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  1. Have various items for sale. NB 950 v2 Black Base Shoes, Size 9.5, 2E Width- Worn 2 times on turf; comes with shoe bag Wilson Black Memory Foam Mask Pads- Brand New MLB Mask Harness- Brand New Please PM me if interested and I can send pictures.
  2. Wilson Aluminum v. Force3 V2

    @MadMax sent you a PM
  3. Wilson Aluminum v. Force3 V2

    Wanted to see what people thought of the Wilson Aluminum and the Force3 V2 masks. Looking to buy a new mask.
  4. ISO All Black Force3 Defender v2 Mask Pads.
  5. Dangling Throat Guard

    Does anyone have a F3 v2 mask and what type of throat guard and where did you place it on your mask?
  6. New Balance 950 V2 Base Shoes, Size 9.5 EE Width. Only worn once on turf. $40 plus shipping.
  7. Honigs Polywool Base Pants size 34

    Are these pants still available?
  8. Are these pants still available?
  9. ISO Gerry Davis Fechhemiers Poly Wool Plate and Base Pants, Size 36.
  10. Force3 Defender Mask

    Has anyone tried to put TW pads on the mask. Just curious, if they don't fit, I understand.
  11. Force3 Defender Mask

    Can anyone help me with a question on the Force3 Defender Mask. I just bought one and have been using Team Wendy pads for a long time. Can this mask take TW pads? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Equipment Bag Debate

    Does anyone have the Force3 Ultimate 32" Equipment bag for sale?
  13. Dangling Throat Guard

    Does anyone know where you can purchase the black button snap straps for a Wilson throat guard? Need to replace just the straps.
  14. Honigs Items for Sale

    I have some Honigs Pro Series Style Shirts (Black in M & L & Polo Blue in L) and 2 Honigs Throat Guards for Sale. If interested, please let me know.