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  1. White47

    illegal slide v. Obstruction.

    maybe I'm wrong, somewhere I think I remember seeing a case play where if you hurdle a non prone defender you are out even if they are obstructing. I
  2. White47

    illegal slide v. Obstruction.

    So why don't we follow the same logic if a runner hurdles a defender that is obstructing? Or do we (maybe I'm wrong, somewhere I remember seeing a case play where if you hurdle a non prone defender you are out ) Just doesn't seem like the logic agrees here
  3. White47

    illegal slide v. Obstruction.

    not sure if you read my second post which had a little more detail. does that change your mind?
  4. White47

    Runner Lane Interference Twins Reds

    tough call. Definitely out of the running lane, the question here is, is the throw true enough? I'd say yes, but I could also probably, make an argument the other way.
  5. White47

    illegal slide v. Obstruction.

    I'm think more along the line of a play at the plate where catcher is blocking without the ball, but the runner come in with an illegal slide. In this case wouldn't they basically be occurring at the same time? sorry for not being to descriptive.
  6. White47

    illegal slide v. Obstruction.

    Does an illegal slide (not malicious), superseded obstruction? or should it be called the other way?
  7. White47

    newest NCAA you make the call

    Has anyone watched the newest you make the call video. its the one with an obvious OBS at second after a pick off attempt. Am I missing something. Normally there is something somewhat controversial or difficult in these videos. This one seems pretty obvious.
  8. White47

    Force at first

    I know it not a force play, but I find easier when talking with casual baseball people ( fans, coaches, even some umpires) to explain it that way. the differences are minuscule, and most will never understand.
  9. White47

    Umpiring while sick?

    last year I had the stomach bug, but didn't come down with it till like an hour before the game ( too late to find a replacement). I called my partner and asked if he'd do the plate. I told the coaches at the meeting. long story short, we had to stop the game multiple times for me to run to the right field corner and throw up. not a good day. I did my best, but I was very sluggish. I didn't get any argument, probably because they felt sorry for me. It was just a like 12 hour bug- I called the next day and felt fine.
  10. White47

    Two runners on third, lead runner out?

    that doesn't seem right. Am I missing something?
  11. White47

    Who's call is it

    Runners on second so BU is in C. soft grounder up 1st base line. BR goes out of the base line avoiding F1 tag attempt. Who call is it, or is it just a situation that whoever sees it grabs it? we eventually got together and got it right, but it would have looked alot better if we got while the ball was live. I think we both thought the other was going to call it.
  12. White47

    FPSR Training Video

    So would this be called the same in Fed?
  13. White47


    HR as long as it didn't touch the ground
  14. White47

    Runner interference

    I would add that one thing to consider is if the ball had passed the fielder, if so, the right to field the ball is no longer valid and OBS should be called.
  15. White47

    Kneeling for National Anthem

    i looked on the searchable rules on arbiter, but was hyphenation standoff, so it wasn't pulling anything up. And I also didn't really know this was a thing until this year.