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  1. Anyone else ever had a tailor that look at you like you're crazy when you walk into the shop with shin guards? I walked in with shin guards once and explained the situation and she still looked baffled. It was just a funny situation all around that I still laugh about to this day.
  2. Mizuno Shovel *idea*

    This could be incredibly lucrative for someone who has access to a 3D printer and the skills/experience with CAD programs to make this work.
  3. Nike steel value?

    I am in the same boat as @wolfe_man, depending on the price point i'd definitely be interested in the nike steel platform as well.
  4. MadMax/Schutt XV retrofit

    However, if you read the product description on this webpage, it says "a padded Y-back", which I assume is referring to the yoke harness of the Schutt
  5. What is this mask?

    The one in the OP looks like a Wilson due to the angle in the U bar but I’m not sure that those ear guards are Wilson. Seem to be more angled and bigger than the ones on the Wilson catcher masks
  6. CP Help Requested

    Thanks Guys!
  7. CP Help Requested

    Hey guys, one more quick question.. does anyone who has a 13 inch Douglas know what the width of the bottom plate is? I’ve heard that the 12/13 inch models aren’t as wide as the 15 inch model. I think the 15 inch model’s middle plate is about 15 inches in width.
  8. CP Help Requested

    Yeah I have been looking into Champion as well. Only thing that I'm not quite sure about is that neck pad. I'm assuming this could be removed though
  9. CP Help Requested

    So I apologize for yet another CP advice thread but I am starting to wonder if anything out there that will fit me well so I would appreciate some help with this one. First, I am a tall slim cut guy. I currently wear a Wilson Gold and as you can imagine, my bottom ribs are not quite covered and since I am so slim, the Gold looks even more bulky and out-of-proportion on me as it does on most people. Therefore, I need something that covers my bottom rib, isn't so bulky and hot, but something that still affords me enough protection to go behind the plate in a varsity high school level. So in my search to find a replacement, I have a friend who has a 15 inch Douglas that I test drove for a while. While it is certainly a quality protector, the middle plate on the Douglas stuck out so far that it just made me look weird (again due to my slender frame). I started to miss the conforming nature of the Gold after noticing this. In fact, I couldn't even cradle my mask under my arm and against my body in between innings because the middle plate stuck out past my body so far. The middle plate was so wide and non-conforming to my frame that I decided that this was not what I was looking for, so the search continues. I have begun looking into the SchuttXV and thinking about contacting @MadMax for advice on how to rig a flex style harness on that rig. I have been reading that the Schutt is not as bulky and hot as the gold and I really like the advanced foams instead of sofa cushion foam. However, I saw a few pics where Max modeled this rig and it seemed like the "wings" (for lack of a better term) on the side under the shoulders stuck out and didn't really conform (maybe this isn't the case and it was just that one pic). I would really appreciate any advice and opinions on what seems like a never-ending chest protector search. Thanks!
  10. Sold. Lock it up @Thunderheads
  11. I actually really like matte black masks but I hadn't ever had a low profile before and just couldn't quite get used to it. Your creation was beautiful though lol.
  12. Yes it is. It's that same mask that I bought from you. I couldn't get my pictures to upload so I "borrowed" your picture of the mask
  13. I'm having trouble getting other pics to upload so if you want more pics, PM me and I'll be happy to text or email you as many as you would like. Selling the frame only and it is in excellent shape. Asking $100 shipped.
  14. All New equipment NEEDED!

    Of the masks you mentioned, I'll give my two cents on the Aluminum Dyna Lite. Light as a feather, comfortable, good vision and built like a tank. One drawback is the fact that aluminum is a bit like titanium (rigid and doesn't flex with a hit as much as steel). Other than that, I love it.