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  1. Still looking for zig plate shoes size 11 in all black.
  2. zsnell

    Equipment Porn?

    Since there is a thread about mask porn. Maybe we can do a show and tell about our other pieces of equipment that people don't get to see. Maybe you made alteractions to you're chest protector or shin guards and want to share. Or you have a special patch on your CP that means something special.
  3. @wolfe_man if he still has them please let me know. Thank you
  4. Still looking for an all black pair. Thank you for looking.
  5. zsnell

    Force3 Chest protector

    Selling the original one for $200 but can be negotiated
  6. what size and the tread on the bottom. You tell me what you'd like for them plus shipping. I sent you a PM regarding the other post so lets talk there
  7. zsnell

    Nike ti for sale

    @gnhbua93 do you still have any nike ti for sale?
  8. All Black or Black and White. Thank you for looking
  9. Hopefully there are some out there collecting dust
  10. $20 plus you pay the shipping 36/29 with adjusters and a bottom of 2 inches for expansion Worn only 5 games pay pal:zsnell72@gmail.com or text 5309211930