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  1. Well If That Don’t Beat Al(l)...

    Where was this found listed for $70? The best I could find it listed for was $85 at EpicSports.... -LBS
  2. Champro Magnesium

    This sounds like a thread right up in the @MadMax wheelhouse. How does this mask compare to the Allstar Magnesium, besides being about half the price? And are the pads decent?
  3. Interesting Plate Stance

    The gentleman actually appears to be on the elderly side, but he moves better than me behind the plate!
  4. Interesting Plate Stance

    Zone has been very consistent, isn't giving either team the inside corner or anything above the lower letters. I don't want my OP to come off as nit-picky, it just seems like that stance would have a great amount of stress on the knees and might make it difficult to get out of the way of the catcher.
  5. Interesting Plate Stance

    Came across this plate stance tonight at one of our city's varsity games. The picture was taken prior to the pitch, just to be clear. I'm no expert by any stretch, but that stance just seems like a bad idea. Thoughts?
  6. Concerning Coach Pitch...

    Hopefully I won't have to for much longer. I'm in the process joining a new association, USO.
  7. Concerning Coach Pitch...

    I must ask, what is the difference between having and not having an umpire for coach pitch? All the coaches and parents (and lately players) do is piss and moan about every dang call that's even remotely close. The best part is the obligatory "yer takin it awey from da kids blu!" I must admit I my patience for daddy coaches has dropped to near nothing after tonight. I had two league coach pitch games. All of the coaches on every team screamed at their kids so much and with such intensity it was appalling. Even worse was that none of the coaches in the second game knew that there's no infield fly in 8u coach pitch, which of course led to a number of complaints. I have never actually been afraid for my physical safety before tonight, when a couple of daddy asshats started yelling at me when I was leaving for my car. I didnt bother to change, I just got in and hopped on the freeway to lose any unwanted followers before I went home. I'm honestly asking why I put up with this crap for $30 a game... Hopefully the travel ball game I'm calling this Saturday isn't a tire fire so I can actually enjoy this again. Wish me luck! -LBS
  8. New Student-Ump

    @Heave-Ho Welcome aboard! This site is by far one of the if not the best umpiring resources on the web. Being in your position and close to your age a few years ago I cannot emphasize enough that being authoritative with crisp signals will cut down on crazy coach/player/parent behavior considerably. And don't worry about not knowing what you're doing, you'll figure it out pretty quickly! If you're still looking for gear remember to check Play It Again and Criagslist for your area and see if any geezers are willing to sell you their old stuff. Have fun and let everyone know if you have questions! -LBS #catchermasterrace
  9. A Couple of Misc. Things

    I've recently noticed that a lot of MLB guys point to their right when calling strikes of lefties, however, I usually point across my body to my left. Is this incorrect mechanics or personal preference? While in A, should BU be on, inside, or outside the foul line? I typically am a few inches in foul territory on the small diamonds to avoid Ump Interference. Is it bad form to carry an indicator on the bases? I find it helps me stay engaged and focused when a game starts getting boring. And finally, what is best to look for on check swings? I have a lot of trouble with those. Thanks! -LBS
  10. Dangling Throat Guard

    I've worn throat guards on all of my masks, both for catching and umpiring, after taking a foul shot off the side of the neck when I went to block a pitch during a travel ball tournament. I can remember at least two occasions while catching HS games the past couple years that I've been saved by throat guards. I was also unfortunate enough to be a BU during a 14u Majors game in which my partner took a past ball to the throat had to come out of the game, so now I carry an extra to offer to my partners should they not have one, though guys who don't almost never take me up on it. TL;DR - Please wear a throat guard! -LBS
  11. May I atleast explain my rationale?

    Dude. Why do you keep spamming new threads?
  12. My Place To EJ?

    There were a few "oh c'mon"s on borderline balls and strikes, and a bit of chirping immediately after the EJ, but nothing remotely close to EJ worthy.
  13. My Place To EJ?

    Update: This past weekend I took everyone's advice and pre-gamed the issue with my partners. It was particularly surprising to me how many other umpires closer to myself in age actually felt the same way, but really didn't want to show up our elders. And to my complete (un)surprise, we got to put it to use! First two games were really good baseball and went off seamlessly. On the third game of the day, I was PU and partner was BU. My partner had to be a year or so younger than myself, but I was definitely getting good vibes when he initiated the pre-game, which I usually have to do. Bottom of 3rd, R1, no outs, the battery was making my job a walk in the park and a beautiful throw laser from F2 combined with a great tag nails the runner stealing at 2B on a banger. VHC starts off rather mellow and goes out to talk with my partner. My partner refused to go for help (no kidding man?) and VHC finished it off with a "thats complete Bull-sh@%!" and almost simultaneously got tossed by partner and myself. Other than that, the baseball was fantastic for 12/13u and the weekend was a blast! Thanks to everyone for your critiques and advice! -LBS
  14. Totally Confused

    Unfortunately, all of them . Our association wants us to use the 90 mechanics on every field... But thanks for everyone's help! This makes much more sense now.
  15. Totally Confused

    During the pre-season meeting and field training session for my association, I was given two conflicting instructions on positioning on a fly ball situation with runners on. The situation was R1, outs irrelevant, fly ball to right-center. Instructor A said that BU stays put and watches runner and PU has the catch and 3B, but Instructor B said that BU takes fly ball and PU has runner and moves up the line to cover 3B. Any clarity here would be great, thanks! LBS