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    Definitely. I wore a mask out of Kevlar for years when I was a hockey goalie but just can't get used to the style for umpiring.
  2. LVUmp34


    I use a Diamond iX3 with the team wendy pads. Pads were replaced after 3 games as they ripped apart. Great CS by Ump Attire. I took a shot off a foul ball that sent my mask flying. Did I feel the hit? Yes. Was it painful? No. However, the mask did its job and no broken bones, swollen cheek, etc. Also, the mask had no visibile structural integrity issues. https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Masks/DFM-UMP_Diamond-iX3-Aluminum-Umpire-Mask-with-Quik-Dry?id=155
  3. LVUmp34

    Little League leaving early

    My understanding that if bases are loaded and there is a play at the plate for instance, and the runner left early and is called safe, but has no unoccupied base to return to, he is not out. He is then simply removed from the field of play. If a clean double was hit (judgement of umpire), wouldn't R2 score, R1 end up at third and B1 ends up at 2nd? R3 would be then be removed from field of play. That's how I interpret the rule and examples given.
  4. LVUmp34

    Rain, Cold, and Questionable Field Conditions

    I agree 100%. I had home team address the plate. The fence was another issue. I wasn't the umpire for that just watched a friend's son pitch. When it comes to safety I really don't joke around, in any sport.
  5. LVUmp34

    Inadequate pitching

    Does your 9/10 league have a max batter of 10 per inning? In my area LL Div 20 they announce last batter and nobody can steal, etc until the first strike is thrown. You just have to protect yourself best you can. I had wild pitchers from both teams the other night. I was hit a record nine times, two where there was no padding at all. I was in the slot and the catchers saved a bunch of pitches but there is only so much they can do. The only thing I said to everyone was to relax and the game is supposed to be fun. Again it's 9/10 year olds. After that they were consistent with their pitches and the catchers had more confidence and were not turning away from the ones in the dirt. My lower outside corner has been admittedly inconsistent so I tried working on that, making sure my head was above the catcher's height, etc. I picked a few things to concentrate on for the game and it went a lot smoother for me.
  6. LVUmp34

    Rain, Cold, and Questionable Field Conditions

    A bit late but: Lines not straight. Second base is off in space Rubber is not in line with the plate Home plate sticking up so sliding could be an issue. Broken fence in dead center with police tape in its place I coach pitch 5 days after it rained field was pure mud behind the mound. We put some flat soccer cones I had and agreed anything in that area was dead and an automatic single.
  7. LVUmp34


  8. I needed this last week. Took a shot directly off of my forearm. Catcher missed a fastball and it is still sore five days later. I seriously needed my hockey chest protector last game...It was rough with the catchers, but pitchers were all over the place.
  9. LVUmp34

    LL situation - Did I call it correctly?

    I was crossed up with the second game I did. (Sorry for the mix-up). I did not call a balk. The coach called for one. (I looked back at my notes from the game.) I just called time without calling for illegal pitch. Noumpere, good to know. I appreciate all of the feedback! I had a game last night, got to the field early and went through all of the comments and the rules again.
  10. Batter asks for time and steps out of the box while pitcher starts his windup. No runners on base. I do not grant time. The pitcher pauses more then usual and then delivers pitch after the coach tells pitcher to throw a pitch since I did not grant time. I called a balk, or in this case their team warning as it was 10 year old kids. I treated it as a learning experience for the pitchers and the batter with the coaches present and explained play continues until I call time. Was I wrong? Older kids I would not have done this. Thoughts?
  11. LVUmp34

    LL situation - Did I call it correctly?

    Correct. The pitcher stopped and stuttered in his delivery of the pitch. If it was his natural delivery I would have called it as a ball or strike. The batter calling time while the pitcher was in his delivery caused the balk. It just seemed like a good opportunity to explain it to kids that were 9 and 10 year old kids.
  12. LVUmp34

    Line up cards

    I have a small notebook, but I also use my soccer referee card holder which gets the job done too. I don't use the red and yellow cards during the game though!
  13. LVUmp34

    Catchers Mask

    I thought 2 piece was still allowed in Babe Ruth but they had to be attached to each other. If you remove the mask, the helmet goes with it. Basically a combo unit that also covers your ears. Old style: https://goo.gl/images/v243bV
  14. LVUmp34

    Umpiring while sick?

