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  1. walnutz

    Balk Question

    Ricka - Completely understand the thought there. There was a question from our coaches and the Umpires were very clear that it was the double tap of the ball. Said once the ball is out of the glove it can not re enter the glove for any reason. The explanation was audible enough for the folks behind the fences watching. 13U Championship game - last game of the day - so not a lot of folks at the yard anymore and everyone could hear. There was no doubt about why he called a balk.
  2. walnutz

    Balk Question

    Glad i am not crazy. Hearing this from multiple folks here re confirms the level of sane i am.
  3. walnutz

    Balk Question

    Thanks - seemed odd to me and like the ump was just looking for something perhaps. Our team ate it and it bought in a run. Actually two as the pitcher did the same thing on his next fastball and another run came across. Never going to win an argument so just let it go the other night but really was looking for reassurance.
  4. walnutz

    Balk Question

    13U pitcher had a balk called on him the other night. He came set, lifted his leg - his hands broke(i.e. ball came out of glove) he tapped the ball back in the glove and then threw. Similar to Jason Motte, Jake Arietta etc. I am wondering if this is truly a balk as he has been doing it for some time and this was the first time it had been called on him. Also a number of big leaguers do it but that doesn't always mean it is right as the rules enforcement at the big leagues can be different than in the youth games. Thanks in advance.