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  1. New hires

    The first of the new hires http://www.closecallsports.com/2017/12/source-stu-scheurwater-hired-to-full.html?m=1
  2. retirments

    Does anyone know if any umpires retired after this season?
  3. Propose to get rid of the award during the rules summit that comes up after all of the awards are released.
  4. The Third Team

    Does anyone Know if MLB network is planing on doing the Third team this year?
  5. MLB playoff umpires

    Since it’s that Time of year let the assignment guessing begin
  6. Can-am league or American Association

    How would someone that is interested in working in one of those two leagues get an opportunity to get a job?
  7. Future MLB hires

    Who does everyone think is next in line to be hired?