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  1. AL-Ump

    Mask Opinions Requested

    Currently, I have am All Star 4000 Mag. Just got it from All Star and sold my other masks (Force 3 and Wilson Ti). I was a little concerned about the thin pad at the top but convinced myself it was OK. I umpire softball and have a couple friends that use it and they've not had any issues. They don't throw as hard in SB so I should be OK, right??? One of the contributor to this board recently got hit using this mask and suffered a concussion. I'm nervous about wearing this mask now, worried about my safety and not turning into more of a brain o mush. Here are my thoughts/options and I'd like to throw it out there and get pro and cons from the group: 1. Find a better pad for the top and keep the mask. I don't really like TW pads and might go with a Wilson leather. 2. Get a +POS Zero G and put Wilson Leather pads on it. Saw someone post on this the other day and it looked interesting. 3. Go back to a Force 3. It's so friggin heavy though. Summer tournaments in Alabama I'm going to be sweating like crazy. Safe - Yes, Heavy - Yes. 4. Wilson Aluminum Frame. Looks interesting but not sure of the benefits/safety aspects. As an add on to the story, NCAA Softball requires black mask, black pads. Please let me know your thoughts/opinions. I just want a good rig that will keep the few marbles I have rattling around in the right spots for a while. Al-Ump
  2. AL-Ump

    Ebay finds

    I clicked your link and this came up:
  3. AL-Ump

    Wilson Ti mask with TW pads

    Sold! @Thunderheads lock it up please!
  4. Sold today guys. Thanks for the interest! @Thunderheads lock it up please!
  5. Thanks for the interest @redsox25. I have one other prospective buyer that responded before you did this morning. I will let you know......
  6. Oakley Black Radar EV Pitch sunglasses with 3 lenses: Authentic Oakley in Gray, Authentic Oakley in G30 (rose), aftermarket in blue mirrored/vented. Lenses are in good shape. Adult owned and used. Glasses were either on my face or in the case. $100 shipped.
  7. Wilson Ti mask, original profile. Powder coated with black Team Wendy pads and a Wilson harness. Very good condition. Will include an All Star mask bag. Asking $150 shipped.
  8. F3 shin guards purchased last Fall. Have ~ 20 games on them. Small amount of scuffing on the double knee. Have been in the shin guard bag or on my legs since I purchased them. Asking $80 shipped.
  9. AL-Ump

    First piece of new equipment in a while!

    I've read a couple threads on this mask on the Forum. I'm interested in the mask, but am a little concerned about the things I've seen. Couple questions: 1. What made you want to try this mask? 2. Are you planning on modifying it with different pads/harness? 3. Any other concerns with the mask? Hope you love it - I really want to try it - guess I'll watch here for updates and decide then.
  10. AL-Ump

    Plate Shoe Design

    Bet those would hold a shine!
  11. AL-Ump

    Plate Shoe Design

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Mizuno-Baseball-Umpire-Instep-Guard-Protector-1DJLU10009-Black-With-Tracking/153380728511?epid=1480525146&hash=item23b6342ebf:g:nTgAAOSwE1Bbkxrx:rk:2:pf:0 Might look nice
  12. AL-Ump

    Shin Guards for Softball/Low Level BBall

    QLT is on the knee. I push the pads down so that they are on top of my plate shoes.
  13. Heya folks, just wanted to let you all know of a trend in Softball - lots of guys are moving to an inline hockey shin guard like this one: https://www.icewarehouse.com/CCM_QuickLite_QLT_Soft_Street/descpage-CQSSSG.html I got my pair in the other day and will be selling my Force 3 shins shortly. For SB, they are just too much. Even though I'm doing D1 SBall, the hockey shins perform very well. They are light and comfortable, very low profile. I actually wore them tonight with my base pants as I accidentally left my plate pants at the house. They also wrap around your knee like a knee pad. I think the protection is enough for low level baseball and might be a good alternative to some of the expensive models that are out there. Just sharing knowledge! AL-Ump
  14. AL-Ump

    Force 3 V2 Mask - Black/Black

    @Thunderheads - Sold!
  15. AL-Ump

    Chest Protectors

    I want the blue one!! PM sent!