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  1. Decide a bet

    Can someone explain to me why the BU wouldn't rotate home in this situation?
  2. Head First Slide

    I don't know about Cal Ripken. Definitely a Little League rule though
  3. 1st All Star game

    Did my first all star tournament game the other day!! It was a district tournament game for Little League Intermeiate 50/70 division
  4. LLI Juniors Division - Odd - but legal?

    Nothing illegal from what I saw
  5. I saw the play- no doubt he missed first
  6. 3 man Question

    Sorry I didn't specify earlier but I was asking about on a 60 foot diamond?
  7. Young Ump in NC

    Hello, I am in my 2nd year umpiring Little League ball here in Winston Salem, NC. I have done both plate and bases and cover games from Majors to Seniors for both baseball and softball and hope to do my first all stars tournament this summer!!
  8. 3 man Question

    Hello, I am a little league umpire and our league is using 3 umpires for some of our end of season tournaments. My question is, with a runner on 1st, does the 3rd base umpire start in the B or C position because I have heard both.