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  1. PolySpandex size questions

    Yes - to each his own on how they like they're pants to look and fit. I'm 6'3" and 240. I wear an XL on the bases and XXL on the plate. I've left my plant pants alone to give me more room to move around with F3 shins on. My base pants - when I got them hemmed, I had them TAPER the leg to fit the way that I liked them. Custom fit for the umpire that wears the pants. I love the Poly Spandex material. Glad you found a combo fit for you that you like.
  2. PolySpandex size questions

    When you get your poly spandex pants hemmed, have the tailor TAPER the pants the way you like them. That's what I've done to mine. Simple fix and custom made to how YOU like them.
  3. F3 helmet failure

    F3 V2 traditional masks are in route to New York - then to us by Monday or Tuesday - IF all goes well with the weather. Force3 can't make enough for what we're needing to fulfill orders. We order a ton at a time and they go right back out of the warehouse. MLB umpires are using the mask, MLB catchers are using the mask - and the demand is off the charts. The helmets - we're seeing umpires going BACK to the traditional masks and a slow sale of the F3 helmet. Business 101 comes into play. We carry what the umpires want. Hope this helps.

    SOLD. Thanks to all that contacted me.

    Thanks for moving the post to the appropriate forum. It is TITANIUM. Email has fielded some good bids so far. Thanks!
  6. I know the buzz, for some, is to get your hands on a NIKE umpire mask. I have a BRAND NEW NIKE UMPIRE MASK with black pads. I am not interested in wearing it, therefore, I'd like to sell it. I'm a fan of the Force3 mask and appreciate what it's done for me after getting hit a few times with it on. You can email me: scott@ump-attire.com if you want to make an offer. I won't reply, "How much do you want for it?" You all know what these go for and I have a million other things going on to go back and forth with it. BIDDING STARTS TODAY & I DO HAVE PAYPAL. Once it's sold, I'll make another announcement on this thread.
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  15. 2 ball bags behind the plate?

    I always wear 2 ball bags, regardless of game, for over 25+ years. One, I think it looks better but that's just my own opinion. Two: Do not hold up the game waiting on baseballs. Always have plenty of baseballs ready to go. That's just my two cents from being around the block a time or six hundred million times. Thanks! Scott Kennedy www.ump-attire.com scott@ump-attire.com