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  1. Ryan Eisner

    Decide a bet

    Can someone explain to me why the BU wouldn't rotate home in this situation?
  2. Ryan Eisner

    Head First Slide

    I don't know about Cal Ripken. Definitely a Little League rule though
  3. Ryan Eisner

    1st All Star game

    Did my first all star tournament game the other day!! It was a district tournament game for Little League Intermeiate 50/70 division
  4. Ryan Eisner

    LLI Juniors Division - Odd - but legal?

    Nothing illegal from what I saw
  5. I saw the play- no doubt he missed first
  6. Ryan Eisner

    3 man Question

    Sorry I didn't specify earlier but I was asking about on a 60 foot diamond?
  7. Ryan Eisner

    Young Ump in NC

    Hello, I am in my 2nd year umpiring Little League ball here in Winston Salem, NC. I have done both plate and bases and cover games from Majors to Seniors for both baseball and softball and hope to do my first all stars tournament this summer!!
  8. Ryan Eisner

    3 man Question

    Hello, I am a little league umpire and our league is using 3 umpires for some of our end of season tournaments. My question is, with a runner on 1st, does the 3rd base umpire start in the B or C position because I have heard both.