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  1. ilyazhito

    Brain Fart Test Question

    The batter is not forced to go to 2nd base, so the out on appeal for missing 2nd base would not be considered a force out. Thus, all runs from the batted ball count, unless the batter was appealed before R2 crosses home. In that case, only 1 run scores.
  2. ilyazhito


    This is not a bona fide slide, per OBR, so this play would be illegal in any rule set. The runner (and batter) are out.
  3. ilyazhito

    What Levels Use 3-Umpire Mechanics?

    I live in the DC Metro Area, more specifically Montgomery County, MD. I call high school baseball all over the Metro Area (Northern Virginia [Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church], Prince George's County, Montgomery County, the District of Columbia).
  4. I'm curious to know which levels use 3-umpire mechanics on a consistent basis. Right now, I am a high school umpire who gets occasional 3-umpire experience through playoff games and camps. I would love to move up to eventually work Division I games, but before I reach that level, I will need to have experience working 3-umpire games (and at least a basic working knowledge of 4-umpire mechanics, since some conferences at the D1 level use 4 umpires for regular season conference games, as well as all D1 postseason games outside of the College World Series). The $64,000 question is where I can get that experience. AFAIK, junior college, like high school, uses 2 umpires for the regular season, with 3 in the playoffs. Do Division III or Division II use 3 umpires in the regular season? If so, I'll ask the local DIII and DII conferences about trying out in the next few years. Is there any non-scholastic baseball (preferably in the Mid-Atlantic region), such as Babe Ruth or American Legion that consistently uses 3 umpires? AFAIK, all of the rec or travel leagues I have serviced use 2 umpires, and I haven't gotten any invites to work as an unpaid 3rd. Of course, if I get hired to call affiliated professional baseball, this will be irrelevant, because I will be exposed to 3-man at the lower levels for postseason assignments, and consistently at the AA level. Is the 3 umpire crew standard in independent professional baseball, or is it a league-by-league thing (ALPB uses 3, but the Can-Am League does not)?
  5. ilyazhito

    Cup + ball = ??

    The cup is a foreign object, unlike a glove, so it cannot be used to legally make a play on the ball (like a hat, mask, pocket, etc.). Thus, ball is dead, and batter and other runners receive a 2-base award from the time of pitch for a ball out of play lodged in a foreign object.
  6. The flip to 3rd without a step, while on the rubber, is illegal. Re: whether the defense can appeal after a play, the answer is no. After a (legal or illegal) pitch to the next batter or a play (an attempt to retire a runner), the defense has forfeited the right to appeal. NFHS may have some exceptions for offense-initiated plays, but otherwise, once the defense attempts to retire a runner by some other means (pickoff), they cannot appeal. As a balk is both an illegal pitch and an illegal play, the right to appeal is forfeited for both reasons (illegal pitch and attempted play on a runner).
  7. ilyazhito

    NJSIAA Test Questions

    The rule that a batted ball hitting the fair/foul pole in flight is a fair ball and a home run. This includes the screen or net attached to the fair/foul pole.
  8. ilyazhito

    NJSIAA Test Questions

    I would say A, because the net or screen attached to the fair pole is part of the fair pole. If a ball in flight hits the fair pole (even if the screen is attached incorrectly), the result of the play is a home run.
  9. ilyazhito

    Tag-up Responsibilities

    My association has U1 covering the tag-ups at 1B and 2B, along with advances by R1. We don't use NFHS mechanics, rather a combination of PBUC and CCA mechanics.
  10. ilyazhito

    Correct Rotation Signal

    I'm just curious, because my organization uses PBUC 2-man and CCA 3-man mechanics, not NFHS mechanics. It feels weird not to have a 2-man rotation signal, though, because 2-man crews also perform rotations.
  11. ilyazhito

    Correct Rotation Signal

    In my association, umpires have normally pointed 1-handed to the base they will be covering, whether in 2-person or 3-person games. Does this mean that 2-person crews would still use their pre-existing signals for rotations (1-handed point, circle, "hang loose"/ "Hook 'em Horns")? AFAIK, the new signal does not mention 2-person crews, the most common configuration for regular season high school games
  12. ilyazhito

    NFHS 2019 Test Question #3

    Maybe JSam21 is from a state where (at least some veteran) officials aren't required to take the rules test every year. About the OP, I would say D, because there is no way that a bat is part of the playing field. It is player equipment, not grass or dirt.
  13. ilyazhito


    For me, I work baseball in MD and Northern VA, and standard practice is to point at the base one is going to (like college) both in 2-man and 3-man (playoffs, Babe Ruth games, college games) mechanics. Older umpires may point to 3rd on the bases, but the norm is for PU to point to 3B and U1 to point to 1B (in a 3-man game, U3 points to 1B and U1 to home, because those are the bases that each base umpire covers on a rotation).
  14. ilyazhito


    Cue the jokes about Pennsylvania being Pittsburgh and Phiadelphia, with Alabama in between. If that is the way it is in your area, you must be somewhere in the "T".
  15. I would not give an out, as F8 did not make an unmistakable appeal. If F8 asks to appeal, I would tell him that he needs to touch 2nd base and say what he is appealing. If he says that he is appealing R1's failure to touch 2nd base, and I did not see R1 touch 2nd, I would declare R1 out, with no run scoring. If F8 does not ask for an appeal, the game is over and the home team wins. A putout must be an intentional act by a fielder to retire a runner, kicking the base is not an intentional act to retire the runner, so I would not recognize the "forceout" unless F8 appeals to me.