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  1. Thanks to @tpatience for the reference and getting this sold! Lock it up please @Thunderheads.
  2. It's still available...
  3. AL-Ump

    Problem with Force 3 shins

    Correct, just the removable pad was what she recommended to be removed.
  4. I purchases the Force 3 shins recently and enjoy the fit and feel of the shin guards. My problem is that when I stand up from being in a set position, my pants are gobbled up by the tp of the guards. I have to pop my pants after almost every pitch. I asked the person I purchased them from if I should have a different size, but she said that I need to remove the pad in the guard and that would help. She said it would also make the guards much cooler. I umpire softball, so I'm not real worried about the loss of padding. What I am concerned about is that one of the big reasons I went to this guard is that I can take the pad out and wash it when it gets nasty. If I take it out now, then any ability to keep the guards clean will be lost. Any idea how I can keep the guards from eating my pants?
  5. Yes I do...... Please check PM
  6. AL-Ump

    Smitty's Poly-Spandex Pants Fading

    Never heard of this stuff. Where can you pick it up? Target/Wal Mart?
  7. Just a quick question - I just purchased a Schutt HDX CP and am transitioning from a Honig's SB chest protector. The Honig's folds up 3 ways and fits very easily into the top of my Force 3 rolling bag. I can't figure out how to put this hard shell beast into my bag to transport with the rest of my equipment. I know one of the guys I call with has it on a coat hanger and totes it around like a shirt. Is that how most of you all do it? Again - SB guy here so I'm just learning this stuff for the first time. Thanks for your help.
  8. AL-Ump

    Adams XV-HDX received today thru hibbetts

    These side clips were missing from mine as well. Went to the fabric store and purchased some - but they were metal. Ordered some plastic ones on Ebay for a permanent solution.
  9. AL-Ump

    Adams XV-HDX received today thru hibbetts

    Yup, me too..... Says shipping direct from Adams July 2nd.
  10. AL-Ump

    LLSBWS in Delaware . . . anyone going?

    As far as I know, LL Softball isn't all that big. I don't think I've ever seen it in the South (AL, GA, TN). Usually is USA (ASA), U-Trip or PGF national tournaments that get the best teams/umpires.
  11. These may be stupid questions, but I'm curious: 1) I've seen lots of plate umpires touching catchers on their back when the plate umpire gets set. Is that just to get a reference on where the catcher is? What is the purpose? Don't you as an umpire have to get to about the same spot with your eyes anyways (we're instructed eyes @ top of the strike zone, inside corner of the plate regardless of where the catcher sets up)? As a SB umpire, we are told to never ever touch the girls. Ever. I might pat a catcher on the helmet if she makes a great play or does something funny, but many won't even do that. Just seems like a really weird habit to me. 2) Why don't you wear a shirt over your chest protector when you wear a coat - I think you call them plate coats? We always wear the pull over jackets so no one sees the CP, at least not very much. The CP/plate coat combo looks very odd to me, not sure why the exposed CP would be the look that you would want to have. That's all I have questions for now. Really love the forum here, picked up some great advise on equipment from Max for CP3 (Schutt HDX) and via searching threads for shin guards (Force 3). Just one more note, we are adopting more and more mechanics from baseball. We implemented the "wedge theory" on tag plays, utilizing 3rd baseline extended for plays at the plate and the two out (non-timing play) signal from baseball this past year in college and it's made a big difference in getting in the correct position and getting calls correct. I have a big appreciation for what you guys do, especially those of you that do it well! Thanks!
  12. AL-Ump

    Going flash sale

    Awesome! Thanks! Just ordered some for Fall ball......