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  1. ADAMS HV-hdx received today thru hibbetts ( PICS )

    So @MadMax, wondering about that upgrade harness on the XV, was that razzed that does that, or did you do it? I really like the side snaps on side of adams CP, easy to get on/off, way easier than WV to take off, not that that much matters. AND BOY!!!!! THE WAY THAT CP SHOULD COOL IN HOT CONDITIONS, WITH 50+ HOLES DRILLED IN ALL FRONT PLATES OF THE CP SEEM LIKE U WILL ACTUALLY HAVE A LITTLE AIRFLOW OR AT LEAST ABSORB SOME OF THE PAD PERSPIRATION, MORE LIKE A COMPRESSION GARMENT THAT ABSORBS N WICKS MOISTURE LASTLY, OTHER CPs I tried didnt agree with my tall, lanky sorta, 6'1" 185lb frame Most fell short of bottom rib. Not this guy! Easily covers bottom rib and an extra inch past end of ribcage, not sure if I'll wear the 5" pad velcroed to bottom of CP. REALLY CANT FEEL IT THERE. Have to see if it bothers me or if I'll keep it Bicept protectors out. I like the thigh protector with the bicept pads max! At least the idea
  2. ADAMS HV-hdx received today thru hibbetts ( PICS )

    Agree at @Majordave. I do have an anger problem, not to the point that I'm a walking lunatic that's ready to strike on anybody testing my patience. But as you can see, I do rub people in the wrong way sometimes, thanks for overlooking one of my qualities that need a little honing. But thanks for answer n now I know mod around here to communicate with, on a nicer level that is, lol. But now I understand I go to sports handicapping sites...you know, to bet the horses.....and so many guys try and come on, for example the public posting pg for their picks n horseracing, but guys come in and advertise their web page, post a few win horses, then next day say come to my web page for plays...and pay me a fee first.....lol So I understand the situation totally, thanks for reply @MadMax
  3. Found pants please lock Thanks
  4. Transaction Experience Thread

    Just made a solid and smooth transaction with @harrisonj23 Plate n Base of each. HONIGS poly-wools Nothing but good things to say about seller
  5. ADAMS HV-hdx received today thru hibbetts ( PICS )

    Man guys I'm really ticked that you can't even download a pic on this site, at least I can't, unless This is the message i recieve trying to post a pic from the same device I used to download pics on here last week, same exact way Went to documents; than clicked my pic, then comes the : You are only allowed to upload 51.2kb. Not sure what the crime was in order for the penalty of YOU MAY POST PICS, JUST NOT IF ITS 51.3 mb. Lmao oh and this ^^^^^^^^^^^ I COPY N PASTED AFTER ATTEMPTING THE POSTING OF A PICTURE Maybe I can take half a picture Like a puzzle post like 10 pics
  6. Do I have to do something in order to post a pic of something?? I can only download pics about 20% of time, n not sure why
  7. ADAMS HV-hdx received today thru hibbetts ( PICS )

    Lmao I know huh. Sometimes I can download pics sometimes not
  8. Man I'm sure this is no razzed harness, but like it better than the WV harness, that I can say thru trying both on I like the feel of this CP a lot, doesn't feel like I got shoulder pads on, very form fitting Bottom plates near bottom ribs wrap around your torso so nicely Before ordering, I thought I'd develop an affair that is truely, deep, with this CP I shouldn't get all googly yet still in honeymoon phase, lol. But anyway, I'd give it 5 stars pre-use, compared to the CPS I've tried on Just seems to offer maximum protection, as MAD MAX the guru stated, in a very nice for fitting low profile CP AND FOR WHAT...$76 reg. Retail price Just started this umpiring game, but Adams been in tha game, making MOVES, POSITIVE ONES, IN THE AREA OF CHEST PROTECTORS THIS IS PERFECT EXAMPLE
  9. Shows how different pads can fit depending a lot!!- on mask size n layout it seems To each his own
  10. I just got a +pos silver mask in mail today I'm lookin it Was thinking of ordering pads for it. Have an all-star fmx mask with a bend, my backup after he gets fixed! So I got a new rig n harness, n no pads. Put the stock leather fmlx all-star pads into my +pos AND I LOVE IT!!! THESE PADS DIDNT FEEL THIS GOOD IN THE ALL-STAR FM MASK, WIERD???!! BUT SAVED MYSELF PAD MONEY, AT LEAST FOR NOW
  11. Debated going 16.5 or 18.5. My measurement looks to hit 18.5, right around and inch from top edge of kneecap, so seems the extra 2 inches suits me. And I'm rock in the low top NC V3s, so I think I should be just fine
  12. Lmk what you think Wolfe, I'm kinda giddy to strap on these sweet militarized hummers, of leg guards, minus the tons of weight for bomb plating on the hummer
  13. Sign me up! I'm 6' 1" , and had the 18.5" in my cart for about 5 days! At purchase-officials About to pull trigger, but I figured I'd call first. Guy says we just sold last pair of 18.5s earlier today! I'm sooo glad I called em, I'd have been real pissed, no leg guards for who KNOWS COULD BE WEEKS, with them n ump-attire, lol! So REFGEAR.COM THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! THEM OTHER SUPPLIERS MISSED THA BOAT!!!! LITERALLY!
  14. Nike Lunar Clipper Turf on Sale

    If u do some google searchin, forgot what site, but I swear I just saw some NB base shoes, last yr models, at like $35 new But that could n usually IS limited to the 2 PAIRS LEFT, AT SIZE 6.5 AND 8
  15. Nike Lunar Clipper Turf on Sale

    I agree. If u aren't paying more than $150 for a pair of Nike's, it seems that yur payin 35$-40$, just for that SWOOSH LOGO; I.E. A PAIR OF SHOES FROM PAYLESS with a Swoosh. Now their top pairs of running or athletic, the tuned air air max or Flyknits, at $179.99n up. YUR not getting any quality in your shoes from nike, unless yur doling out 125+. I've got burnt buying spur of the moment Nike's for $50-$75. And......the toebox was always small n uncomfortable, same with adidas, but don't think they have any top tier shoes. Unless you can try on first, or you can verify that your toebox area of your foot is slimmer than normal or most peoples feet, yur up next to roll on the craps table, unless they have a good return policy if u don't like em