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  1. No Money in Duval County for sports

    " teabaggers" Thanks.....checked in this morning to hear political b.s.
  2. comment made by my son/wife

    pssst., hey buddy, can you meet me in the ally? I need a fix! new chest protector, hats shirts, how many plate brushes in a dime bag?
  3. Ruling?

    thanks for the help guys
  4. Ruling?

    Strange play in little league junior level game. Hard ground ball up the middle, strikes the rubber and comes right back over head of catcher and pu and rolls to backstop. We ruled as a fair ball with no complaints or second thoughts. Worked with a much more exp. guy a couple of days later, we discussed briefly and he thought it might be a foul ball. Ruling correct? Thanks
  5. This question comes from watching my son's varsity basketball game last night. Maybe answers can help me heading to year no. 2 as an umpire. What looked to be a foul was called a jump ball. Most of the gym was screaming for a foul ( I don't know how you basketball refs do it! ), and ball was taken to baseline for inbounding. The player who went to inbound asked the ref how the play result was not a foul and conversation, breif- conversation, started. After a bit of conversation the ref said "thats enough son" ,the players response was "I'm not your son" and was promtly given a tech. foul. The player messed up by talking to the ref might have done better by just saying "that's enough". For full disclosure the the player and I share the same height, hair color (when mine was not grey ),address and last name! MST I think you know him! Yes I'm venting, and I explained how he messed up but I do want some feedback pn what kind of discussions are ok.
  6. Your Worst Injury Story

    Tommy, Umpire in Chief,....Regarding the broken arms.....Tommy are you left handed?...Umpire in Chief do you recall if the pitcher in you post was left handed? I remember reading that the 8-10 times this has happened in the major leagues that all of the pitchers were left handed. I can't remember where I read that, but was at the time the guy from SF Giants suffered the injury. Although I think his had something to do with cancer.
  7. cheaters

    mstaylor.....is this somebody who lives in our area?
  8. new pants?!

    Mike, Finally got the new pants.....Are you sure the wife won't mind? I have to do the sewing around here......like using a boulder for a needle!
  9. new pants?!

    getting my 2nd pair of pants...like an idiot i took the first pair to the tailor with the pants marked where i thought they should be hemmed. (did i spell hemmed right)? I think the first pair are to short. any advice will be a great help. combo different than plate/base..etc. Thanks, the guy currently umping in capri pants!!
  10. mstaylor, As we have not worked together yet, do these laws protect new guys from the vets if we screw up?
  11. Orioles/Yankees

    I love the O's hon!! Although I did think thread was going someplace else. Did anybody else think it was fan interference on the 8th inning home run opening day? But against the Yankees it should be legal!
  12. My name is Wayne, and I'm a baseball/hollic.? Married with 2 boys,1 jock, 1 artist....drums, We are both crazy about Rush.... the band, And you know the other is crazy about BASEBALL. 1rst year ump. and so far can't believe the amount of help the other guys want/will provide. But like every other aspect of my life, (clothing wise) 6' 3" 300lbs size 15 foot having a fun time finding equip. Any bigger guys have any favorites let me know. Hope everyone has a great season.....Waynw