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  1. West Vest Revamp

    I am considering doing some modifications to my West Vest Platinum as well as a good cleaning and possibly paint job. What is the best product to use to deep clean the pads for both the CP and the shins? Too many seasons of dirt and sweat. My my first mod will be to cut the oversized chest/throat pad off. Any particular reason I shouldn’t? Second mod would be possibly repainting the plates grey or black. Any advice on this? Also with color in mind, anyway to revamp the color of the padding since it has faded over time. Lastly before anyone suggest it, I have just ordered a new UmpLife harness and it is awesome!
  2. Mask Porn?

    Silver FM4000 with tan TW pads, black LUC pads, and navy LUC pads (with navy harness, of course). Black +POS ZRO-G with black stock pads and tan TW pads. First real upgrade since the good ole Wilson Hubcap.
  3. I have found a pretty good deal on an All-Star mask on baseballplusstore.com. Has anyone used this site before? Is it legit? Does ordering from them affect any warranty issues?
  4. Diamond iX3 or Big League

    check out this thread and red MadMax's comment. This should tell you everything you need to know and more