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  1. Birdman6200

    Unsportsmanlike conduct and my

    Beerguy I did change the original post then corrected myself based on the recounting of the events. I did say something to the catcher and there wasn't a negative reaction to that. I made this post not to discuss whether or not I prevented a fight, but to discuss the repercussions for the player?
  2. Birdman6200

    Unsportsmanlike conduct and my

    The new fad in college is these little celebrations on a double. This was a player swinging his hand between his legs like he's hanging low. When does it cross the line?
  3. Birdman6200

    Unsportsmanlike conduct and my

    Working a college fall ball doubleheader btwn 2 northeast 10 teams last weekend. 2 man system. Partner went out on a double and I took the runner into 2nd base. As the ball is thrown back in the runner turns to his dugout and makes a lewd gesture swinging his arm between his legs. I admonish him, and warn him another act like that will get him ejected. He doesn't seem fazed by the warning, but nothing further comes after. When I got back to the plate the catcher made a comment to the next batter 'first double he's ever hit?' I told the catcher it's alright I handled it' My question is, could I have handled the situation better? This being a fall game, would an act like this get him thrown out of a regular season game? 3rd year on the college board and not too experienced on these plays. Is doing nothing contributing to a situation later in the game? Any rules that cover this? Similar experiences?