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  1. Runner Interference

    I appreciate the answer and wanted to make sure I wasn't going crazy. Hypothetically if I had a batter up to bat who was running outside of the running lane (fair territory) and the same situation occurred would that then be almost guaranteed interference? Or since the throw was errant (again this ball was completely uncatchable) would if not matter if the contact was not intentional/malicious? I absolutely want the umpires to get the call right I just wasn't sure if there was a time frame or anything. For example we were playing with a large backstop and had already advanced home 3-4 times on wild pitches. If the first pitch was wild and our runner scored would they still be able to put him back on second? The nuances of this game are amazing and so glad to be a part of it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Runner Interference

    Happened this morning in a 14U game played under modified NFHS rules (modifications for balk warnings and bats). I'm curious to what the thoughts are by the rule book and if I'm just way off base on arguing how this could be interference. The team I coach is up to bat with a runner on first base and 1 out. The batter (a lefty) hits a ground ball to the short stop who bobbles the ball and throws to first. The batter/runner is coming down the foul line in a straight path from home to first. The throw from the short stop was off line causing the first basemen to come about 5-7 feet up the line and jump in the air to try and field the throw. The throw was still overthrown but while trying to catch it there is contact with the batter/runner (neither player goes down and neither is seriously impeded). Since the ball is overthrown the batter/runner advances to second base while the first basemen picks the ball up and gets it in to the pitcher. The field umpire who started in position B at this point calls the batter/runner out for interference for not giving the first baseman an opportunity to field the ball. This is the first thing that starts to set me off as the other team gets an advantage for an errant throw by the shortstop on what I believe is incidental contact on both players parts. After the first pitch to the next batter the umpires send my runner on third (who had started off the previously play on first) back to second. I understand this is the right call but at that point when the next play/batter has started do they have the ability/right to correct it? I believe that this should have been called before the next batter takes a pitch (what would happen if he singles?). I appreciate all the feedback and pointing to anything in the rule or case book would be great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk