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  1. BlueRanger

    Some Sort of Record..

    I think our assignor is just milking the tourney agency for all they're worth at this point
  2. BlueRanger

    Some Sort of Record..

    I may need to revise my initial hypothesis lol
  3. BlueRanger

    Can we talk HSMs?

    If the price difference is that great, get the F3 (make sure its the F3v2 with the forehead extension). It's likely to be a bit heavier, but I think the trade off is likely worth it. The other noticeable difference will be the chin pad, the F3 is leather and the All-Star is LUC. I can't speak to the F3s ventilation properties, but the shell is very similar to the AllStar, which keeps my sweaty head fairly cool during the summer and late HS season here in TX. You may want to solicit opinions from people who have directly used the F3 though to get a more complete picture. -BR
  4. BlueRanger

    Retro umpire uniforms

    @illump you're looking for ancient uniforms my man. If you want retro uniforms, you can probably get those for free around here! Just post in the Buy/Sell section that you need: - Navy Shirt with obligatory alcohol stains and that patch that was all the rage from 15 years ago - 1980s Clown Jacket with 'Murica cuffs - Heather Grey Pants that are at least 5 years old and sized for somebody half your size - Grey Ball Bags - Navy Hat, with the fashionable fade and flip-down sun glasses - +POS Steel Toe Dress Shoes - WestVest, but make sure to specify that you want the "apron-style" harness with extra lack of elasticity - Wilson Dyna-BoatAnchor with 2 decade old leather pads - Whatever shin guards you can find And you'll have people paying YOU to get rid of this stuff. Just complete the look with total apathy for decent mechanics and game management and you're good to go for your RETRO Umpire outfit! Enjoy! (Obviously this is satire) -BR
  5. BlueRanger

    Can we talk HSMs?

    I have a big head, so the Wilson is automatically out. That thing is WAY too narrow and just generally weirdly shaped. I personally use the All-Star HSM while catching for my HS team and can fully endorse it. It's light, has great vision, and I love how close the cage sits to my face. It actually almost creates a low-profile traditional mask effect with respect to vision. I have not had the opportunity to try the F3, HOWEVER, a guy in my group bought one and absolutely loves it. Hope that helps!
  6. BlueRanger

    Minor Leagues to use Computer Strike Zone

    Said it before, I'll say it again: the grass is always greener. Wait til the roboump doesn't care that the catcher didn't stick that curveball the nicked the outside corner or blocked a changeup that caught the bottom or when offspeed pitches that catch the back end of the zone are called... Oh boy...
  7. BlueRanger

    3n2 plate shoes

    It's literally the same thing. Smitty just added their logo and redid the tread pattern... Now I know @BT_Blue lives in the Northwest, so maybe his colleagues are privy to some hallucinogenic substances the rest of us are not....
  8. BlueRanger

    Some Sort of Record..

    I would much rather have it just be me and give me half of my partner's check hahaha
  9. BlueRanger

    Some Sort of Record..

    Funny you should say that. Lol The Site Director was pissed off enough to have the sheriff's office escort him from the complex. But, the Tourney Director calls me and wants to know why we didn't restrict him to the bench first... (Wtf??? )
  10. BlueRanger

    First piece of new equipment in a while!

    I'll shred my wallet for one of these once they make the magnesium throat guards in black...Lol @Thunderheads that thing looks sexy as hell!
  11. BlueRanger

    Some Sort of Record..

    Today I had my 5th-9th games of the season, 8u coach pitch tournament ball. First 2 games were very competitive, a couple of really close calls, but the coaches and parents almost didn't even acknowledge we were there... It was some of the most pure and beautiful baseball I've ever seen. A kid hit his first HR, a team turned their first double play, and there was an on-the-run throw from a third baseman for an out (he stopped and just looked shocked he had just done that) just beautiful stuff. Both teams capped off the 2nd game with a prayer in center field that my partner and I were invited to partake in. I had an absolute blast, and it honestly renewed my love of the game. The next game had 2 new teams. They were meh, coaches were a little pissy, but nothing too bad. Then came the last game... 2 new teams. The home team was killing the visitors 11-0 mid-way thru the bottom of 3 (15 after 3 was the mercy rule). Home HC is coaching 3B and keeps waving runners after the visitors can't make any sort or play. Then all hell breaks loose, 0-60 in about 15sec. As the ball is being tossed back to the coach-pitcher, one of the VACs just loses his @$!# and comes out of the dugout and about out to the foul line to scream like a lunatic at the HHC for his "great coaching" and waving runners while up by ~11. VHC is physically restraining him and trying to get him to calm down. I'm the PU for this game, and told him to can it and get back in the dugout. My partner is also yelling at the VHC to get his AC under control. VAC finally shuts up and stomps back to the dugout. Then decides to let a "THAT'S BULL" at the top of his lungs, so we dump his ass and give the VHC his official warning. Again: 8u coach pitch.... When the hell did this become acceptable? So I'm 2 weeks into the season and I've already run an asshat, from a coach pitch game.... -BR
  12. BlueRanger

    3n2 plate shoes

    The 3n2s are great for new umpires, given you can get a pair from Epic Sports for ~$75. They're really light and comfortable, but they are lacking in heavy protection and quality. The protection is fine for sub-HS, but anything above 75mph and you will feel it. Just get the NB or Smittys if you liked those.
  13. BlueRanger

    Need Pants!

    I have the Smittys in both plate and base and they are one of the best investments I have ever made for umpire gear. They breathe very well in the TX heat and the plate version slides and slightly stretches over my F3 Shins soooo smoothly. I do agree the base version fits more like combo pants around the legs, but I'm big enough I actually like how they're cut. Can't speak to the Davis version though... -BR
  14. BlueRanger

    diamond mask pads

    Yeah, the "Quick-Dri" pads are basically glorified styrofoam encased in fabric. They belong in the trash, plain and simple. Get yourself some TWs, Wilson MemFoams, AllStar LUC, etc. to replace them.
  15. BlueRanger

    foul ball danger chart

    Heard about that from one of our evaluator/instructors, it sounds kinda of like trying to reinvent the wheel... -BR