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  1. Force3 V2 chest protector up for sale. It’s only been used in two games so it’s almost brand new. Looking to get $200 out of it but I’m open to other offers.
  2. grk17

    Gerry Davis's mask

    This is really interesting. However, Don't most concussions happen when struck around the chin area? I realize that they can happen as a result of sustaining an impact to any part of your mask but I was under the impression that the "kill zone" was around the chin area. So it seems as if this extra pad wouldn't stop the majority of impacts that result in concussions ( just my uninformed opinion)
  3. grk17

    Wilson Gold M-L

    It sure is
  4. grk17

    Which one?

    Yep. I have the old gen Wilson that you sold me. I’m pretty sure it’s that same color also but with the “strut less” integrated throat guard still attached
  5. grk17

    Which one?

    I actually measured the old gen Wilson that I have and then measured a current dyna lite because I was curious why the old gen seemed to have a better view. It was then that I realized the old gen was actually wider. Who knew
  6. grk17

    Which one?

    An interesting note about the two dyna lite generations: the old gen mask is actually wider than the current gen, thus yielding a better line of sight out of it.
  7. grk17

    Mask Choice

    I actually couldn’t wear a 6 stitch with the stock all star top pad, at least not comfortably anyway. I actually replaced the top pad with a black TW pad that I had from another mask so as to create enough standoff distance to get a 6 stitch cap under there (I don’t even own a 4 stitch hat). That is one downside to the mask.
  8. grk17

    Mask Choice

    The sight lines are surprisingly good given the thickness of the bars. As @Stk004 illustrated for all of us with his pics in a different thread on here, the bars are somewhat thick, especially if you’re used to wearing titanium. However, All-Star has dang near perfected the art of bar shaping, crafting the bars in a way that improves sight lines when looking through the mask and illuding your brain into thinking that the bars are not so thick. (regarding their experience with I-bar tech). Thus, the sight lines are very good once you get used to this. Additionally, the eye port is perfectly positioned so as to create an optimal sight line. So to answer your question about sight lines, I never had an issue with them. We have all heard about how light the mask is and how comfy the pads are so I’ll just leave those topics be. In conclusion, I was extremely satisfied with the mask and I’m so glad my friend was generous enough to let me try it out in the JV game we worked together. I just wish it wasn’t so gosh darn expensive or I’d buy one in a heartbeat.
  9. grk17

    Which one?

    There’s something about the old gen mask with the strut-less ear guards that looks unique.
  10. grk17

    Mask Choice

    I actually got to use it in a game. I umpired a high school JV game with my friend who had one and he let me use it for my game on the plate
  11. grk17

    Mask Choice

    I can’t seem to find where replacement mag pads are sold. I can’t find them on All-Star’s website.
  12. grk17

    Mask Choice

    I got the chance to test drive the All Star Mag from a buddy of mine. Let me just second the fact that it feels amazing. The price however does not make you feel amazing
  13. grk17

    Transaction Experience Thread

    Great transaction with @wolfe_man, Fast shipping, great communication. Just a great guy to do business with.
  14. grk17

    Wilson Gold M-L

    Bump. $100 Shipped
  15. grk17

    Wilson Gold M-L

    I have a Wilson Gold in the M-L size that I would like to sell. It’s only been used 4 or 5 times so it is basically brand new. Looking for $110 and I’ll split shipping with the buyer (OBO). No harness is included. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll text you pics and answer any questions you have thanks