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  1. Solo Ump, Steal at 2B

    We have a serious umpire shortage in our area and a lot of areas around the country. Coaches don’t seem to understand them and the parents are the reason for that. I never worked solo games until the last couple of years. I tell coaches at the plate meeting I will do my best but please be understanding that it’s just me. For a steal of second intake the mask off and stay behind home. You can’t move until catcher throws and what is that going to do get you a step?
  2. Little League Pitch Limit Overage

    One of the biggest problems youth baseball has is that HT and VT scorekeepers do not sit together anymore. We even provide a table but nope. We have had a ton of problems with this over the years where VT cries batting out of order and HT book has different batting order or different pitch count etc. I announce home team is the official book at plate meetings now just so when it is an issue they have been warned. I think these tournaments should charge a few more dollars and have a umpire do one book and track pitch count. They do this for basketball so why not
  3. Runner off base

    You want a protest to a game that could have been resolved in 10 seconds?
  4. Runner off base

    No disrespect to OP but he kicked the call and he even said he was not sure. A simple call to the UIC to come over and boom the call is corrected and the game plays on. You may know the rules and that is great but their is a lot of umps that don’t know every rule. Our job is to get it right on things like this not pound our chest and say my field and I am alpha dog. Judgement calls are the umps and I would never override a umps judgement call but calls that can be fixed should be fixed and that is my job. It has nothing to do with changing diapers or walking over my umps. They learn something and the call gets fixed.
  5. NFHS Jewelry

    I also do the players properly equipped and ready to play. It clears me from being liable. I had a 10U game the other day (yes sometimes even the UIC has to get dirty lol) catcher in the first inning throws his helmet to chase a passed ball and as soon as he comes back to the plate he has a big old earring. It was 2 outs so I let it go, when third out was made I walked over to his HC and said Andy catcher has a earring could you do me a favor and pop that out before he comes back out and check the rest of the players for any earrings or jewelry. He said no problem but of course assistant coach has to open his mouth and ask why I care. I said if I don’t see it it’s on you if I can see it then it’s on me.
  6. Runner off base

    IDK if you had a UIC there but gotta ask if so why did you not send for him? I tell all my umps if it is not a judgement call then come get me (UIC) and I will fix it. This serves two things first it gets it right and second the coach that is going to be mad will be mad at me not you. I had a similar situation last summer in a tournament. 12U field is 150 to right but has a tall fence that is in play. Ump doing the field was new and when the kid hit it off the wall he signaled HR. The other team who has played there before knew it was live and fired in to second tagging the runner. All hell broke loose and I was called to the field to sort it out. Asked PU did he signal HR and he said yes, I asked did the runner slow down to a HR trot? Yes. Brought both coaches in said I have a HR signal but it was not a HR and is live, talking with my umps they feel if not slowed with HR call he would have reached second so we are putting him there and moving forward with the game. Defensive coach was not happy but he vented on me not my umps. We got the play right and moved on
  7. Balls/Strikes: How much do you tolerate

    I hope this does not come out wrong but if you have a good zone you will not get it as much as you do when your zone is bad. When I first started I got it a lot and now it is rare to hear anything. They will start complaining around the second inning for some reason. First remark I ignore, second remark gets them a stare down and third they get time out coach that’s enough and this is the official warning. After that see ya. Now if an assistant leaves his coaching box or dugout and says one word see ya. As for the where was that blue, I will explain a few times then after that I ignore. I am not going to justify every pitch you don’t like.
  8. Awkward daddy ball situation. Need Advice

    Now for the record I am not proud of this moment but it happened. 5 years ago I was umping my 5th and last game of the day on a 98 degree day so I was exhausted. It was a 14U game so was really hoping for a spread. First inning kid walks, pickoff move to first safe and he just holds the glove on him. I keep waiting for him to throw back or the runner to climb up but nope. I give him a WTF look and he throws it back to pitcher. 2 pitches later same thing. Another dirty look and he throws it back. Next inning kid singles and here we go again, I say throw it back in a really PO voice and coach yells out Timmy you hold that tag. Nope this is not going to be my life for the next hour thirty. I say time walk over take the ball from the first baseman, walk to the pitcher and hand him the ball, walk back to B position and scream play ball. Now was I in the right no and after a shower, food and sleep I regretted it but sometimes you just snap and things get weird
  9. First one this year

