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  1. Curious if i interpreted the rule correctly here. 10U OBR Right handed batter. 1 out. Wild pitch. R3 attempts to score. Ball bounces at a 45 degree angle back behind the RH batter's box. Catcher scrambles and makes a nice play to slide and gather the ball, firing to the pitcher covering the plate. Batter vacates box but only by taking two steps back, and as a result, towards the action. Sure enough catcher's thrown ball strikes the batter in the back. Run slides across the plate. I ruled batter interference and called the runner out because there was one out at the time of the play. OHC argues it was unintentional interference. I countered by saying he was in a DIRECT line between the catcher and pitcher covering. Intent doesn't matter in this case. The batter made no effort to get out of the play, which he had ability to had he had a better awareness. it was so egregious.... Catcher also had a good chance of retiring the runner had he been allowed to carry through with the play. Did I interpret this rule correctly? I have read senor azuls work on the subject. But want to be 100% sure in this case I'm right. Thanks in advance.
  2. I looked and didnt see exactly what I wanted to ask, btw. How do you explain to coaches and parents how to counter a player blocking second base on a steal attempt? Tonight 12U OBR and a SS for one of the teams was standing in front of second base when taking the throw from the catcher on steal attempts, blocking the base. Catcher had a gun and put it on the money everytime. He always had a play. Wearing rubber cleats and not spikes. R1 would always try and go around the SS, and eventually would be called out. They were frustrated by the end of the night. I was asked, 'if it's legal, how do you counter it?' I said, "cleats up, calf shot, clean but hard, going directly into the bag once would be my suggestion," I told them. Seems harsh way to explain. How do you explain this to coaches and parents?
  3. If pitchers pivot foot lands in front of rubber, hes allowed to take the throw to 1B without penalty, but if it lands behind the rubber after the jump, and pitcher fakes to 1B, its a balk. Am I Understanding you correctly, sir??
  4. Good stuff, thanks for your time.
  5. Type 2 and delayed dead ball then?
  6. OBR thanks a bunch
  7. 13U OBR R2 and R3, 1 out. Rundown between HP and 3B resulting in interference on SS who clipped R3 going back to 3B. I signaled interference (and a delayed dead ball), and I had R3 protected to the base he was attempting to reach, which was BACK to 3B in this case. F2 fires high and into LF after the collision. R3 returns to 3B and then takes off for the plate. F7 fires to F2 and retires R3 at home plate. I call R3 out. OHC was polite but wanted explanation. 1) Was I correct to protect back to 3B but call out when attempting to reach home on his own, or should I have awarded home? 2) Had R3 not attempted to score, both R2 and R3 would have been standing on 3B. R3 is protected at this point, in this hypothetical situation, but 3B smartly tags R2. What's the ruling there? I can foresee this happening again down the line. Thanks in advance.
  8. Runner off base

    And "offensive" meaning team batting who I called the out on. I didnt hear much just that lol. Im rarely offended.
  9. does a run score?

    Another weird play, not sure its timing. 2 outs. Bases loaded. Batter taps to 1B side of the mound, P fields and instead of throwing to 1B to record 3rd out, he runs over to tag him. Batter runner stops and retreats backwards 4 steps before being tagged out. Run scored ahead of the tag out. Had he thrown to first for the tag out (as he isnt forced to 1B) the run doesn't score. Is this treated any different because P choose to tag RUNNER versus base?
  10. Runner off base

    Live and learn. Things you don't plan to see when you put the ball in play. Heat of the moment, I felt alone out there as my partner was useless, and I tried doing what made sense, and probably over thought it. Did overthink it. Thanks.
  11. Runner off base

    Makes sense. Thanks.
  12. NFHS Jewelry

    These necklaces were huge and made of big, thick rope interwoven and braided. Would be devastating if a finger or hand got into that necklace on a play. Thought it was a reasonable request. Circumstances and all. Tournament director said they were fine. Explained I was only looking out for the safety.
  13. NFHS Jewelry

    @maven 10U OBR
  14. Runner off base

    Nightmare play as PU. 12U OBR. R1 attempts to steal 2B and the throw beats him there. The tag is made, and waaay too quickly, the BU makes dramatic out call. I cringed. Sure enough, SS never had secured the ball through the tag, dust settles and the ball had popped out. BU signals safe just as the player had popped up and started off field, but he didnt hear him. Simultaneously this happens. Couldn't tell what happened first really. It was chaos. Once his Coaches start screaming, he stops in his tracks, four or five feet from base, SS tags him out. BU calls him safe. DHC freaks out. I conference and said he's out. It's why you wait to make the call, but once he's off the base, he's out. I call him out. OHC freaks. Offensive crowd says we are both morons. I agreed with their assessment of my partner, but me? Did I get that right?
  15. They sell soft replica baseballs at Academy for 3.99 for a 2-pack. Love the tennis balls, what I used growing up, but love the replica balls even more.