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  6. 2 ball bags behind the plate?

    I always wear 2 ball bags, regardless of game, for over 25+ years. One, I think it looks better but that's just my own opinion. Two: Do not hold up the game waiting on baseballs. Always have plenty of baseballs ready to go. That's just my two cents from being around the block a time or six hundred million times. Thanks! Scott Kennedy www.ump-attire.com scott@ump-attire.com
  7. Type of hem on pants

    I always take my shin guards, plate and base shoes in with me and take the extra :10 mins to try both pair of umpire pants on for my people. Then, I ask them to "reinforce" the hem b/c they know I umpire obviously. Plus, I always get my base pants about 1/2 inch longer then my dress slacks b/c for moving around and running. I also get my plate pants about 1 1/2 - 2 inches longer on plate pants just to accommodate my shin guards and that the pants "hang" while I'm standing up right. The worst thing in the world to do is just drop off the pants and say "hem them" and leave. TOO short umpire pants are wasted money on the pants. Thanks! Scott Kennedy www.ump-attire.com scott@ump-attire.com
  8. Shirts

    There's a reason 10 D1 NCAA conferences and some other local associations have approved MAJESTIC MLB umpire shirts for the 2018 season. I LOVE this shirt! Thanks! Scott Kennedy www.ump-attire.com scott@ump-attire.com
  9. Adidas Base Shoes

    I've worn the Adidas on sport turf at Univ of Louisville during the Fall. Did not slip, did not slide...worked 3-man and had zero issues with them. I think the Adidas is very comfortable. I won't get into the politics of the LaVar situation at an AAU tournament; Could it have been handled differently, of course. So could A LOT of things in hind sight...but, let's move on. I'm not a fan of the Nike above - you will look like every other college or HS coach in America that wears Nike; but, it's your own call. Go with what fits and is comfortable. Thanks! Scott Kennedy www.ump-attire.com scott@ump-attire.com
  10. Champion CP Question

    YES - same one. VERY popular chest protector for MiLB umpires & people wanting a lower profile CP. I've heard great things about this CP, but...I stick with the lady that brought me to the dance for over 25+ years. Scott Kennedy www.ump-attire.com scott@ump-attire.com
  11. NB base shoes

    Under Armour AND Adidas BOTH fit me well and I'm a D width shoe. I LOVE New Balance, LOVE the Under Armour shoes and I'm a big fan of the Adidas. As Jim will attest, I'm a HUGE Under Armour fan. I love the logo, I love their products and I've worn Under Armour shoes before we started carrying our current stock of Under Armour. However, I KNOW New Balance is the savior when it comes to making GREAT shoes in 2E and 4E widths. The New Balance shoe looks great and MLB umpires wouldn't endorse it if it hurt their feet.
  12. MLB Majestic jackets

    I'm going to bring this jacket out (above) and wear it for a FB live in 2018 I might even bring out the old ugly olive combo set too HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Scott www.ump-attire.com scott@ump-attire.com
  13. Throat guard on Force3 mask

    Sorry for the late reply....I WEAR the F3 mask and you've got it in the correct position now by moving it to the inside cage. A little tricky, but you're on it now!! Thanks! Scott Kennedy WWW.UMP-ATTIRE.COM Scott@ump-attire.com
  14. MLB Majestic jackets

    I got to wear the brown and the powder blue during my stint....not the white. The powder is my favorite, the brown was combined with an olive color and it was awful. but hey, it was the MLB logo so i'd wear any combo during that time as long as the direct deposit was hitting the checking account
  15. NB base shoes

    Not at this time, no.