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  1. Just give it some time to mold to you. Take a heat gun and mold that plastic. Also, be sure to move the shoulders around so that they protect but also allow for movement. I played around with the positioning of the shoulder caps on mine in front of my mirror for quite some time until I got them just right.
  2. @MadMax I’m interested by you classifying the Wilson wraparounds as good pads. I thought those were mostly just foam stuffed into leather. Lacking the kind of advanced padding technology in the team wendy’s Or even the Wilson memory foams. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the Wilson wraparounds
  3. One more question. Is there a hazard that when the frozen packs warm up after a few hours that the vest is counterproductive by holding your body heat in? I’m just picturing a long extra inning game on a hot summer day where the vest loses its cooling power
  4. I had no idea something like this even existed. I’m very intrigued by it.
  5. I really wish Adams/Schutt made shin guards out of the same mold as their chest protectors. Could you imagine ventilation holes in both the plastic and padding for shin guards? That would be awesome
  6. If you’re slim like me (I’m about 6’3 and pretty slim) go with the champion. It’s lean and looks great under the shirt. Sure the plastic in some batches isn’t top notch and may develop hairline cracks, but the whole rig is only $50. A hairline crack isn’t a big deal until it spreads to an edge. So it takes a while for the whole thing to be compromised so you’ll get at least a few seasons out of it. If it ends up cracking, it’s less than one game’s fee to get a new one
  7. grk17

    NFHS Rules question

    So are we saying that in Fed we play on if this happens? In other words, are we saying that Fed requires intent?
  8. Right there with you. Mine’s been sitting in New York for 3 days now
  9. I believe this is the same setup that Cory blazer wears. Pretty neat looking rig
  10. If you put in an order for both versions I would probably buy both lol. All black is the safe option and I would also get the gray sides for when I’m working in two man crew and my partner on the plate is wearing a long sleeved shirt. Especially if my partner is wearing the new mlb style gray side panel shirt on the plate.
  11. Welcome! I've always wanted to take a road trip down to the Austin area. I've heard it's one of the faster-growing areas of the country at the moment.
  12. A Team Wendy upper pad works great in the All Star Mag. In fact, the Team Wendy upper pad is actually a little bit denser and thicker than the stock pad and creates just a little bit more standoff distance at the top, making it easier to take the mask on and off while wearing a 6 stitch cap
  13. Here's an interesting question to tie this all back to the Mag. Does your Gerry Davis pad insert thing work with the Mag? or is the angle of the top pad somewhat restrictive to using this device?
  14. So the patent protection has expired then. So doesn’t that mean that any company can now produce chest protectors that use Velcro tabs?
  15. How much longer does Wilson own the rights to this? It was my understanding that patents ran out after 20 years. Isn't that about how old the Wilson West Vest is? I'm just picturing a magical world where any company can use velcro tabs to attach plates to chest protectors and we umpires can live happily ever after.
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