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  1. millerforrest67

    Can IFF be called after the ball is dead?

    Players & coaches are supposed to know when the SITUATION is a possible IFF even if it isnt declsred an IFF by the umpires! That is a rule! Youre just ignorant & combative! And what levels have you "coached"? oh with a name like yours probably slow pitch softball!
  2. millerforrest67

    Angle vs Distance

    Does angle super cede distance? Why or why not?
  3. millerforrest67

    Can IFF be called after the ball is dead?

    Have you ever forgotten to verbal "Infield Fly" & your partner doesnt verbal it either even though its in effect? Guess what? Just because neither umpire forgets to verbalize it, it is still in effect! Maybe after you umpire 35 years, you may understand some of these things.
  4. millerforrest67

    Can IFF be called after the ball is dead?

    All I posted was its their responsibility to know WHEN the IFF is in effect (i.e. bases loaded or 1st & 2nd with 0 or 1 outs). NEVER did I post they must know what "oridnary effort" is. Please dont read something thats NOT there.
  5. millerforrest67

    Can IFF be called after the ball is dead?

    Its the players & coaches responsibility to know when the IFF is in effect even if the umpire does not declare it verbally.
  6. millerforrest67

    Ball bounces over 3rd base into foul territory

    Its called a "bounding" ball & that by rule is fair.
  7. millerforrest67


    https://deadspin.com/pitchers-hr-after-a-foul-bunt-non-call-was-the-nuttiest-1828705646/amp#amp_tf=From %1%24s
  8. millerforrest67

    Tag up

    Unless the runner on 3b is appealed for leaving early too, which would then invoke the 4th out appeal and would nullify the run.
  9. millerforrest67

    Plays at the Plate

    Yes I am referring to that one. Look again. The catcher puts the tag right in front of the plate & the runner slides his hand right to it. Stop it at 20 secs. He was certainly out.
  10. millerforrest67

    Plays at the Plate

    Hes out in Play #3..... at 20 secs the catcher has the ball in the mitt & in front of the plate. Out! Out! Out!
  11. millerforrest67

    Speeding Up Your Games

    Excellent advice! And call tight outs as well when on the bases. Don't call time when theres a base hit to the outfield when the ball comes back to the infield & the infielder asks for "Time" to throw the ball to the pitcher. When pace of play seems to drag, clap your hands together several times and say something like "ok guys, lets pick this pace up".
  12. millerforrest67

    Use 1st names