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  1. WTB black plate coat

    @matt29 is correct. I was able to purchase from Honigs, Roxanne promised a call when they came in and she delivered. Paid, shipped, and was wearing on the field in less than 5 days!
  2. WTB black plate coat

    Trying this again guys. Honigs said Plate Coats would be available sometime this month. Just checking to see again if anyone is willing to sell a black 44 regular plate coat.
  3. WTB black plate coat

    I heard that that they were not for sale anymore, but was checking to see if anyone may know somewhere to purchase. Let's hope someone is willing to part with theirs!
  4. WTB black plate coat

    WTB 44 regular black plate coat. Anyone know of where I can purchase or is anyone willing to sell?