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  1. Hawkeye

    When was catcher's box shape changed?

    Thanks, guys for answering this. I really appreciate it and it will let my Dad know that he didn't lose his marbles and think that he saw something that wasn't there.
  2. Can anyone tell me when the shape of the catcher's box changed? My father swears that when he watched MLB on TV in the 1950s, it was trapezoidal in shape. Catchers used to stand 2-3 ft to the right or left of the plate to catch pitches intended to be intentional walks. They did not stay behind the plate until the intentional ball was thrown and then jump out to catch it like they have been doing for the past several years until this year's rule change. A trapezoid shape would allow them to stand within the box that way whereas the rectangular box 43" wide would not. My father thinks it was changed some time in the 1970s but isn't certain and wonders why the change was made that made the intentional pass like something out of a Marx Brothers movie. I'd be grateful for any insight into that rule change and why it was done. Thank you.