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  1. After 14 years, I just bought a new West Vest Gold. I've heard put clear nail polish on metal parts to prevent rust. My question is how many coates and how often should this be done? Also, if there are any other suggestions, please feel free to share. Thanks for the info
  2. Looking to sell Diamond mask with black leather Wilson wrap around pads. Used once. Logos blacked out. Asking $40 OBO plus priority shipping ($12). PM if interested.
  3. Ump0000

    Equipment question

    I like the Wilson dyna-lite.
  4. Selling: -14" Diamond IX3 chest protector $50 -15" Umplite shin guards $30 Willing to bundle both for $75 (includes shipping) Both used once. PM for pics. PayPal accepted. **Great for softball or lower level baseball/new umpires.
  5. Looking to sell large size Easton Hockey style mask (black). Worn once. Excellent condition. Asking $90. Price covers shipping. PayPal accepted. PM for pics.
  6. Selling Honigs black double bar mask (used frame, no harness) with black Honigs microfiber pads (never used). Asking $25+$10 for priority shipping. PM with serious inquiries. PayPal accepted.
  7. Looking to get rid of these 15" K2010 Elite leg guards. Used once. Asking $40+$12 for priority shipping. PM with serious inquiries. PayPal accepted.
  8. Ump0000

    Epic Sports.com. Ever had any issues?

    I've ordered several times from there with no problem. That's were I got all my Wear Vest plate gear.
  9. Asking $45 for Honigs Elite Leg guards 15". Worn once. PM for pics.
  10. Would anyone be interested in a Honigs double bar mask (no harness) with black microfiber pads (never used) and black 4" throat guard. Looking to get $40 OBO. This includes shipping costs. PM me if interested for pics.
  11. 15" Honigs Elite BB leg guards for sale. Asking $50 for them. Price includes shipping. Worn once. Please PM me if interested and for pics.
  12. Ump0000

    Diamond IX3 CP for Sale

    Selling Diamond IX3 CP. 14" length. Worn once. Asking $65 for it or best offer. Price takes care of shipping as well.PM if interested
  13. Ump0000

    Wilson Aluminum Mask Frame for sale

  14. Wilson Aluminum Mask Frame only. Used 10 games. $60 includes shipping. PM if interested.
  15. Ump0000

    Equipment Suggestions?

    I would suggest the Douglas CP. Mine is an older Douglas, but I imagine it hasn't changed in design other than aesthetically. Also, if you get chance to get a Nike Titanium, I highly recommend it. But it's preference and may take some trying on gear to find what fits and what you like.