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  1. Equipment Suggestions?

    @BT_Blue I will certainly order off Ump Attire, been hearing great things. As to the other stuff, thanks for the input! I looked at the CPs and the masks y'all have suggested during lunch and I am really liking the Schutt CPs and the Diamond BL Mask. Unfortunately, most of the people selling used gear in my area are actually aware of its value! -LBS
  2. Equipment Suggestions?

    Will certainly look into those, thanks guys!
  3. Equipment Suggestions?

    Hi everyone, As you may know, Im pretty new to umpiring, only being in for about 2 seasons, and the cheap starter gear I bought for $100 off craigslist is starting to wear down (surprise! ). I expect to have about $250-300 to spend on a new mask and chest protector when I get paid in a week or so, so suggestions would be extremely appreciated! Also, are the 3n2 plate shows worth getting? Ive seen some mixed reviews on here about them. Edit: I work coach pitch to 14u -LBS
  4. My Place To EJ?

    Personally I want it on a shirt
  5. My Place To EJ?

  6. My Place To EJ?

    One would think! The sad thing that since so many things like this are let go again and again and again, and never truly addressed head on, it just perpetuates things to the point its at today. I've been catching during tournament games and have heard stuff like this from the jack-@ss coaches and parents, and I've only seen a few umpires do anything about it at all, let alone start dumping people. -LBS
  7. My Place To EJ?

    The comments are generally things like "Oh thats BS!!" "Are you f-ing blind?" "Thats horrible! You're a d@mn disgrace!" "You need to stop being a p#ssy and start calling that a balk!" etc. *Side Note: Instances in which it gets much worse than this are extremely rare for me and have only happened once I can remember, but the above is about standard fare to hear being said at some point during a day of tournament games in North Dallas. The most brutal of these usually get thrown at guys older than me. I was honestly surprised that I seem to get less of it than them. The "lesser" comments are usually thrown at me and guys my age and younger who are just getting a feel for umpiring and haven't really had a chance to develop game-management skills. I am happy to go more in-depth and provide additional specifics if requested. Thanks for the replies everyone! -LBS
  8. My Place To EJ?

    ^ This. Given most of the partners this happens to are older than myself (Im in HS) Im hesitant to go dumping people when the ire is directed at him/her. Im totally down for dumping people when Im working with the guys younger than myself. -LBS
  9. My Place To EJ?

    Ok, thats a good idea as far as pre-game goes. I guess I was more worried that it would be improper to dump someone where it would be perceived to be my partner's call, but yes, I probably should be more aggressive in shutting that down.
  10. My Place To EJ?

    A situation that occurs somewhat frequently is that I will be on the bases and coaches/players/fans will be lobbing EJ-worthy comments at my partner (PU), but not myself My partner will usually not make any moves to put an end to it, and it then stays the same or escalates. Is it my place to toss someone who crosses the line even if the comment is not directed towards myself? Thanks, LoneBlueStar
  11. New Umpires Section

    I would see this as a way to gather the myriad of resources on the site into a more organized fashion for those unfamiliar with it. As to your point on the Ask the Umpire forum, I completely agree, new umpires should be asking questions there, but having a section that addresses common misconceptions and other basic information would help focus those questions and perhaps provoke ones previously unthought of. Thanks for the reply! -LoneBlueStar
  12. New Umpires Section

    I've only recently joined after ghosting the site for awhile and have found it to be an extraordinary resource, however, for the talk I see lamenting the shortcomings of poorly trained and informed umpires (which I completely was before seeing this site) I would like to suggest that a dedicated subforum be established for new umpires. Apologies in advance if this has been previously suggested, I couldnt find a similar post on the search function. I would envision it containing the following: -UmpEmp's informational videos -Frequently made mistakes in mechanics, coach interactions, and rules -Links to the various rule sets -Recommendations for starter gear and such -Allow the more experienced umps to post advice and whatnot -And other resources as seen necessary I have no doubt this hasn't even outlined a small part of what could go into such a section, but I feel like it would vastly improve the experience for first-time users and rookie umpires like myself. Thanks! -LoneBlueStar
  13. New Umpire In DFW

    Thanks guys, @oldskool thats definitely playing a huge part behind the plate, especially with the higher levels of pre-HS pitching.
  14. New Umpire In DFW

    Hi everyone! Finally went ahead and made an account after ghosting the site for a couple months. I'm a HS catcher and have been umping around the Metroplex since last fall. Been having a blast so far, with the notable exception of coach pitch . This site has been a better resource than I had ever expected to find online and has undoubtedly helped me improve, especially with game management, particularly that plate meeting template someone posted. Looking forward to interacting with everyone! -LoneBlueStar