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  1. New Student-Ump

    Hey all! My name is John, and I'm new to umpiring. I'm 14 years old, and baseball is pretty much life for me. I've played baseball since I was 6, mainly as a catcher. Therefore, I have a love, or hate, for umpires. I've always wanted to try, and I recently finished umpire school. I'm technically OHSAA certified, even though my age won't allow me to umpire high school. I just thought that would be a good place to learn, and I feel like I'm ready for the job. I'm going to be reading these boards a lot, and hopefully learn a little bit. Any advice? Where is a good place to buy gear? I've been recommended to buy the OHSAA starter pack, but I don't necessarily know a good place to buy that. Hoping my first game will happen soon!
  2. New Student-Ump

    Thanks for the advice guys. I actually just did my first game Friday night. I look forward to continuing my journey, and this site will be an excellent resource.
  3. I keep my blue book with my gear at my dad's place. However, that includes the blue book, as well as all other rule books. I'm hoping to review some positioning tonight, how can I find an online version of the blue book, so I can double check my positioning. Thanks, John
  4. New Student-Ump

    Thanks guys! I 100% agree with the catcher thing! It's nice that I'm not really worried about foul balls coming back at me, and am used to being behind the plate. I'll be ordering gear this weekend, and hopefully can get started soon. Can't wait for my first game. I was looking into this NASO thing. Can someone explain it to me, and is it worth the subscription to?