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  1. BlueRanger

    Car storage

    I drive an 04 Honda Accord, which gets solid mpg, and trunk is waaayy bigger than it looks. I can fit my Diamond 33" gear bag, my lawnchair, EZ-up, cooler, and my other vehicle essentials (emergency kit, med bag, jumper cables, etc.) no problem and room to spare. I would highly recommend this or a newer Honda Pilot, which has an aircraft hanger for a backseat when you fold the seats down. Would highly suggest these for the umpires that have families or just need a daily driver for home to game sites. BR
  2. BlueRanger

    New CP

    I want to see you post this for April Fools Day and see how many people bite lol BR
  3. BlueRanger

    Equipment and Gear Fire Sales

    Ump-Attire is running a pretty nice clearance deal for baseball, those Champro Mag Rampages are only $99, Smitty Convertibles are $40, and the DynaLite Steel is only $40. Baseball Monkey is running a nice sale on Adams Umpire stuff, have already snagged a few shirts... https://www.baseballmonkey.com/adams-umpire-equipment-sale LestersUpstateSports.com is also running a fire sale to dump its inventory, they may be going out of business... iX3 mask in Silver was only $50 if you need a new one! Also some nice deals on other items. Cheers! BR
  4. BlueRanger

    New CP

    To be fair, he does offer the iX3 in Ice Grey, which isn't a widely carried color... Too bad he didn't slap some usable pads on it too. BR
  5. BlueRanger

    Question re: Plate Shoes and Schutt HSM

    I see what you @MadMax are talking about with the forehead shots for umpires, but I guess what I was thinking was that given OP is a newer umpire, he may be more susceptible to ducking or having too low of a head height, but neither here nor there, your point still stands. As far as the AllStar vs F3 question, you pretty much hit it on the head. My AllStar is comfortable, fits my giant head well, keeps it cool, can fit my sunglasses if need be, has great vision, and keeps me pretty well protected from most stuff I get at the HS level. The F3 looks pretty good, but I have to question if its worth dropping big $$$ on to fix something that isnt broken. -BR
  6. BlueRanger

    Question re: Plate Shoes and Schutt HSM

    @Rock Bottom I have the 16.5 F3s with low-cut plate shoes and they only overlap a bit, but the F3s don't catch my poly-spandex pants much. As to the HSM mask question, I would recommend the F3v2 HSM over the Allstar, simply because of the forehead protection. Now, I actually currently use the Allstar HSM while catching for HS, and it works really well for me, but I have definitely felt some shots to the forehead. I can only imagine this would be compounded from an umpire stance. The F3v2 is far superior due to the fact that it offers an extended forehead cage to solve this problem. I have no firsthand knowledge of the Schutt HSM. -BR
  7. BlueRanger

    Equipment question

    These are PERFECT for new guys! Especially when they're HS guys (like myself) just getting into umpiring or if they don't have a lot of $ to spend. You can grab a Champro Steel with TWs and a throat guard is about $80.
  8. BlueRanger

    Equipment question

    I own a Diamond BL and a Dyna-Lite, here are my thoughts: Dyna-Lite: It's pretty heavy compared to the aluminum BL, stock pads are ok-ish, throat extension is trash and you'll need an after market throat guard. It is pretty tough and is a bit cheaper, so it'll get the job done fine. Diamond BL: I. Love. This. Mask. Seriously. It's ridiculously light aluminum with very serviceable stock pads, a forehead extension, and a good throat extension. However... I would suggest you instead buy a Diamond iX3 and replace the crappy pads with Team Wendy pads. The mask is EXACTLY the same except for the pads and the different style of coating on the mask (which I have had no issues with). This will cost only slightly more than a BL, but offers superior protection. -BR
  9. BlueRanger

    You Get An EJ! And You Get An EJ!...

    No argument here. Can't help but think that a game I had in the days before where I left a few over the line things alone, assuming my partner would get them, played a role.
  10. BlueRanger

    You Get An EJ! And You Get An EJ!...

    Yeah, I would never say that during any sort of HS, high level youth tourney, etc. game. Most of the tournaments I do have coaches that often played college and minor or indy league, so I aim for a 45sec plate meeting. Been getting rave reviews!
  11. BlueRanger

    You Get An EJ! And You Get An EJ!...

    Anytime for me. I straight up tell the HCs and the plate meeting if its lower level stuff that I will only talk with them, which usually works out fine. My advice would be to just say you'll only discuss it with the HC, and if the AC was/is still out of control or not listening, dump him. -BR
  12. BlueRanger

    You Get An EJ! And You Get An EJ!...

    I mean, I'm somewhat fast, but this dude just sprinted/charged at my partner, so I wasn't even going to bother at that point. -BR
  13. Total circus at this middle-school pop-up tournament I was working at a few weeks ago. All games played under OBR. EJ 1 & 2 [Game 1] 2 really good 8th grade (13/14u) teams. Partner is rocking it on the bases, and has nailed a few really close calls. Bottom 5th, 1 out, R1, R3, righty pitcher does 3rd-to-1st, partner balks it, visitors go ape crazy, VAC runs out from dugout and onto the infield to yell, I dump him, warn VHC, VHC goes out to talk, keeps it calm, walks back to dugout without incident. Next play: 1 out, R2, shot over F3, R2 rounds for home, slips trying to hold up, bang-bang as tag is applied as he dives back, partner calls him out, kid gets up, starts yelling and then slams helmet into the infield in direction of partner, dumped immediately. Don't worry! It gets better! EJ 3,4 [Game 3] New teams, same age group. Partner is PU, I am BU. In between innings, HHC and VAC get into it about a hard slide into second, both benches warned. Next inning, 0 outs, nobody on, 0-2 count, partner calls strike three, batter says something, gets tossed, I go to escort him off the field and VHC starts losing his mind and screaming "You're F-ing crazy! Get off the power trip, etc." he gets run. Game concludes and Visitor parents start yelling at us as we head to TD table to turn in the game cards. Rest of the day was peaceful and freezing! -BR
  14. BlueRanger

    New ump in Austin

    @ATXBlue Welcome! There's a couple of other Texas guys besides myself that get more active in the spring. Make sure to spam the crap out of everyone here! It's a fantastic resource on everything from gear to rules to the best camp in your area. Don't be a stranger! -BR
  15. BlueRanger

    New ump in Austin

    That's correct, Dallas and Austin are two of the fastest growing areas in the country and will remain so for the near future!