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  1. geraldjklein1908

    Cleaning Smitty Poly Spandex Pants

    Any suggestions on cleaning the Smitty poly spandex pants. They seem to get pretty dirty on a dusty field. Thanks!
  2. geraldjklein1908

    Team Wendy WV Platinum

    @JDavis225 Sent PM to you about this
  3. I have a pair of NB Base Shoes White Bottoms, Size 9.5 2E Width. Used for about 1 season. If interested, please send me a PM for pictures and details.
  4. geraldjklein1908

    Umpire Gear and Accessories

    Any interest in umpire gear and accessories? Have a brand new Honigs frame, Honigs throat guard, 2 Honigs metal indicators and a metal notched indicator, and 2 refsmart writeable cards. Pm or comment for more info.
  5. geraldjklein1908

    Nike Mask, Wilson WV Gold, Wilson Shin Guards With Pics

    Just curious on if the WV is sold?
  6. geraldjklein1908

    FS: West Vest Gold M/L

    Hello, is this still for sale? I sent you a PM.
  7. geraldjklein1908

    FS: 12" (M/L) West Vest Gold

    Mike, is this WV Gold still for sale?
  8. geraldjklein1908

    Nike Mask, Wilson WV Gold, Wilson Shin Guards With Pics

    Is the WV gold still for sale? I have a WV platinum for trade if interested.
  9. geraldjklein1908

    Wilson Gold M-L

    Is this CP still available for sale? If you are interested, I have a west vest platinum for trade. Please send me a PM and we can talk.
  10. geraldjklein1908

    ISO mask harness

    I have 2 brand new Honigs mask harnesses if you are interested.
  11. geraldjklein1908

    Dangling Throat Guard

    Does anyone have a F3 v2 mask and what type of throat guard and where did you place it on your mask?
  12. geraldjklein1908

    Honigs Polywool Base Pants size 34

    Are these pants still available?
  13. geraldjklein1908

    Equipment Bag Debate

    Does anyone have the Force3 Ultimate 32" Equipment bag for sale?