    I have been sick as a dog and have officiated sports. If I was doing the plate, I would probably switch with the base umpire, but that is just me.
  15. LVUmp34

    Back at it

    GPblue you are spot on. In the Lehigh Valley Area we are losing officials at 37% for all sports. New officials sign up, but after a year or so, they either go off to college or are not willing to take the abuse and drop out. I don't assign PIAA sports, but if games were only pushed back an hour, more would be available. Parents have become worse of the years in everything. I do feel that some senior umpires can be put off with new officials because they think they are taking games away from them. The initial cost of getting into baseball as an umpire is more than other sports. Kids that are interested have trouble getting to locations because parents don't want to drive them and sit in a car, etc. Personally, being an official is a great job. Most of the time it's good money, your weekend nights are usually free, etc. 4pm start times are just tough to do.
  16. LVUmp34

    Ump from NJ

    I am originally from Union County. I moved across to PA in 2002. Love it. Family still in NJ, but it doesn't take me 30 minutes to go to the store to get milk :). The Lehigh Valley is a great area if you ever leave NJ!
  17. LVUmp34

    Greetings from PA

    You got me there! Still have to pay attention
  18. LVUmp34

    Greetings from PA

    Hello Everyone! I am currently a US Soccer Coach, Referee and Assignor, but decided to get back into baseball as well. I started umpiring when I was 12, making $5.00 a game on the bases for little league. I had officiated everything except Legion and Connie Mack and stopped after 16 years. My first game is coming up this weekend and yeah I have the jitters! Is there anything I am missing to start off my career from the list below? I know I have to add some things but to start I thought I have a good list. Traditional Mask with throat extension (I only liked the hockey style ones when I actually played hockey) Shinguards Chest Protector Combo Pants Ball Bag (I only use one and I always wore it on my non dominant side) Indicator(s) and plate brushes Note pads for rosters, etc. Plate shoes ( I never wore them but since I broke my foot in a non sports related injury, I thought it was time) Base shoes Short sleeve shirts with numbers Pants Hats Cup Rulebooks Extra shoelaces Bug spray Sun tan lotion Advil/ Tylanol Pocket sewing kit (I payed attention in Home Ec) NASO insurance
  19. LVUmp34

    Weight Loss Group

    Thanks. I gave up soda for 11 years. Cheated a bit with some root beer this year. Lack of sleep from work. 8 hours in two nights this week not good. I agree about hungry enough to eat a full meal vs bored or tired. I have to work on that and stay more hydrated. I always get dehydrated really fast.
  20. LVUmp34

    Dislodged base after slide

    Nice catch with the coaches being 9 . They act like it sometimes. It was a little league minors game, but both the SS and the Runner went to where the base was not where the spot was. So they both took a curve to the base. I told the coaches that both teams seemed confused on the play, so after I let it play out in case the runner ended up scoring, I had the coaches come together at the plate after the play and said going forward the players must go to where the base was, not where it ended up. If one team was crossed up I would have made the call, but since both were confused, the coaches agreed since even though it was LL Minors game, they appreciated that I turned it to be a teaching experience for both. The rest of the game they went to the spot instead of the base. I put in my report that the breakaway? bases were not secure enough and should be addressed for future games.
  21. LVUmp34

    Remove logo from visor?

    I don't use a visor, but can a pitcher ask that it be removed if it is creating too much glare of the mask and is distracting? If so are you required to remove it?
  22. LVUmp34

    Weight Loss Group

    I am at 264 lbs. I am only 5'9". I can actually run and hustle very well , especially when being chased I do have a gut. My legs are thick and pure muscle from playing hockey as a goalie for years. I tried fitbit, but went to running of the santas in philly and hit my goal, by drinking beers all day because of my arm movement. Goal is to get to 225 or 230.... It's rough. I drink lots of water, but sleep habits stink. Thoughts?
  23. LVUmp34

    Dislodged base after slide

    So this would apply if a runner continues to run to the next bag and the trailing runner would then have to go to where the base was? It happened last week with me and since both teams got crossed up and were so confused, I sent the batter back to first base, R1 still was given 3rd base and both coaches were happy with that decision, since they were 9 years old. I did explain it to the players with the coaches present to teach them what to do next time something like that happens. Was I in the wrong?
  24. LVUmp34

    Slot Position - Batter Hugs Plate

    Exactly. This happened to me the first game I did this year. I would see the release and try to slide over a bit before it reached the plate. Then I said to myslef I am just going to take more of an angle and try and pick it up. I did indicate to the base umpire to pick up the balks because I could not see it. The hands and arms were over the plate so I knew if it hit him he was in the zone. Catcher was very good so he moved (without me saying a word) to the outside corner and called for the pitches inside. I guess I cheated then if the catcher had to reach across his body to his left, it was a ball. Was this the wrong approach?
  25. LVUmp34

    Greetings from PA

    Welcome aboard. Jim, I would never post an email address publicly. Not saying this is a bad place but maybe put it in your profile and have anyone needing umpires to message you?