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  1. AL-Ump

    Force 3 V2 Mask - Black/Black

    @Thunderheads - Sold!
  2. AL-Ump

    Chest Protectors

    I want the blue one!! PM sent!
  3. Got this as a replacement last year. Used it for ~ 20 games without taking a mask shot. Replaced the harness with a Wilson and removed the MLB logo. Blacked out the F3 logo on the front with a sharpie - Mask is supposed to be black/Black in NCAA SB. $115 shipped.
  4. Greetings to my small ball brothers! Yellow ball umpire here - I'm using a Wilson Ti that's been powder coated with some Team Wendy's pads. Multiple people on the forum here recommended the pads and they've worked really well since last Fall when I purchased them. I went to a scrimmage last night @ 40º F and the pads were hard as a brick. Was worried about taking a shot to the mask for fear of getting my teeth caved in. Is this a common issue with TW pads? Do I need to get some Wilson pads till it warms up? Thanks!
  5. Thanks to @tpatience for the reference and getting this sold! Lock it up please @Thunderheads.
  6. It's still available...
  7. AL-Ump

    Problem with Force 3 shins

    Correct, just the removable pad was what she recommended to be removed.
  8. I purchases the Force 3 shins recently and enjoy the fit and feel of the shin guards. My problem is that when I stand up from being in a set position, my pants are gobbled up by the tp of the guards. I have to pop my pants after almost every pitch. I asked the person I purchased them from if I should have a different size, but she said that I need to remove the pad in the guard and that would help. She said it would also make the guards much cooler. I umpire softball, so I'm not real worried about the loss of padding. What I am concerned about is that one of the big reasons I went to this guard is that I can take the pad out and wash it when it gets nasty. If I take it out now, then any ability to keep the guards clean will be lost. Any idea how I can keep the guards from eating my pants?
  9. Yes I do...... Please check PM
  10. AL-Ump

    Smitty's Poly-Spandex Pants Fading

    Never heard of this stuff. Where can you pick it up? Target/Wal Mart?
  11. Just a quick question - I just purchased a Schutt HDX CP and am transitioning from a Honig's SB chest protector. The Honig's folds up 3 ways and fits very easily into the top of my Force 3 rolling bag. I can't figure out how to put this hard shell beast into my bag to transport with the rest of my equipment. I know one of the guys I call with has it on a coat hanger and totes it around like a shirt. Is that how most of you all do it? Again - SB guy here so I'm just learning this stuff for the first time. Thanks for your help.
  12. AL-Ump

    Adams XV-HDX received today thru hibbetts

    These side clips were missing from mine as well. Went to the fabric store and purchased some - but they were metal. Ordered some plastic ones on Ebay for a permanent solution.
  13. AL-Ump

    Adams XV-HDX received today thru hibbetts

    Yup, me too..... Says shipping direct from Adams July 2nd.