    It was the UIC but we also call them white hats. Not sure why just been called that since I started
  10. Question about controversial play

    I had this exact play 4 years ago. 1 out bases loaded HT catcher drops third strike and parents are screaming RUN!!!! so he takes off to first. Runner at first takes off because he hears everyone yelling run including first base coach but all other runners stay on base, catcher throws to first and first baseman tags first and is holding the ball standing there. Runner who was at first has now stopped and is walking back to first when coach yells tag him. He does and I call the out inning over. VTHC coach comes out I explain it and he goes crazy. Says i should have killed the play protected his runner....no sorry coach my PU said loud enough for me to hear 3 batters out. If I tell him not to run, go back or call time I am now helping you and taking plays away from defense and that’s not my job. Him or his first base coach (who was yelling to run) could understand and after a warning he was gone and HC 30 seconds later when he told me I was cheating to help the other team and hope they paid me good lol.
  11. Hit by pitch outside of the batter’s box

    I would have granted time to the batter to begin with. I think he did this on purpose so pitcher is leaving early. No way he was that wild
  12. Batter Interference ?

    I had a play just like this a few years ago. Runner is coming to score and batter does not move. Catcher picks up ball and is coming to the plate only runner slides into batter and batter falls on top of runner. Catcher softly tags him out. Neither coach said a word lol
  13. First one this year

    The kids parents came up to me after the game and tell me he has played for years here and never wore one to catch. I told them look here is the deal, it’s a league rule, it’s a rule to protect your child from injuries, if I know he is not wearing one I am liable for any injuries he might get. They say I dont know why you would be liable? At that point I shook my head and walked away. Btw my umps will be checking him before every game now
  14. First one this year

    I wanted to tell him I am the regular white hat and was only doing the game because I had an ump save my ass by coming in and doing games for me last minute last week so I was doing it for free and paying the ump. The white hat that night is the GM who also does high school games.
  15. First one this year

    You ever get that feeling at the plate meeting that this coach will not be here to see the end of the game? 14U boys I got plate. Call for head coaches for the plate meeting. Coaches are your boys properly equipped and ready to play? Both coaches say yes and HT coach ask where is your zone? I say over the plate. He says I only ask because it seems to be different every game. At this point I feel the need to stress to him we don’t argue balls and strikes and his response is yeah I know this ain’t my first rodeo blue. I break plate meeting and say let’s play ball cause I feel this heading in a bad direction and I don’t want to dump him at the plate meeting. During warmups pitcher throws one low and HT catchers yells get them up you know I forgot my cup....oh no here we go. I stop tell HT manager his catcher is required to wear a cup it’s in league rules. He tells me it’s fine and I say well it’s really not, I asked you in plate meeting if your players were properly equipped and you said yes, a catcher without a cup is not properly equipped. He says this is ridiculous and it’s really none of my business, I said look he either gets a cup on or you find a new catcher. He ask for white hat and we send for him. He comes down backs me up and coach is pissed but surprise find a cup for catcher. His pitcher struggles and gives up several runs and his team goes down in order. Second inning I call ball on a close pitch and he ask where it missed at and I ignore (I have found once you start the where was it at game it never stops) he is mad I would not answer him. He is talking loud in his dugout about it’s the rule I have to answer him but again I just ignore. Inning gets over and he comes walking out towards me, right as he gets to me I say coach one word about the zone and you are done and he walks away. VT catcher sets up inside and pitch is outside forcing catcher to reach over but clearly hits the corner and I ring him up. HT manager is furious and comes walking from 3rd base box toward me saying you have to be joking? I had enough and was not going to do this for another hour so see ya. He says how many games have you umped and I say coach this ain’t my first rodeo.