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  1. Terrible Game - Illegal Pitches

    Long and short of the situation is if you have an illegal pitch, call it. i still struggle with being 100% sure in my mind, which has lead to games undoubtedly that have had more than a few illegal pitches. The games i have been sure and called it in however, there are one of two scenarios, 1) the team makes a change because they know what that pitcher is doing and had their hand caught in the proverbial cookie jar, or 2) you are just being a Pr**k and that is the first time she has been called on it all year, they keep her in and it just gets worse. The national i was at last year i found myself with a pitcher who other umpires had called on it (which i found out after), and i had called her on it in the game, she made the adjustment and i still got the excuse of her not being called on it all year. you cant win everything, but if you are sure you have an illegal pitch. call it. Ken
  2. First Time UIC

    Good Afternoon All, as of last Monday i began the transition into becoming the UIC for my local district. i was curious if there was any advice out there for someone just getting into this spot! Thanks, Ken