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  1. New Balance Plate Shoes

    They are much more comfortable than the previous model. Your concern about the mesh is legitimate. For the most part, I was able to keep it clean. However, when I went to Cooperstown, the clay badly stained the mesh on my plate and base shoes. The good thing about the plate shoes it that the mesh is almost completely covered by the padding. I was only able to get the stain out of the mesh by putting the shoes in the washing machine.
  2. Thigh Protection

    I use the Force 3 tights and they are actually extremely comfortable. You're right that they don't have as much protection as the ones shown above though.
  3. Ballparks of America in Branson, MO

    Yeah, I've never seen that before...
  4. Ballparks of America in Branson, MO

    Funny you say that because they just emailed me back. They provide air-conditioned suites with TVs. Usually around 5 guys per suite. Game fees are $40 for plate and $ 35 for bases. You can do anywhere from 2 to 6 games in a day. I probably won't be going as I'd have to fly there which isn't worth it for me, but it sounds interesting for those that live in the area.
  5. Yesterday I got an email from Jason, head of baseball operations at Ballparks of America in Branson, MO. I'm assuming he got my info from the CDP forum. Anybody ever ump here before? Any information to share?
  6. The title says it all. Anyone who has one to sell please message me.
  7. Appeal of pulled foot

    Right, but if you're 100% sure, you're not going to change your call. And if you're not 100% sure his foot was off the bag, you're calling him out. This is just how I've been taught...
  8. Appeal of pulled foot

    Right, and if you have hard evidence that his foot was off the bag, you wouldn't go to your partner for help.
  9. Appeal of pulled foot

    I've always thought that a "safe, off the bag call" could not be reversed since the BU is confirming he saw with certainty that the foot was off the bag. Similar to a "yes he did" call on a check swing.
  10. Appeal of pulled foot

    I always include "I'll come to you(or I'll be looking if I'm on the plate) for a pulled foot if necessary" in my pregame, but I guess I'll have to be more specific. I've had situations where a BU will come directly to me without making a call, but I've never had a PU refuse to give input if I've already made a call.
  11. Appeal of pulled foot

    Here's the situation: R2 and R3, I'm in C, two outs. Ground ball to F6, throw to F3 requires a decent stretch, I call BR out. Immediately, the batting team begins to argue that F3's foot came off of the bag and request that I get help. I go to my partner and ask if he held the bag. My partner then calls time and motions for me to come talk to him. He asks what I had in the play and I tell him I had an out, but was not in a good position to see a pulled foot. He responds that if I had an out we're sticking with out. I assumed he blanked and didn't watch for the pulled foot so he couldn't make a call. However, after the game he told me I shouldn't have made a call and should've come to him immediately since it was an obvious pulled foot. I responded that in my view it looked like he had the bag, but he had a better view which is why I went to him after the offense appealed. He then said that he couldn't change a call after I made it. What is the proper mechanic? BTW for context this was a men's baseball game using OBR.
  12. CP under plate coat

    Those of you who own plate coats, do you wear something over your CP? If so, what? I'd like something that won't make me overheat and will fit nicely over the CP without being too loose(or tight for that matter) around the neck.
  13. Navy blue plate coat 44L

    Pics? Also, I wear a 44R. Is this sized to fit over a CP?