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  1. Yes, and he will switch places with Mark Wegner
  2. Demuth was hurt at the end of last season, that is why he did not get any postseason assignments. In 2014 so many umpires missed so much time that most every eligible umpire had to work a playoff game.
  3. http://www.northjersey.com/story/news/essex/belleville/2017/10/16/belleville-phil-cuzzi-world-series/766954001/ Phil Cuzzi has the plate for Game one
  4. umpireauditor.com which is a pretty good website gave him an 84% correct call % last night
  5. That's a good call by our only fill in who has not worked a minor league game this year. And the next full time umpire.
  6. I am in the path of totality for 2024 but early April weather in northeast Ohio I'll bet you it will be raining.
  7. Gerry Davis, Dana DeMuth, Joe West, Gary Cederstrom, Tom Hallion, Phil Cuzzi, Larry Vanover. Those are the current umpires that are 60 or older that I could see retiring in the next couple of years, we could also see a few surprises.
  8. And his first game last year on June 25 in Atlanta he only got it because his crew was in qwinett when Mike Everitt got in a wreck on the way to the game and involved in a police shoutout.
  9. He was pretty quick in his timing on calls sometimes which led to some misses and his strike zone struggled sometimes, which he has improved on this season. Also Carlos Torres being rushed into full time duty due to age.
  10. No, the reason he only worked 21 games last year in MLB was because he was demoted from rover to triple a crew chief he worked the rest of his games in AAA with Matt McCoy who retired mid season replaced by Paul Clemons and Alex Tosi.
  11. Every play is graded during the season. There are multiple categories situational handling, balls/strikes, base work, crew chiefs have how they broke up arguments, odd plays, replay rules and so on
  12. The rule states "the batter-runner, as well as the interfering runner, shall be declared out and no other runner(s) shall advance"
  13. Yes, that was Gerry Davis behind the plate. I don't know the answer to your second question
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