)
  5. Biscuit

    Balk Rule - runner at first

    Yeah, it shocks me. I’ve heard some pretty intricate rules disscussions... really shook my faith in my rules knowledge until I looked it up.
  6. Reading through this thread, I'd started to worry that I'd screwed up by getting the smitty ball bags that match my pants... This gives me a little hope I like the way it looks, but would it be looked down on by evaluators?
  7. Biscuit

    Balk Rule - runner at first

    Please come to the umpire rooms where I umpire... I was in the field, and runner breaks for second (still on sure if it was the fact that it was young players, or if it was the coach pulling some Bush stuff in a blow out), prompting the pitcher to do an inside move. In between innings, my partner told me I'd missed a balk on the inside move (??? call it then?) , citing the throw to an unoccupied base. I was 90% I was right, and told him as much. In between that game and the next, I asked all of the other umpires at the part of the complex (probably 8 or so) and all of them agreed that it was a balk. Came back the next night with rule reference in hand, still couldn't convince any of them. Kinda shocks me. Some of them know the rules pretty well, and, at least for a rec league, they're generally pretty good umpires.
  8. My brother, to this day, has not seen Pablo Sandoval catch the pop fly to end the series... Stormed out of the room as soon as the ball was hit. At least we got the championship the next year!... And it looks like it could be another 30 years till we do it again.
  9. I for one despise non-blank hats. I think they look tacky, an avoid wearing them when possible... Which is almost always at the level of ball I call.
  10. Biscuit

    Ball out of play on dropped third strike

    Thanks Maven! Luckily it didn't matter in this instance, but glad I asked!
  11. 14u Major game playing house rule modified ORB, R2, 2 outs. Batter swings at ball in the dirt for strike three, and takes off for 1st. Catcher takes his time, and throws to first, hitting the BR in the back, and the ball rolls into the 1st base dugout. I ruled it dead, all runners get two bases time of pitch as it's the first throw from the infield. In this situation it doesn't matter if it's TOP or TOT, but if there was R1 2 outs, R1 steals on the pitch and reaches second before the catcher throws, then it matters (which is what I thought happened, because somehow I didn't realize we had R2 instead of R1... Yikes.) What I'm unsure of is if it is a TOP award, due to it not being a batted ball. I believe I got this correct, but I just want to make sure.
  12. Biscuit

    Roll Call- Mid-American Umpire Clinic

    Looks like a really great camp, and it's pretty close to Kansas City. Not feasible for me at the moment, but maybe in a couple years once I'm college aged (and able to get better games than 14u daddy ball... I guess they want more than a 2 year difference :p) I'll attend to get to the next level.
  13. Biscuit

    Good Example of HP wedge play

    They sometimes sync two angles for TV, which is really nice for the viewers.
  14. Biscuit

    Baseball runner inference

    I was pretty sure that’s how it’d work, but just wanted to make sure, because if I didn’t, you know that exact situation would come up in my games tonight, and I’d have a sliver of doubt
  15. Biscuit

    Baseball runner inference

    That’s due to the contact with the glove, not the ball passing the pitcher, as he doesn’t count for passing an infielder, right?