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  1. LineyNinja

    Shin Guards with Mid-Cut Plates

    with 2 sets of Wilson shin guards in my garage, my pair and my dads who doesn't umpire much anymore, I am so tempted to make my own. However, as a college student, money is usually tight. I, unfortunately, do not have the funds to make the best shin guard never made.
  2. LineyNinja

    Ump Attire Black Friday

    @umpstu @ATXBlue Not trying to hijack this thread but there are young umpires out there. I'm 22 and spend almost an hour talking umpiring with a 16-year-old who is interested in getting certified and making more than the 16$ a rec game. I don't blame the kid. I have seen him work and he has a lot of potential. I am trying to get gear lined up for him as we speak.
  3. LineyNinja

    Future Nike Apparel?!

    Hurray , more shirts for guys like us to buy right?!?!!?
  4. I wish I could participate in this but I need to gain more weight lol
  5. LineyNinja

    Smitty's Poly-Spandex Pants Fading

    The more you know!!!
  6. LineyNinja

    Smitty's Poly-Spandex Pants Fading

    I saw on a UA Facebook post that the dye isnt set properly by Smitty. If I remember correctly, for the first wash, was with a 1/2 cup of vinegar.
  7. The guys that I work with have adopted the MILB motto of "we still wear black." I do think the state associations need to get on board with the new colors. There is nothing wrong with the college black or blue.
  8. LineyNinja

    New Diamond CP

    18 seems long. Then again I get made fun of for having the longest WV Gold ever seen. I still love my Champion P2xx. That is at 17 inches. I don't think that it's really too long. It's nice to have some lower protection. Took one to my WV Pad in an NAIA game. Hurt a lot. Then again I need a 17 in because I am so awkwardly made.
  9. LineyNinja

    All Star FM4000MAG

    I have heard rumors that there are tan pads in the works. I can only hope it comes on the market sooner than later.
  10. LineyNinja

    Game Management - Ejections

    I agree with some of the discussion that counting your ejections is poor judgment on evaluating game management. I was a part of 7 ejections last season. I personally ejected 2 coaches and 2 spectators. All four of my ejections were reviewed and were justified (I tossed the first coach of my career for balls and strikes I counted with my partner how many CCA bullet points he hit and he hit four of the 13. The bottom line is that UMPIRES DO NOT EJECT COACHES, PLAYERS OR SPECTATORS! THEY DO IT TO THEMSELVES. This likely sounds very cliche but it is true. As an umpire, I did not make that player or coach drop that F-bomb that everyone heard. That player or coach made the decision to use that language. Based on the rules of the leagues I am working, I have no choice but to eject the player. It was their choice to drop the bomb I am simply enforcing the rules of the league I am working.
  11. LineyNinja

    All Star FM 4000 MAG

    I have been seeing more guys in the pros wearing the All-Star FM4000. I have heard many good things i.e lightweight, durable, comfortable to wear. However, I have also heard many negative things about the mask i.e sparks fly when you get hit, the upper bar does not extend far enough out leaving umpires vulnerable. I know I have seen some guys wearing a matte skull cap with it. I like many of the positives but am concerned about some of the negatives. Two things: I am interested to hear what everyone's thoughts are about the mask Have you found anything that backs up or disputes the cons of the mask? Thanks guys!
  12. LineyNinja

    Diamond Masks

    Not a fan of the Pads in general for the IX3. I replaced mine with Team Wendy and love the pads
  13. LineyNinja

    Various masks

    Ix3 still available? Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  14. LineyNinja

    Wilson Dyna-lite w/ New Team Wendy pads

    Steel? Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  15. LineyNinja

    2018 NFHS Exam

    Check your messages