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  1. Wilson Ti low profile mask. It's in great shape. $100 shipped.
  2. Mask Sun Visors

    Just a curiosity question, but what is the purpose of a mask sun visor? https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Replacement-Mask-Pads-Straps/F3-MSUN_Force3-Sun-Visor-for-Defender-Masks I've always worn a cap under my mask - 4 or 6 stitch - and have never had issues with the sun. I tried a buddy's mask that had a visor on it, but I couldn't even see the visor when the mask was on because the visor was shielded by the bill of the cap. Is the visor for those that umpire with their hats turned around? I seem to remember on the MLB umpire mask list on a different thread that there are several MLB guys that use the visor. I umpire softball so maybe its a little ball thing. Just curious.
  3. WTB: Icon STEEL or Wilson TI

    LOL. I re read the original post and thought - you forgot to tell him you wanted to sell the thing! Sorry, I'm still a newbie on here.
  4. WTB: Icon STEEL or Wilson TI

    I mean it's available..... for purchase. It's the silver finish.
  5. WTB: Icon STEEL or Wilson TI

    I have a Wilson Ti low profile.
  6. Greetings all! New to the board - I'm a fast pitch softball guy. Currently I have a Force 3 V2 mask and I'm looking to go to something lighter. I have recently acquired a Wilson Ti mask without pads and the previous owner said it was low profile mask. I ordered some Wendy's pads and a Wilson strap (Ump-Attire) for the mask and am looking at getting it black powder coated (everything for NCAA softball has to be black). Reading some of the articles on this site, looks like most prefer the Standard Profile frame due to it deflecting shots better. I also read that you pretty much need to wear a 4 stitch hat with the low profile frame. These things have lead me to thinking maybe I need to get a standard frame instead of the low profile. Was wondering your thoughts on this matter - Thanks.
  7. Never heard of a day of rest required for SB. What age group and sanctioning?