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  1. Cooooold Weather

    This is a plea to all my brother umpires in the south and west.... Please send us at least some 40s for us here in the Northeast! I had so much stuff on yesterday while it was spitting snow (mid-April mind you) that I looked like Ralphie's little brother in a Christmas Story. You know where he couldn't get his arms down. I was in a perpetual safe sign all day. They say 60s next week but two weekends ago they said maybe 70 and it was 30s with snow and freezing rain. Ughhhh!
  2. HS qualifications

    Thank you. I probably won't be able to do my first college game until the second or third week in April. It was either have the surgery now or a full replacement down the road. I've already had two hip replacements so I didn't need anymore parts inside me. lol I might rust...
  3. HS qualifications

    Thanks fellas.
  4. HS qualifications

    For the past nine seasons I have been doing strictly college ball. I had rotator cuff surgery a few weeks ago and I'll probably miss half of my season which ends in early May. I saw a friend tonight at a high school bball game that is the local HS VP for the baseball chapter and suggested I could come back to HS ball and pick up varsity games in May and June. Do I have to take the test again to get certified so I can do varsity? Or is that waved because I was one before, but it's been a long time since I've done HS. Or does my college certification cover me? Thanks.
  5. Wilson Shin Guard Comparison

    I use the platinum. I had the triple knee gold and wore them once and gave someone a great deal on here. The strap for the triple knee cut into my leg and I hated it. Plus I've never been hit above the second one . Knock on wood....
  6. Online Clinic

    Email from Arbiter today that states Sunday is the last day for the online clinic.
  7. LLWS 2018

  8. Online Clinic

    I had a couple of videos with no sound but had no problem with the post video questions. First year glitch I guess. I will miss seeing everyone but I sure won't miss spending half a grand on air, hotel, meal, and night time expenses. I like it.
  9. COG is now United Collegiate Umpires

    I also see on the NCAA arbiter website that all of COG's Division 1 conferences are up for bid this year. Curious to see the battle between the group before COG and the "new" version of COG (UCU) who will come out on top. Either way the conferences are going to make out great and the umpires will take another hit in the pocket book. Like a state bid to any contractor the lowest one wins unfortunately.
  10. COG is now United Collegiate Umpires

    Chris Marshall. A very good man and choice as President.
  11. They have officially distanced themselves from Sealey by renaming COG the United Collegiate Umpires. Good move on their part. The name though... I don't think a name has to show that their all together despite the recent turmoil. New hats and unis for all! Two years in a row buying all new stuff. Yikes.
  12. Darrin Sealey Resigns

    He still assigns in New England, and New York.
  13. Darrin Sealey Resigns

    There were no previous problems with the last assignor. What Sealey did was went in to every conference including the NECBL assigned by the last group and undercut their current fees dramatically. It was easy for him to do because the game fees were posted on the previous assignor's website. So of course the conferences and summer leagues went for the less expensive proposal. COG is full of great umpires but they are now working for less than they did a few years ago.
  14. Interference? Why or why not?

    The protest was denied. John Farrell said it wasn't a video review but when they were on the headsets a rule interpretation. Expand review. Why go to headsets for just a rule interpretation? So someone in New York gave their rule interpretation of the play. How many clinics have we all been to where you will hear the same rule interpreted differently on different occasions? For the pros that's pretty lame.
  15. Matt Holliday 11th inning today

    I was actually at this 6 hour marathon last Saturday. Because it was under review they can show it on the large scoreboard which they did repeatedly from different angles. My favorite angle was the one from first to second base. It clearly showed Holliday turn his head with the ball and watch Bogaerts touch second then he turned around and headed back to first. The throw was not far offline but to the plate side of first which for a gold glover like Moreland would be an easy grab if not impeded. There were arguments that he thought maybe Moreland had touched first base so he was avoiding being doubled up with a force being off but he clearly was looking at Moreland in front of the bag. Then they reviewed it twice. Why? I dunno....