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  1. BlueRanger

    Epic Sports.com. Ever had any issues?

    They're kind of like Amazon for sports crap: some of it's too good to be true deals, some of it's retail value, the rest is way overpriced.
  2. BlueRanger

    Epic Sports.com. Ever had any issues?

    Agreed, especially for guys just getting into umpiring sub-HS, they can grab some Diamond Lite SGs, a Champro pro-plus CP, and a Champro mask for ~$110 with shipping, then I just have them grab replacement mask pads and their uniform from UmpAttire, which makes everything ~$275 when its all said and done. Every guy I've recommended this to hasn't had any issues with EpicSports as far as I'm aware. Ironically, a few (myself included) have had more issues with UmpAttire forgetting to put stuff in the box when they ship it. BR
  3. 3N2s are great for sub-varsity, but the metatarsal plate is waaay too flimsy for comfort and it doesn't have very good inside foot protection compared to the Zig Mags and NB. @UmpJeff I've seen a few places that still have Zig Mags in size 8 (Amazon I think?). Not sure if that's helpful, but maybe there are soles or socks you can wear to help with the difference. BR
  4. BlueRanger

    New Diamond CP

    https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Featured/New/DCP-PRO_Diamond-Pro-Umpire-Chest-Protector Looks like a cross between a WV and a Douglas... Thoughts? BR
  5. BlueRanger

    Umpiring experience and job interviews

    It is the best conversation starter for me with adults, especially once they start hearing a HS kid blow their minds about all the rule myths... Lmao, if I had a dollar for every bet I've won on "the hands are apart of the bat" I could buy a black AllStarMAG at MSRP! BR
  6. TASO appears to be much better in the uniform dept. relative to everyone else. As far I'm aware, old school black is the only required shirt, but cream and pro blue are allowed too, nor are there any "black shoes only" frankenstein rules. I've noticed that a lot of the TASO guys doing our HS fall-ball games are wearing black vertical stripe polos, so maybe there's a change coming. Bottom Line: No Navy in these parts!! BR
  7. BlueRanger

    All Star MAG umpire mask - $150 SHIPPED CONUSA

    I would love to have one of these! Only problem is that the (ridiculously low) asking price is basically my entire gear budget until spring BR
  8. BlueRanger

    ISO: A few things

    Hey guys, potentially in the market for some new/er gear, but not entirely sure if I'm going to buy, so this is basically to see what's out there. Please feel free to include asking prices in the event someone who's definitely looking wants to buy. Thanks! Shin Guards (16.5/17 in) Base Shoes (Sz 12D, no color preference) Cap Keep *Pink Shirt (Sz M) *Grey Shirt (Sz M) Pink Ball Bag(s) *Please note if I would have to remove any patches, as my assoc. prohibits them Thanks! BR
  9. BlueRanger

    Even Aspiring Umpires Know Better

    Man... This needs to be mandatory viewing for all the rec leagues with in-house umps in my area. Waaayyy too many hats backwards, of course that assumes they: a. Have a hat b. Have a black umpire hat, instead of a random sports team hat... And don't even get me started on standing behind the catcher and what an appealable play is.. -BR
  10. Yeah, too bad I already replaced my Diamond mask that I backed over with my car last week with a Dynalite off of Offerup. Would much rather have a Champro mag with TWs for >$100... Oh well...
  11. BlueRanger

    Looking For A New Equipment Bag

    I ended up pulling the trigger on the big Diamond bag when I found it for $120 w/ free shipping at Baseball Warehouse last week. Initial thoughts: "Big" is insufficient to describe how enormous this bag is! I have fit my jacket, my four shirts, my three pairs of pants, my belt, my four ball bags, both of my masks, my three hats, my HS CP, my SGs, my plate shoes, and my field shoes in this bag with plenty of breathing room, which is absolutely amazing compared to my catcher's bag! The bag also feels solid when I roll it out to my car. It also fits in my "98 Honda's trunk with my whale-sized cooler and my lawn chair perfectly. -BR
  12. BlueRanger

    Situation From the Other Day

    To be fair, madigan and I are probably two of the, if not the, youngest umpires on here. Not to mention, most of the guys in my association are old enough to be my dad/grandpa. But hey, none of you have condescendingly told me that you "usually dont do ball this low" (12uAAA? Lol) so you'll hear no complaints from me!
  13. BlueRanger

    Ebay finds

  14. BlueRanger

    Ebay finds

    SIAP https://m.ebay.com/itm/MIZUNO-baseball-umpire-mask-1DJQR14009-black-JAPAN/132762335650?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20180213162448%26meid%3D6122e27043004162a3634995ead46d4d%26pid%3D100930%26rk%3D6%26rkt%3D8%26sd%3D192138098159%26itm%3D132762335650&_trksid=p2056116.c100930.m5375 Crazy... A brand new Mizuno for $30...